MVP! MVP! MVP! The Iron Giant Crushes Two More.

Just a quick note to tide us over till the recaps: the Feesh fried the Fryers 8-6 tonight as the Iron Giant crushed a 462-foot two run bomb down his personal power alley onto the walkway between the left field scoreboard and the Budweiser Bar to put the Rainbow Warriors up 2-0 in the first, then dinked a second one just over the right field wall in the third to put them up 3-0. A couple of innings later he smacked a two out, two run double down the left field line. A few innings later the Fryers were having nothing more to do with him and walked him, whereupon he scored on Marcell the Damned’s three run 425 foot shot to the foot of Tommy.  Here’s what it all looked like when the mist lifted: the Iron Giant’s batting .290 with 49 byebyes and 105 ribbies; Marcell the Damned is batting .311 with 30 tharshegoes and 101 ribbies. Nice heart-o-th’-order numbers. The Feesh find themselves at 64-63, first time they’ve gotten clear of the Strange Attractor since they were 10-9 on April 26, and they’re struggling against those gossamer reality waves as they claw their way back into the wild card picture.

Here’s the Iron Giant in his original Boeing 707 prototype commemorative uniform:

Here’s the Boeing 707 prototype. Tex Johnson ackcherley rolled this sucker:


6 thoughts on “MVP! MVP! MVP! The Iron Giant Crushes Two More.

  1. Seriously, if Giancarlo is not the NL MVP this year, the voting is rigged. Earlier in the year I would have said my boy Freddie Free, but his injury and ongoing issue re: that wrist has taken him out. And after the ASG, there hasn’t been anyone on Stanton’s level. It’s insanity.


    1. I think some folks out on the sunset side might be pulling for Cody Bellinger but he hasn’t hefted his team on his shoulders the way the Iron Giant has.
      Then again folks have been talking about the big guy hitting 62 this year as though the real record remains Roger Maris’ 61. This is gratifying. They’re hitting the reset button and blowing orf the steroid years and their phony champions and their apologists. Eggselent.

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      1. Cody Bellinger can be in the discussion, can even be top 5, because he has been lethal! But honestly, Stanton has been head and shoulders above most everyone as far as play this season. He has been so impressive, and keeps getting better.


        1. Skoda (screeeeech!): Feesh won a nail biter last night on a medium range sacrifice dink by Miguel Rojas in the bottom of the eleventh. The Rocky Mountain Oysters still hold a four point five lead for the second wild card but who knows how much longer till they’ll run out of breath up in that thin air?

          I hope Straily brings his B+ game today. A win is a win but I sensed signs of fatigue in the way the Feesh finally dragged themselves through the 11th. And one eldritch deja vu in the way they deflated in the seventh.

          I’ve been furiously thumbing through my weatherbeaten karma-stained copy of the Necronomicon, blowing orf the dust, silverfeesh and HeLa cells as I go, trying to divine some inference about how the Ancient Old Ones view this turnaround.

          Then again, I might could just go to the game and stand in the mezzanine crying “Yog Sothoth! Yog Sothoth!” But then I would be breaking my vow not to add a single shekel more to Scrooge McLoria’s money bin. Ahhh, it would be a mistake to expect too much of justice in this world (Cormac McCarthy, The Crossing).


  2. I ain’t checking it, but I believe that the year Ruth hit 60 homers he not just hit more than any player that year or any player ever before, he hit more than any other TEAM except than his own. That will never happen again in baseball and every other sport because we human beings have pulled it all way to far together for it to be possible for any one of us to ever pull that far away again.

    The year McGuire made his charge past 60, I think the failure of the umpires to call the high strike, his primary weakness, along with the belief of one his opposing managers that pitching around him was “un American” contributed more to his money gushing record breaking streak than magical steroid pills.


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