He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/21/17

Prof: Did y’all get to see yesterday’s eclipse with your own (hopefully protected) eyes? I did! It was pretty dang cool. Now, it wasn’t as awesome as it was where I used to live in Cheeselandia, where there was almost 100% blackout (darn it), but still, the Crabby Area of the World that I live in currently was at about 80% and that was still a sight to behold. I saw photos of Clark the Cub and Mr. Met with their adoring fans watching the celestial happenings, which I thought was pretty cool. Also, lots of minor league teams got into the fun as well, watching the eclipse while stretching on the field. All in all, a neat day. Let’s talk about some scores!



Dodgers 6, Pirates 5 F/12Scouts: Yasiel Puig, the sometime villian played the hero with a home run in the 12th that won it for the Dodgers.  Curtis Granderson gave the Pirates a fighting chance with a Grand Slam in the 7th, but you can’t stop the beast, you can only hope to contain them.


Red Sox 4, Indians 5Scouts: A sac bunt in the 9th turned into a walk-off error after Buck Holt double clutched then threw the ball away.  Whoops.  Andrew Miller left the game with a knee injury after facing just a single batter.


Diamondbacks 3, Mets 2 F/10Prof: LOL Mets. This game went extra innings, and even though Michael Conforto tried, bless him, the Mets couldn’t get it done. The Gritty Snakes had two runs in the 10th inning to get them over, thanks to an AJ Pollock homer.

Mariners 6, Braves 5Prof:  Ouch. This one hurt. Even though Seattle had four errors on the day as opposed to Atlanta’s one error, and the Mariners had 9 hits as opposed to the Braves’ 12, they still beat the home team by one run. And who was the guy who pushed the dagger in? Former Braves prospect Andrew Albers. OUCH. Rough night for young Folty, who is still very much green, but this is bad news because as of the moment his ERA is hovering around 5. O-U-C-H.

Twins 6, White Sox 7 (Game 1) – Scouts: Down 7-1 the Twins started to rally with a run in the 6th, 7th and three in the 8th, but came up just short against the southies.


Twins 10, White Sox 2 (Game 2) – Scouts: The offensive outburst the Twins started in the previous game carried over in a big way including a 6 run second inning.  The White Sox managed just two runs on three hits in the nightcap.

Rangers 5, Angels 3Scouts: Adrian Beltre went three run boom and Cole Hamels got stingy with the Angels.


Brewers 2, Giants 0Scouts: Rookie Chris Stratton has pitched 12.2 consecutive innings without allowing a run by just shutting down the Brewers.  The win was the first home shutout of the season for the Giants.

Athletics 3, Orioles 7Prof: A big, and important, win for Baltimore to keep them sniffing at a Wild Card playoff berth. The O’s are I think about four games back of the Wild Card, and if they get hot, they can pull it off. But it depends on guys like Adam Jones, Jonathan Schoop, Mark Trumbo, and Zach Britton. Jones hit two home runs, Schoop hit one, Trumbo hit a sac fly to bring Jones in and Zach Britton saved the game with another fine performance.

One thought on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/21/17

  1. No Nats MLB action last night, but that doesn’t mean no news…

    It was announced yesterday that ESPN has decided to make the Dodgers/Nats game on September 17th the Sunday Night game; I’m sure that hotly-anticipated Erick Fedde/Brock Stewart pitching matchup will have fans all over the country tuning in to watch instead of whatever the NFL farts out that night.

    Messrs. Werth and Turner (Trea) began their rehab assignments last night, so perhaps there’s light at the end of the tunnel for their returns. In their absences, Brian Goodwin, Howie Kendrick and Wilmer Difo have all stepped up to show themselves to be viable alternatives, although Goodwin’s currently on the DL.

    I would not be at all shocked to see Werth platooning in LF, or certainly removed later in games for defense, come playoff time. He’s got intangibles on his side, of course, and leadership and all that, but performance will matter, too, and if Goodwin’s healthy, he’ll play a lot late if he’s on the roster.

    It also wouldn’t surprise me to see a straight up platoon with Turner and Difo at short, although on the other hand, it would be quite shocking to see, given Turner’s disruptive influence on the game. The thing is though, Turner’s a right-handed hitter who cannot hit lefties; his OPS against them this year is .387, while the switch-hitting Difo has an OPS of 1.054 against them. It might be fun to see the two of them play together in the middle infield for the Nats in 2019, assuming Murphy departs after next year.

    Anyway, three in Houston starting tonight. Not a lot of buzz about possible postseason preview, but it could be…


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