Punches Thrown In Yankees/Detroit Game

Well it’s been awhile since we’ve had a really good brawl, and today’s would seem to qualify.  In a game that otherwise didn’t have much playoff implication, suddenly the effects will be far reaching as several players have been ejected, including Miguel Cabrera for a series of altercations that occurred in today’s game.

It all started in the top of the 5th when Michael Fulmer plunked Gary Sanchez, who had homered earlier in the game, his fourth of the series.    Fulmer had been a bit wild today and Detroit’s coaching staff went out to investigate potential injury to Fulmer after the pitch.  That didn’t seem to appease the Yankees however, who in the bottom of the 6th threw a pitch behind Miguel Cabrerra.

Reliever Tommy Kahnle was immediately ejected, while manager Joe Girardi was ejected after a short argument.  Aroldis Chapman  was called in to replace Kahnle, and after he was ready to get going, Miguel Cabrera and Austin Romine got into it which ended in punches thrown and benches cleared.

Both Cabrerra and Romine were ejected following the fight.

Fast forward to the 7th inning, where Dellin Betances was called in to replace Aroldis Chapman.  Betances sends the second pitch directly into James McCann’s head.


The benches cleared once more.  Betances was not immediately ejected, and was only ejected after Brad Asumus came out to argue, resulting in a umpire conference.  Betances argued his position pretty adamantly.  Bench coach Rob Thompson was also ejected leaving pitching coach Larry Rothschild as the lone manager in the dugout.  Dave Robertson came in to replace Betances and plunked the very next batter, John Hicks on the hand.  Robertson was not ejected.

Now on to the the 8th inning where Todd Frazier was hit by a pitch by Alex Wilson.  Both Wilson and Brad Asumus was ejected after the benches cleared for a third time.

As of this writing, we are now in the 8th inning and a total of 8 players and managers have been ejected.  The benches have cleared three separate times and I can’t even count the number of position changes that have been made.


4 thoughts on “Punches Thrown In Yankees/Detroit Game

  1. All of these idiots ought to be required to take third grade over, and repeat it until they grow the hell up.
    Betances ought to be suspended for the rest of the season.

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