He Said, She Said – Recaps For 8/13/17

Prof:  I really am going through a rough time right now, so if you could see fit to think good thoughts for me, I would appreciate it.



Red Sox 3, Yankees 2 F/10Scouts: New York really needed to beat the Red Sox this weekend and came up short.  The Sox now have a 5.5 game lead in the division as Aroldis Chapman blew the save in the 9th, then lost the game in the 10th.  The Yankees will have to recover against the Mets before heading out to Boston with a chance at redemption.


Giants 4, Nationals 2 (Game 1), Giants 2, Nationals 6 F/11 (Game 2) – Prof:  A two-fer at Nats Park because of rain this weekend, and they split the series. Working without the injured Bryce Harper, the Nats were a bit off their game in game one. The Giants won on small ball – sac flies, singles, etc. In the second game, we went into extra innings. This game was notable because once and future Giant Pablo Sandoval hit a home run for San Francisco to tie it up for them. Howie Kendrick hits a grand slam in the eleventh to win.


Pirates 1, Blue Jays 7Scouts: The Jays jumped off to a 5 run first inning, powered off the bat of a Josh Donaldson 452-foot homer.

Indians 4, Rays 3Prof:  Oh man, Corey Kluber is back! I mean, he was already back, from the DL, but he’s really really back. The Klubot is 8-1 with a 1.85 ERA since he came back. And while he wasn’t his sharpest in this game, he did enough to help his cause. And Austin Jackson really helped him out, too; getting a homer in the eighth and snagged a line drive that might have been converted into a run.

Twins 6, Tigers 4Scouts: Minnesota came out with a early lead off homers from Brian Dozier and Miguel Sano.  Then they allowed Detroit back into it before they shut the door for good with a 2 run 8th.


Rockies 3, Marlins 5Prof:  Giancarlo Stanton KEEPS MASHING TATERS. PO-TA-TOES. Home run number 42 rocketed off the barrel of his bat and with it, the Feesh swept Colorado. Scary news for the Rox when Nolan Arenado had to leave the game because he was hit by a Vance Worley pitch. He’s okay, but he has a swollen hand. Probably will be out of commission for a few days, but let’s hope he’ll be back soon.


Mets 6, Phillies 2Scouts: Curtis Granderson picked up 3 RBI, two of them off a home-run in the 5th.

Royals 14, White Sox 6Prof:  Woof. Dutchie. Not good. Really not good. The Royals lit Derek Holland up like a Roman Candle. A crazy single from Drew Butera began the rally – a single that turned into a legged out run because of a throwing error. Then we got more singles, and more singles, two home runs before the Sox were able to even get on the board. It was crazy pants.

Reds 4, Brewers 7Prof:  This is what always happens. I leave a place, and suddenly allneil walker kinds of cool stuff comes to town. Like, for example, the Brewers just got Neil Walker. Now, I think my esteem for Neil has been discussed here before, but just in case you didn’t know, I’m a big Neil Walker fan. And now the rest of the Brew Crew will soon become big Neil Walker fans, too, as he showed his solid play and leadership right away for Milwaukee. My boy Scoots Magoots was able to play in front of the Brewers crowd, too, and while he wasn’t able to do much he is still very much beloved by the Milwaukee faithful.

Orioles 3, Athletics 9Scouts: The O’s smacked around the A’s Saturday night, so the A’s returned the favor on Sunday.  Matt Joyce hit the deciding homer in the 4th, a 3 run shot that the O’s never recovered from.  Manny Machado was a double shy of the cycle.

Angels 4, Mariners 2Scouts: The Angels are enjoying a 6 game winning streak before a day off and a trip to Washington.  Parker Bridwell is making a strong case for Rookie of the Year.  Bridwell is now 7-1 with a 2.88 ERA and 1.17 WHIP.


Astros 2, Rangers 1Prof: Oh, hey, Dallas Keuchel! Nice to see you. The Astros’ ace had a shutout going into the sixth inning, the Little Second Baseman Who Could hit a home run, and the ‘Stros were able to stop their losing streak against the hated Texas Rangers. For the Rangers, Adrian Beltre hit a home run and padded his career hit total. (Eat dirt, Doug Gottlieb. I’m assuming y’all heard about that nonsense.)


Padres 4, Dodgers 6Scouts: You might want to sit down for this one.  The shock may do some damage to your heart.  But the Dodgers won again.  Oh and they did it with strong starting pitching, and multiple home-runs.

Cubs 7, Diamondbacks 2Scouts: Welcome back to first place Chicago!  Thanks to the Braves and a three-run blast by Javier Baez, Jake Arrieta and company were able to dismantle the team from the desert.


Braves 6, Cardinals 3Prof:  Holy crap, the Braves beat the Cardinals! And now I have a reason to send Brandon Phillips a Christmas card, and not just because he hit a two run homer to help Atlanta win. No, it’s because Dat Dude basically said how much he truly hates the Cardinals in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He literally called them names. Thank you, BP. Thank you.

19 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 8/13/17

  1. Normally cliches don’t bear repeating, however: Be well, do good work, and stay in touch.

    -Also, Pablo Sandoval, affectionately known in these parts as The Fat Man (the ghost of Jerry Garcia notwithstanding) has actually played with some grace and style recently at third. We’ll take anything at this point, the season having gone to hell much earlier than thought possible.

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      1. Well. often enough to absorb a cliche. Something about GK actually kind of nauseates me- his delivery, maybe. That one show we attended here locally where he led us in a rousing bunch of church hymns may have had something to do with it. $150 down the drain for dreck.

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        1. The Writer’s Almanac is the only Keillor thing I am ok with. Do NOT get me started on Prairie Home Companion. Or that he thinks he’s the world’s foremost expert on F. Scott Fitzgerald. Hate hate haaaaate


        1. I’m sorry, Happy. Mental illness is always a dark cloud in my sky, no matter how much sunshine there is. No matter how hard it is for me, though, I know others have it worse. I am here for you.

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  2. To Prof: I hope whatever rough patch you’re dealing with becomes smooth soon.

    Quite a weekend in DC…

    This being the Giants’ last and only trip here, per the rules it’s up to MLB, not the home team, to decide whether or not to start a game when weather’s a factor. Friday and Saturday were of a piece, weather-wise; warm and sunny during the day, rain in the evening, with a pretty severe storm rolling through during what would’ve been the 4th inning or so.

    To the consternation of many in the SF media and others, Friday’s game was called off after waiting about three hours, with claims that the players knew before the fans did, and further claims that some of the Nats’ broadcast crew left the stadium early (claims denied by said broadcast crew), and just general unhappiness. This meant a day/night doubleheader scheduled for Sunday, and with the Giants scheduled to play Monday, no wiggle room.

    And so Saturday came, and after a three hour delay, it’s play ball, even though it’s still raining a touch (though would soon quit). The Giants get a run in the top of the first, and then in the bottom, Bryce Harper, hustling for a hit, skids across the bag, his cleat catches in the dirt, and his knee explodes (or so we thought at the time).

    SomeDaughterInVA2.0 and I spent some time after the injury trying to console ourselves that anything can happen in the playoffs, and Turner and Taylor and Strasburg and even Werth will be back soon, and with the way Lind and Difo and Kendrick and Goodwin have been hitting, there’s still a pretty formidable lineup to put together, and oh god why does this happen every single year and why can’t we just for once see the Nats enter the post-season with a full complement of players?

    Then, Sunday dawned, and word came that it was “just” a bone bruise for Harper, miracle of miracles. I once had a bone bruise (femur) and it was six weeks or so till I was able to really return to action, and I’m a fat guy who only saw a doctor once, not a world class athlete with daily access to doctors, trainers, and appropriate levels of physical therapy. He’ll be back in time to contribute in the playoffs, but he says he’s not coming back till he’s 100%, and he won’t ever play hurt again like he has in the past (which is the closest he’s come to admitting that he was indeed hurt last year).

    To the baseball itself, had last night’s game not gone extra innings, the teams would’ve managed to complete three entire games in just under 24 hours, with the Nats taking two of three. Harper’s injury meant he didn’t face Hunter Strickland, who did pitch in both games on Sunday and was booed mercilessly; I wouldn’t have blamed Strickland if he’d gone all Gladiator on the crowd and dropped an “Are you not entertained?” on them, but I guess it didn’t occur to him to do it. Harper’s on the DL, Taylor’s back, Goodwin pulled up lame with some tightness in his groin, Ryan Madson has a blister on his finger, and Strasburg has a start on a rehab assignment scheduled for tonight, so all is well in the world, I guess.

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      1. And Anthony Rendon, who has been the subject of much discussion on sports talk radio, specifically why he’s batting sixth instead of second, especially with Eaton and Turner out (Rendon homered off Strickland yesterday, btw), and Ryan Zimmerman, whose season numbers mask what’s been a pretty weak couple of months, but who might be heating up again.

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        1. I was saying on the Tweet Machine that I think it’s interesting that Trout went down early in the yr, and now Harper goes down. Plus, Freddie, Kersh, and yesterday Nolan A. Bad year to be an MVP-caliber player!


        2. Don’t worry prof. The Iron Giant will happily take it.

          Okay, time to catch a few hours of sleep before heading to the airport and our big silver bird home in the wee hours of the morning. We’ve had a helluva time but every time we get ready to come home again London tugs at our heartstrings. Ah well. I’ll be out and about Macondo once again by tomorrow evening, sniffing the air for Scrooge McLoria Good Riddance parties. If I can’t find one, I’ll throw one.

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        3. You say you’re gonna leave, gonna take that big white bird…

          I read they might take out that overgrown Mardi Gras float. Jeets is already doing the Lord’s work if it’s true 😂


  3. Prof-Any theories as to why the Brewers didn’t go after your boy Scoots to fill their black hole at second base? Not that Neil Walker is chopped liver, but he’s more expensive and not an elite glove. Maybe Scoots refused to eat his veggies from the Brewer’s locker room brunch table? Gave Craig Counsell* a wedgie?

    And what will the Reds do with the arbitration eligible Scoots over the winter? The little guy is sitting on a hefty .872 OBP as we speak. Someone will surely want him.

    *Don’t you just look at Craig Counsell and have an overwhelming urge to give him a wedgie? Or make him eat paste? Or make him pull on your finger?

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    1. Not sure. I know that if the players had their way, he’d be back. They loved Scooter, he had good chemistry with everyone, even Braun. And a lot of Scooter’s struggles were during the Ron Roenicke (sp) era. He was way more solid with CC. But he does have that problem with lefties, and I think he just needed a change of scenery. Like Phillips and the Braves, you know?

      I think the Reds might try to keep Scoots, he won’t command a huge contract, and his family is from the area so they might use that to their advantage.

      Otherwise, I can easily see him with another Central team, either NL or AL.


  4. The Twins won their 59th game yesterday which matches their win total for 2016. They’re alone in second four games back of the Indians who they begin a series here tomorrow night. Maybe this is a miracle year. I could use one.


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