He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/7/17

Prof: It’s a good thing that today was a travel day or off day for so many teams, because I feel pretty gross right now and I am pretty sure my partner in blog crime does as well. Also, I bought a new car. I’m very happy. I haven’t gotten one in seven years. I think I was due. 🙂



Brewers 4, Twins 5Scouts: Eddie Rosario decided he was just going to go out and win this one nearly by himself.  First he ties the game with a RBI double, then he scrambles to third on a sacrifice bunt, and then he scores the winning run on a balk after he faked a break toward home causing Brewer reliever Oliver Drake to flinch.


Cardinals 11, Royals 3 Prof:  In-state rivals play against each other and St. Louis embarrasses their little brothers in the fourth inning alone. Every Royals score was a solo homer, which obviously wasn’t enough.


Cubs 5, Giants 3Scouts: Javier Baez scooted around the base paths for a inside-the-park home-run.  Matt Moore didn’t have such a great day contributing three wild pitches and is now 3-12.


Orioles 6, Angels 2Prof:  Happy birthday Mike Trout. Scouts: Well it’s taken until August, but Manny Machado is finally waking up at the plate.  5 RBI’s the other day followed by a grand slam last night.  Dylan Bundy struck out 10 and Mike Trout, who is now 26 picked up his 1,000th hit on a RBI double in the fourth.  He later went deep for the 4th time on his birthday.


Tigers 0, Pirates 3Scouts: Trevor Williams gave up just a single hit over 7 innings.

Marlins 2, Nationals 3Prof:  Y’all. I miss Justin Bour. 😦 Well, enough of that. He’s on the DL and that won’t help the Feesh defeat their division rivals. Home runs were smashed by both Royce Harpler and the Iron Giant. Sadly, Bryce’s HR was two feet longer. We were counting on you, Giancarlo! When faced with a threat, we expect you to defeat that threat!


Padres 3, Reds 11Prof:  Joey Votto continues to be the forgotten man. Oh, I know, he’s great and everything, and people think that Joey Votto is a fine player. But Votto is actually world class, and we forget how very special his career has been. The World’s Sassiest Canadian hit a home run for the third straight game and also hit an RBI single. And he does all of this playing for Cincinnati. Come on, folks. Give the man his due.

One thought on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/7/17

  1. Iron Giant Equals Previous Season’s Personal Dinger Record!

    The big guy crushed a three run bomb offa whatsisname, Cole, yesterday and Vance Worley pitched another fine game (props to your Ex, prof) as the Feesh closed to within seven weeks of vacation.

    Donald Trump Grabs North Korea by the Pussy!

    Then realizes that it hasn’t showered in months.


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