He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/22/17

Prof:  Yesterday I barely got any sleep, and today (this evening) isn’t looking much better. Here are your scores. Probably gonna skimp on the highlights…


Rangers 1, Angels 10Scouts: Albert Pujols is now 8th on the all-time home run list and is number 1 for foreign-born players.


Brewers 4, Giants 3Scouts: Milwaukee gets a rare win after Albert Suarez blew it in the 7th.

Marlins 12, Phillies 8 (game 1), Marlins 7 Phillies 4 (game 2) – Prof:  The Feesh get the sweep and are now .500 for the season. Giancarlo Stanton drops bombs every single day, it seems. Christian Yelich is no slouch, either.


Athletics 6, Orioles 4Scouts: What happened Baltimore?  Ubaldo happened.  In 5 innings Jimenez gave up 3 home runs and 5 runs on 9 hits.

Dodgers 8, Pirates 5Prof:  Congrats to Adrian Gonzalez, who now has 2,000 hits in his career! And best wishes to Cody Bellinger, who is on the DL.

Red Sox 9, Indians 1Scouts: Doug Fister didn’t get off to the best of starts surrendering a leadoff homer to Francisco Lindor, however that was the last hit he allowed as he threw his fifth career complete game.  Eduardo Nunez had 5 RBI’s for the Sox.

Yankees 13, Tigers 4Scouts: Aaron Judge didn’t strike out!  But he was pinch hit for, which apparently was enough to make some fans pretty happy.  Judge snapped a MLB record 37 consecutive games with a strike out by working 3 walks and smacking a single.  I have to wonder if he was pinch hit for just to not take the chance of him striking out his final at-bat.  Why else would you pinch hit for your number 4 batter in the 7th inning when he’s not injured?  Seems like both a really shitty and smart move by Girardi Anyways, New York scored a butt-load of runs.  (That’s an official term.)

Twins 4, White Sox 1Prof: Crazy times in Minnesota, where the Twins are knocking on the door of a wild card berth. They currently have a half game lead over such teams as the Royals, the Rangers, and the Angels. THE ANGELS? Weird. Anyway, the Twins continue to play well on the road. Why is that?

Nationals 4, Astros 3Prof: Oh my, Matt Wieters! A change of ZIP code has done the veteran catcher good. Last night, Wieters hit a two run homer to help elevate Washington over Houston and extend this particular rivalry’s winning streak – the Nats have won nine straight against the ‘stros.

Rockies 2, Royals 3Scouts: Danny Duffy took a no-hitter into the 6th inning and the Royals held back the Rockies for the win.  KC remains just a game and a half back of the Wild Card.

Padres 12, Cardinals 4Prof:  Dude. The Padres went HAM in the seventh inning, getting six runs off the Redbird bullpen.

Cubs 13, Reds 9Prof: All kinds of wacky stuff happened in this game. Kris Bryant beat an early exit because his hand got whacked, and lefty first baseman Anthony Rizzo, his partner in Bryzzo, played third instead. As a rapper once said, “Ain’t that some shiz?” My small child Scooter Gennett hit a home run in the loss.

Diamondbacks 7, Mets 4Scouts: The lolMets scored 3 in the 9th well after the game was more than decided so don’t let the score trick you into thinking they were competitive.  Like at all.

Blue Jays 5, Rays 6Scouts: Chris Archer looked pretty good striking out 10 over 6 innings which was just enough to hold back the Blue Jays.

Mariners 0, Braves 4 Prof: YAAAAAASSSSSSSSS Lucas Sims! The rookie, who grew up in the ATL, finally had a chance to grab a W with some home cookin’. An excellent performance by the young righty.


4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/22/17

  1. Well, I hope at least that Prof isn’t getting any sleep for all the right reasons. It’d be a shame if it was just due to overnight road work outside her window.

    Yes, as I reviewed in detail late last night, the Feesh are once again ensnared in the gossamer reality waves of the Strange Attractor, just as Benoit Mandelbrot prophesied. Things are looking better and better for the completion of the sale of the team to the Derek Jeter-led consortium sometime during the early orfseason. Every so often it occurs to me that it’d almost be a shame if the Feesh made it to the playorfs and Scrooge was able to leave to serve his ǖber lowlife master in Washington with even a fecal smear of satisfaction that his entire stewardship had not been aesthetically in vain.

    Ah well. Spite is bad for the kishkes. Let’s just focus on some real interest to the last third of the season and be happy we’re gonna be rid of that noisome crew at last.


    1. How was Jolly Old? I keep getting the itch to go back and visit my friends and erstwhile hosts the Meany Sisters, who live in Nunshead. Haven’t been since 2012, and obviously a lot has changed in my life lol.

      London was the first place where a very nice looking guy gave me the eye. I’ll never forget it. Not sure if he was just being kind and polite or if he fancied me, but he had a really nice suit and a clean haircut, and a lovely smile. When someone isn’t hideous and they treat you with kindness sometimes that means a lot.


  2. If the season were to end today the Twins would be headed to Yankee stadium to play for the right to meet the Astros. It’s not like the Twins never win in Yankee stadium and they are like way overdue against Astros. As for the next stop at either the Indians or the Red Sox, they win against the Indians sometimes and as with the Astros they are way overdue against the Red Sox. The path to the doomed Dodgers is clear.


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