He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/28/17

Scouts: Sorry for the truncated post gang!  I have a work event today and sort of forgot to give Prof a heads up. Totally my fault. I’m going to post what we have for now and once I get a chance later today I’ll come back and try to fill in the gaps. Until then why don’t you all help us out in the comment section!

Prof:  The Phillies hosted a thing called Bark in the Park last night, and then they posted a tweet that featured all these puppies (because all dogs are puppies) and the Phanatic together in some sort of “Make Prof Squee and Die” moment. Here is said tweet:

Y’all. LOOK AT THE CUTENESS. I can’t stand it. It’s too much. But in this day and age, we need all the cute we can handle, and puppies and fuzzy mascots put a smile on my face. Baseball, even when it hurts, puts a smile on my face, too. I hope it does for you as well. Let’s get to smilin’ and talk about some scores, shall we?

Pirates 1, Cubs 6 – Scouts: Three errors didn’t help the Pirate cause as it was difficult enough picking up runs off Mike Montgomery. 

Giants 3, Padres 0 – Scouts: I’m just going to skip this game because really does it even matter? Will anyone even notice as long as there is text here?  

Indians 6, Yankees 2 – Prof: The Klubot was back in android form, bouncing back from last week’s defeat at the hands of the Boston Beaneaters. The Magical Land of Cleve are now seven games over the Twins in a relatively comfortable AL Central lead.

Mariners 6, Orioles 7 – Prof: Fresh off one of the worst first innings of baseball in ages, the Mariners crap the bed again, this time at Camden Yards. It didn’t have to be this way; Seattle and Baltimore played tic-tac-toe with each other all the way up until the seventh inning, when Chris Crush Davis hit a double to deep right field and Trey Mancini scored the winning run. The one-two punch of Darren O’Day and Zack Britton gave the Orioles all the comfort they needed to win the game.

Tigers 4, Rockies 3 – Scouts: Tigers bullpen to the rescue!  Both teams scored early but the Tigers bullpen played the real hero locking it down and stopping any potential rallies. 

Athletics 1, Angels 3 – Mike Trout was given the day off with a stiff neck but the Halos won anyways keeping them in the wild card hunt for a little longer. 

Marlins 2, Nationals 11 – Prof: Mad Max is back, and the Marlins took a walk down his Fury Road. Scherzer’s return from the 10-day DL found him allowing only five hits and one run. The unstoppable Giancarlo Stanton was actually stopped – he went 0-3 against Scherzer. Notable offense for the Nats included Howie Kendrick, Jayson Werth (also back from the DL), and Matt Wieters.

Braves 1, Phillies 6 – Prof: Why can’t the Braves ever beat the Phillies? Why do they play like Single-A when they are at CBP? Why do they give up runs like they are giving away Fun Size Snickers at Halloween? WHY CAN’T JOHNNY READ? Oh, sorry, wrong rant. Anyway, the Phillies have this new kid named Rhys Hoskins – ya might’ve heard of him – who actually did NOT mash a dinger last night, but did hit the go-ahead double to put Philadelphia up and over.

Red Sox 6, Blue Jays 5 – Scouts: I hear that fans in Boston are panicking despite having a pretty sizesble lead in the division and the Yankees floundering. Maybe the halt of a 4 game losing streak will get some people off the ledge. Probably not. 

Rays 12, Royals 0 – Scouts: Ouch what a trouncing. 


22 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/28/17

  1. As Jayson Werth said during his post-game interview last night, the band is getting back together in DC. Not only did Grandpa Werth (so called by Max Scherzer post-game) and Scherzer return from the DL, but Trea Turner is supposed to be activated today, weather permitting.

    Last night’s Nats’ lineup had a different feel than most recent lineups, as there were actual, honest to goodness, no doubt about it major leaguers starting at every position, even if two of them (Kendrick and Difo) might be best suited to be role players rather than every day guys. I fully expect Turner’s return to mean that Difo will still start four or five games a week for the rest of the season, but with those starts spread amongst 2B, SS, and 3B, and Kendrick will continue to play LF until Harper returns (assuming he does).

    The Nats also added two guys to their Ring of Honor last night, recent Hall of Fame inductees Pudge Rodriguez and Tim Raines. The Ring of Honor at Nats Park is a true smorgasbord, as it honors people associated with five different teams (four separate franchises) – Senators v1, Senators v2, Homestead Greys, Montreal Expos, and the Nationals. Pudge played 155 games in a Nats’ uniform, of course, and Raines played 13 seasons with the Expos, so they join Frank Robinson (who managed both teams), Gary Carter and Andre Dawson as members representing the current franchise, regardless of how tenuous their actual connection to the city might be. (Fun fact: Yesterday was the first time Tim Raines ever set foot in D.C.)

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  2. Last night the Feesh reminded us that pitching is still their Achilles heel. Their staph got raked from starter to mop-up by a Bryceless Gnats team and Jose Urethra couldn’t find the plate – or, when he did, got his neck crooked by spherical North Korean style overshots.
    This orfseason should see the Feesh chasing one or two good FAs and readying a couple of farmed EYPs like Dillon Peters to come up and shoulder aside some of the excretia Michael Hill scraped together under what by then one prays will be the long ago, unlamented Scrooge McLoria machine.

    And speaking of Bark at the Park, yeah, we have that too at Macondo Banana Massacre Field. I wanted to bring my beagle mix Millie last time but she suffers from metronomia, an uncontrollable high-oscillation tail wagging condition, and Fido, my odd Hemingway hound, wouldn’t fit in somehow. Regardless, if the furbearer’s holocaust being promoted by our feral python population continues unabated it’ll probably have to be rechristened “Hiss at the Park” by the end of the decade. I would then bring Ahimsa, my pet monocled cobra, to share the fun. Maybe under Beep beep the Feesh can even host the annual Invasive Species Festival we used to hold at Churchill’s Pub and then the world famous Luna Star Cafe in North Macondo.

    Best of all, the bumbling, backstabbing Hill shouldn’t be necessary for politically correct window dressing once the guy in charge is mitochondrial mongrel Beep Beep. Betcha the Meerkat was watching last night’s massacre from his box at Nationals Stadium with Cheshire cat worthy grin on his face.


      1. I don’t see them trading the Iron Giant. Beep Beep would need to herd fans into the stadium at gunpoint next season if he did that and start off just as reviled as Scrooge McLoria in the process.

        They don’t need a complete rebuild. This isn’t May anymore. They need to sign a few good free agent pitchers and unload detritus like A J Ellis (especially if we sign some FA pitchers with big league experience), Derek Dietrich and pat Ichiro the Killer on the tushy and give him his gold watch. Wei Yin Chen will be out all next season with insurance picking up the last year of his contract. Martin Prado can be traded for a few midlevel EYPs. They can eat some of the idiotic money they gave Tazawa and dump him for some midlevel EYPs too. That’ll all clear salary space. We should have Riddle back at short and Anderson may be ready to take over at third.

        And we’ll be rid of Scrooge McLoria, the Chihuahua and, one hopes, Hill as well. That will do wonders for the ethos. I hope it hasn’t escaped notice that this team’s turnaround began at the same time we learned our slimebag ownership was divesting itself of the franchise.

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  3. I’m sitting in a hotel room in Seguin, Texas, bored and reading baseball blogs. In solidarity with the Astros, I am no longer home teaming in Houston for a few days. If you want to see my neighborhood right now, just turn on the national news.

    The wife and I are fine, but give a thought to six million other miserable people in the Houston area.

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      1. Property numbers are going to be huge. This affected ten million people and the fourth and tenth largest cities in the US. But the economy is strong down here. They (we) will work through it. The wife and I are fine. You know how it is. In a natural disaster the poor are devastated. The well off are inconvenienced.
        I have not been around much, Had a death in the family, an ill grandchild and then this mess. But I expect to have a little more time around the blog soon.


        1. Glad to see you, Stex. Sorry about the bad stuff that’s been happening. 😦 is there anything that the Blog Fam can do?


        2. How long you gonna be in Seguin? I get to Austin on Thursday morning to give a talk on the Vietnam War in Cormac McCarthy’s southwestern novels. Wanna jog up 46 a little way and meet me at the Clear Springs restaurant for some really good catfish, gumbo and hot waitresses in miniskirts?


        3. It would please me greatly to meet you in person, OG. And I like Clear Springs and the New Braunfels area a lot. But we must return quickly. My sister in Fulshear is hosting our elderly mother. We were supposed to stay with them through the storm, but we couldn’t get over Bessie’s creek or the Brazos River to get to them. She just called to say that the creek is fordable in a pickup truck, so we are headed back in the morning.

          Next time you are in/around Houston (I’ll give it a wide radius) I would be pleased to buy you dinner. Your choice.


    1. I saw that the Astros were scheduled to play the Rangers in Houston in the next few days and were also scheduled to play the Rangers in Arlington down the road. They asked the Rangers to flip the order of the series, playing the games in Arlington now and playing the ones in Houston when hopefully Noah’s ark has docked. The Rangers insisted all the games be played in Arlington so the Houston games were moved to Florida. If I were an Astros fan I’d be peeved and if I were a Rangers fan I’d be ashamed.

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        1. It makes the Rangers look petty. 😦 I mean, I know why they did it, but it is still very much a nasty stain on them.

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        1. Bullshit. We are all a “tad busy right now”. I am afraid that I am losing my son, who I love more than fucking anything, and his children, my grandchildren, to the horror of mental illness,

          I love her and I miss her. I have no idea what to do here and neither does she, so maybe we should talk some baseball.


      1. Thanks for the thoughts. It means as much from an online community as anywhere else. But I almost feel guilty eliciting sympathy. We evacuated under our own power, I have money in my pocket, the rest of the family is safe (if temporarily trapped), and I have insurance on my house.

        Almost everyone here has it worse than Vicki and I do.

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