He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/25/17

Prof: Today’s musical selection (from me) is the frothiest of bubblegum pop. But I like the beat and it makes me happy.

Rangers 3, Angels 0Scouts: Drew Robinson hit a two run and Mike Napoli added a solo shot while Martin Perez went 7 strong innings.

Diamondbacks 3, Mets 2Prof: Guys. I’m so sad. Someone hug me. Michael Conforto is injured and will probably be out most of the next season, not to mention this one. His shoulder. I don’t think I can blame the Mets for this one, but then again, why not? We, as human beings, can’t have anything nice, I swear. First, the thiccccccc goodness of a Big Buckin’ Chicken (purely aesthetic) and now that small potato who can ball like nobody’s business. Baseball breaks your heart, y’all. Anyway, for the Gritty Snakes, Robbie Ray gets his first W since he took that smack in the noggin. Good for him.


Marlins 9, Phillies 8Scouts: Stanton jacked number 47.  More stuff happened, but really do we care?

Yankees 6, Tigers 10Prof: WHEW. This was an epic brawl. A throwdown of WWE proportions. Scouty wrote about it a little bit, so I am not going to rehash it, other to say that this was a hot ass mess, and look at how cute David Robertson was coming in from the bullpen:

“Here I come to save the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!” – Mighty Mouse, or David Robertson?


Nationals 5, Astros 4 F/11Scouts: Houston scored three in the final two innings to tie, then gave up 2 in the 11th, and still came just a run shy of tying a second time.  Really tough fought game, it’s a shame someone had to lose.

Twins 1, White Sox 5Scouts: Come on Minnesota, these are the games you really gotta win.  Derek Holland shut the team down, holding them only to a solo homer by Byron Buxton.

Blue Jays 0, Rays 2Prof: Kevin Kiermaier is more than just very pretty blue eyes, friends. He’s also a run killer. This guy has a rockin’ awesome glove and he proved it again last night, snagging two sure things in the fifth inning to help the Rays maintain their lead.


Rockies 3, Royals 2Scouts: Pat Valaika (Say that three times fast) mashed a two run shot in the 8th to put the Rockies up for good in what is shaping up to be an absolutely excellent series between two potential playoff teams.


Dodgers 5, Pirates 2Prof: Poor Rich Hill is probably crying looking at this box score. Wondering where these runs were when he desperately needed them. “Why did you forsake me?” he said weeping into a rally towel when the Grandy Man, Yasmani Grandal and Adrian Gonzalez all hit homers in this game against Pittsburgh. LA is now at 90-36. Wow.

Red Sox 6, Indians 13Prof: You can’t keep a good team down. And folks, Cleveland is a good team. I know they’ve had their ups and downs this season, but they are still very much the same group that fought tooth and nail  in last year’s World Series, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were representing the American League again this year. To pull out a win again your probable AL Cy Young winner Chris Sale is huge, and for the Magical Land of Cleve, who has a lot of their quality hitters on the DL? This is even bigger. Really good stuff from two teams I expect to see duking it out in the playoffs.

Cubs 2, Reds 4Scouts: The Reds got a bases-loaded ground-rule double off pinch-hitter Jose Peraza in the 8th.  Then Pedro Strop threw a ball away allowing a bonus run to plate.

Padres 4, Cardinals 3Prof:  Rough days for the Redbirds, who lost not only this game again San Diego, but also custody of the Rally Cat. You know what? Good! They were going to make that poor kitty live in the dugout at Busch Stadium! Excuse me? When Milwaukee found and rescued Hank the Dog, they cleaned him up, let him make special appearances at Miller Park, but ultimately found him a home with a caring club employee. They didn’t build a damn kennel and expect him to live at the ballpark! Sorry, that just ticks me off. I love cats (duh) and to think that a team was going to make a little fluffer-nutter live in a DUGOUT is beyond the pale to me. Hell, let Randal Grichuk take him home or something. Grichuk is one of the few guys actually doing something for St. Louis these days, might as well get a furry creature out of the deal. Grichuk went 1-4 but that one was a dinger.



7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/25/17

  1. The pinstripes hanging from the fangs of the Tiger may turn out to be significant to the wild card race. The Twins are only 3 1/2 behind them for the first wild card spot, the Angels and Mariners trail them by 4, with one assumes a wave of suspensions coming. It would be poetic justice of the Romper Room Riot costs them a playoff spot.


    1. That’s pretty much what I was alluding to in yesterday’s post fight roundup post. At this point you have to imagine at least three Yankees will be missing some pretty significant time. Granted with appeals they can space it out, but losing Sanchez and Betances will hurt.


  2. I confess to a bit of nihilism right now when it comes to the Nats; they’re playing well despite the injuries, but I just can’t get excited, even for a game like last night when Strasburg faced off against Keuchel, because there’s a strong sense of meaninglessness to their games at this point. Bring on October, please, but with everyone healthy.

    Strasburg was positively filthy for six innings; just ask Jose Altuve:


    Altuve ended up leaving the game later on with some kind of neck issue; not sure it’s related to the above, but he couldn’t think of a reason for it, so unless Scherzer is contagious, we’ll go with that.

    I’d never really seen Keuchel pitch before; he’s definitely not overpowering, but gets outs with late movement (mostly downward) on a fastball in the high 80s that induces weak contact. F.P. Santangelo kept preaching patience in the booth, pointing out that the pitches the Nats were swinging at weren’t actually strikes by the time they reached the plate, and the Nats finally listened in the 5th, scoring twice on a couple of walks and a couple more balls that didn’t leave the infield. They got Keuchel for another run in the 7th on a Michael A. Taylor double that scored Matt Wieters (and the refrigerator on his back) all the way from 1st.

    Strasburg, meanwhile, departed after six innings (90 pitches) with a cramp in his left calf. He sweats like it’s his job, but doesn’t hydrate like his job depends on it, so he’s prone to this sort of thing. That left it to the bullpen, and that’s where things got weird.

    Since the Great Bullpen Reconstruction, the 9th has belonged to Sean Doolittle, although Dusty has promised to play matchups when appropriate. Dusty’s also made mention of trying to get Brandon Kintzler to 30 saves (he has 28 in Minnesota, but none so far with the Nats) because it’ll help his bargaining position on the free agent market this winter. Both of those ideas came to a head last night, as the book said that having a lefty (Doolittle) on the mound in the 8th and a righty in the 9th (Kintzler) was the right thing to do, and it was a save situation, so Dusty did it (and I don’t begrudge him his choices here).

    Doolittle’s been great for the Nats, but he seems to be an adrenaline junkie. His one poor outing so far was a game he entered with an 8-2 lead in the 9th; the Nats had scored 7 in the bottom of the 8th, and he warmed up during that inning, so he got brought in and gave up 3 runs before putting matters to rest. Last night, in a non-save situation, he wasn’t ineffective, but wasn’t quite as sharp, either, and gave up a quick run before getting out of it. Kintzler had the 9th with a 3-1 lead, but fell victim to bad luck, with a couple of ground balls turning into a fielder’s choice and a hit, when either would’ve been a double play if hit at someone, and so the Astros tied the game, and the Twitterati exploded with a combination of Dusty’s an Idiot, How Could He Do That in a Game Like This?, Same Old Bullpen, etc.

    As I said above, I don’t begrudge Dusty the choices he made, and while I recognize that this was a series between two teams with legit chances to see each other again in late October, I just wasn’t feeling that this was A Big, Meaningful Series(tm), with teams looking to Send A Message(tm). It was more Just Another Game to me, and the Nats, by winning, now have winning records this season against each of the following teams – LA Dodgers, Arizona, Colorado, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee, Seattle, and Houston. Those seven, plus the Angels (2-2) and the Rangers (0-3) are the potential playoff teams they’ve played this year, and while they’ve still got three left with the Dodgers, it’s pretty clear that the Nats’ record isn’t built solely on just beating up on the NL Least.


      1. Yeah, I’m happy about that, and I’m still watching every night, but I just don’t feel emotionally invested in any given game.

        I’d prefer that they were in an actual pennant race, you know?


        1. We’ll trade you the emotional disinvestment of playing out the string in exchange for the emotional disinvestment of having your division wrapped up.


          Tigers Fans


    1. I’m quite fond of Keuchel, as I think he has a good, solid presence on the mound and while he doesn’t overpower you or throw Thor like heaters, he’s a pretty reliable K-machine.


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