He Said, She Said – Recaps For 8/16/2017

Sorry gang, I’m absolutely slammed at work today, so there won’t be much of a preamble today, and my recaps are going to be short and to the point.  Please help fill in the blanks in the comment section below!  Because I’m extra lazy, today we are featuring the top 3 on 2017’s billboard list.  Yeah, I don’t know who the fuck any of these kids are either.


Angels 3, Nationals 2Scouts: Kole Calhoun hit a 2 run shot in the 6th that put LA ahead for good.

Giants 1, Marlins 8Scouts: Giancarlo Stanton’s home run streak ended at 7 games but the Marlins still managed to beat up on the Giants.

Pirates 6, Brewers 7Scouts: The Brew Crew hit 5 homers including a pair from Keon Broxton.  Manny Pina hit the go ahead in the 8th.

Royals 7, Athletics 6Scouts: Alex Gordon singled in Alcides Escobar in the top of the 9th to take the win.

Orioles 6, Mariners 7Scout: It’s get-away-day for the O’s and at this point I’m pretty sure they are ready to get back to their side of the country.  It wasn’t a terrible west coast trip, but I for one will be happy to be able to watch a game that doesn’t start past my bedtime.  Oh yea.  Ubaldo Jiminez sucked again.

Phillies 0, Padres 3Scouts: Will Myers knocked in a run, stole one, and that was all Clayton Richard needed as he threw a 3 hit shutout.


Rays 2, Blue Jays 3Scouts: Tampa gets right back on that losing train as Marcus Stroman kept them to 2 runs over 6.1 innings.

Yankees 5, Mets 3Scouts: There’s been a lot of chatter about Aroldis Chapman in New York the past few days, so much so people almost forgot about Aaron Judge.  Judge reminded them who he was knocking the 3rd homer ever into the third deck in Citi Field’s left field.


Cardinals 4, Red Sox 5Scouts: Mookie Betts came up big with 2 down in the 9th, delivering a two run double to walk it off.


Reds 6, Cubs 7Scouts: Joey Votto did not reach base twice falling just shy of tieing Ted Williams record.  Anthony Rizzo hit a first inning grand slam.


Tigers 6, Rangers 12Scouts: Just ouch.  Painful way to finish a three game sweep.

D-Backs 5, Astros 9Scouts: Arizona looked primed for a come back with 3 in the 8th, but Houston was having none of that responding with 4 of their own.


Braves 2, Rockies 17Scouts: Mike Foltynewicz was hit fucking hard, giving up 8 runs in 3.1 innings. Trevor Story ended up with 6 RBI and two other rockies had 4 each.

White Sox 4, Dodgers 6Scouts: Yasiel Puig, who you don’t hear anyone bitching about anymore completed a 9th inning rally with a two-run double that brought the Dodgers back.  Seriously, can no one stop this team?


Indians, Twins – PPD – “I’m only happy when it rains.”  (There’s your rain out music for the day.)

4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 8/16/2017

  1. Adding some details….

    Didn’t watch, but Ian Kinsler & Angel Hernandez kissed and made up (OK, just shook hands) in the first inning last night.

    Besides his homer, A-a-ron Judge set a record for position players by striking out in his 33rd consecutive game.

    John Lackey stole a base last night. Then the earth got back on it’s axis when Lackey was picked off by the catcher after wandering too far off 2B after a walk.

    Poor kids of today, the music they’ll have to remember their HS years by at future class reunions. Here’s the top 3 songs this week 30 years ago.

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  2. Nice to see my boys securing at list a split against the Rays, and hopefully tonight Chris Rowley can repeat his debut performance a few days ago against the suddenly human Chris Archer.

    Has anyone taken a close look at the Box Score from the Yankees/Mets game, specifically on the Mets’ side? Apparently a shortage of infielders had them playing Travis D’Arnaud at 2B and 3B… and switching him back and forth (officially) with Asdrubal Cabrera so as to prevent poor Travis from the chance of having to make a defensive play. This resulted in a Box Score like this:

    Cabrera, A.: 2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B

    D’Arnaud, T.: 3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B-2B-3B

    Hilarious, because Terry Collins had to officially make the position change every time… sometimes after every batter, based on whether he batted right or left.

    Finally, a sub-headline on CNN that I saw… “Ex-MLBer says he still supports Trump”. I didn’t even need to click on the link to know that one-time pitcher and full-time asshat Curt Schilling was who they were talking about. Some things never change.

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