He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/17/17

Prof:  Sorry I didn’t contribute yesterday. I was so tired, I fell asleep super early. I’m still pretty tired today (tonight?), but I can at least do a little bit before I take off for the weekend.

Cardinals 11, Pirates 7Scouts: At one point Pittsburgh was up 5-1, but St. Louie just started pouring it on and kept it coming.  Dexter Fowler drove in three including the go-ahead triple in the 7th.  Someone had to lose, and StL snapped their 3 game losing streak while Pittsburgh extended theirs to 5.


White Sox 8, Rangers 9Scouts: Texas has won 4 consecutive and maybe are regretting trading away their best pitcher as they are suddenly back into the AL wild card mix.

Nationals 2, Padres 1Scouts: Yawn.  The Nationals didn’t do much to keep their faithful awake while on a West Coast trip.  Ryan Zimmerman provided the only real offensive spark of the game with a 8th inning solo shot.  San Diego scored their lone run off a single.  Exciting stuff right there.


Phillies 4, Giants 5Scouts: Philly attempted a late comeback but had the door shut in their face.  How rude.

Indians 9, Twins 3 (Game 1), Indians 2, Twins 4 (Game 2) – Prof:  We got ourselves a split series here. In game one, we had Yan Gomes and Jason Kipnis hitting homers, and Jose Ramirez having a scary moment when he was HBP. He’s okay. In game two, we had a homer from young Max Kepler and the Twins halted the Magical Winning Streak of Cleve.

Diamondbacks 4, Astros 0Scouts: Patrick Corbin came just an out shy of a complete game shutout before getting the hook.  He held the Astros to 4 hits, one walk and 7 strikeouts.


Reds 13, Cubs 10Prof: Wow! This isn’t a baseball score, this is a football game! Let’s see… The second inning lasted forever, and mostly because the Reds were on a roll. My boy singled and drove in a run, then another single, then another single, then Joey Votto hit a home run. Double, double, and the inning ended with my small son back on the field, being thrown out at home. Nine runs in all! And then it was the Chicago Cubs show. Happ homered. Kris Bryant homered. Avila homered. Baez homered. The Schwarbs homered. What? Four of those happened in the fourth inning alone! What the heck!? More back and forth, sac flies, more home runs, fielders’ choices, and finally the Reds reigned victorious.


Braves 10, Rockies 4Prof: First things first, I want to wish Nolan Arenado the very best of luck after having to leave the game after his hand deflected a hard hit ball in the outfield. It hit the exact same area that had been pinged by Vancey Pants Worley a few days ago, when Arenado had to leave that Feesh game. I bet his hand is gonna be swollen and super painful for a while. Now, let’s talk about the exciting part – THE BRAVES WON A GAME? AND ACTUALLY DOMINATED? After having had their collective asses beaten bloody raw on Wednesday? WHAT?!?!? We had home runs from future superstar Ender Inciarte (two of them), Tyler Flowers, and Braves legend forever, Charlie’s dad. I mean, Freddie Freeman. Anyway, yes. YESSSSS.


Rays 3, Blue Jays 5Scouts: Toronto, Tampa, and Baltimore now have a three way tie for third in the AL East.  They are all 10.5 games back in the division, but just 3 out of the Wild Card.  The Wild Card is going to come down to the wire this year folks.  Josh Donaldson is pretty much single-handedly keeping Toronto in it these days.  He’s batting .400 with 9 HR and 21 RBi with a OPS of 1.530 in the month of August.  Dude is one of the hottest hitters in MLB and no one’s talking about it.

Yankees 7, Mets 5Prof: Oof. It’s a Subway Sweep. Yo Soy Gary hit a home run and brought in five RBI in the game, and Steven Matz continues to pitch incredibly poorly in this awful outing at Citi Field. Had it not been for the Grandy Man and a grand slam in the ninth inning, the score would have been way more embarrassing.

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  1. Good job Spartan. Okay Fam this is what happens when nobody does anything here from Friday to Monday, idle hands and all that


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