He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/6/17

Prof:  We begin today with sad news out of Philadelphia. Former Phillies great, three time All Star and all around fan favorite Darren “Dutch” Daulton has died following a second bout with brain cancer. Daulton was 55 years old.


The Phillies are no strangers to losing their greats to really horrible forms of cancer, especially brain cancer. All time Phillies legend Tug McGraw had brain cancer as well, and in the last few years, five Phillies players and coaches have all died of cancer. Daulton makes it six. My prayers are with those who loved him and cared for him. It’s a horrible thing, and I know my Phillies friends are in mourning today.



Yankees 8, Indians 1 Scouts: This game was a lot closer than it looks, with the Indians holding a 1-0 lead through the first 5.  But the Jacoby Elisbury and the Yankees broke out big in the 6th with a few more tacked on the following inning to turn this one into a laugher.

Cardinals 13, Reds 4Prof:  The Redbirds vs the Reds. Someone was going down, and St. Louis decided it wasn’t going to be them. Adam Wainwright’s first start after coming off the disabled list was a tough one, but Jose Martinez and Matt Carpenter helped a brother out. Martinez had a grand slam, while Carpenter had a two run triple. It was also a rough day for the Reds’ starter, Homer Bailey. Just happened to be worse than Waino’s.

Brewers 1, Rays 2Prof:  Steven Souza Jr. hit a decisive walk-off homer in the ninth inning to put the Tampa Bay Sea Creatures over the Milwaukee Brewers. Orlando Arcia hit a homer for the Brewers off of Chris Archer, but it wasn’t enough.


Tigers 3, Orioles 12Scouts: Manny Machado went 4-5 with 5 RBI’s, a triple shy of the cycle.  The O’s knocked in 5 home runs, including 3 in a row in the first inning.

White Sox 3, Red Sox 6Prof:  Laundry battles resume in beautiful Fenway Park. Doug Fister pitched well enough for a win, and Craig Kimbrel got the save, his 27th of the season.

Marlins 4, Braves 1Scouts: Giancarlo Stanton did not hit a home run for the fish and they won.  Coincidence?  Yea, probably so.   Marcell Ozuna nad J.T. Ralmuto did manage to go yard, and they did so one after the other.

Padres 4, Pirates 5 F/12Scouts: How’s this for immediate return.  Sean Rodriguez who rejoined the team following a waiver trade with the Braves, smacked a walk-off home run in the 12th.


Rangers 5, Twins 6Prof:  Adrian Beltre and Joey Gallo tried, bless them, but their home runs couldn’t help them against a Twins team that is still out here trying to do something big in the AL Central. For Minnesota, Brian Dozier, Eddie Rosario, and Max Kepler hit home runs.

Blue Jays 6, Astros 7Scouts: Juan Centeno capped off a 4-run rally with a walk-off single delivering a stunning blow to the Blue Jays.


Mariners 8, Royals 7 (Game 1)Scouts: Nelson Cruz went yard twice.  Also homering was Danny Valencia and Kyle Seager.  KC mounted a comeback, but fell just shy in the 8th.

Mariners 1, Royals 9 (Game 2)Scouts: This time around it was the Royals with the power show.  Melky Cabrera, Whit Merrifield, and Eric Hosmer went deep for the Royals.

Nationals 9, Cubs 4Prof:  The Cubs know all about catchers hitting grand slams late in the game. This time, they were on the losing end of it. Matt Wieters crushed a big one off Carl Edwards Jr. to break the stalemate and lift Washington to a huge victory.


Phillies 3, Rockies 2Prof:  Philadelphia looked to be on the losing end again, but Cameron Rupp decided that he wasn’t going to be the one that lost the game for the Phillies. Rupp hit a two run double in the ninth inning, and the Phillies won an improbable comeback against a Colorado team that was 59-0 after leading in the eighth inning.

Athletics 11, Angels 10Scouts: Down 6 in the 7th, the A’s came storming back starting with Chad Pinder’s solo homer.  Khris Davis added a two run shot the following inning, part of a 5 run rally that left the Angels stunned.

Diamondbacks 3, Giants 6Scouts: Intentional Walks and Errors bit Arizona in the ass in this one.  One could almost say they were snake-bitten.  If one were so inclined.

Dodgers 8, Mets 0Prof:  Cody Bellinger has hit another home run. And water is wet. Bellinger cracked one for the second straight day, and your eventual NL Rookie of the Year continues to impress.


3 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/6/17

  1. Feesh fans remember how Dutch arrived in a trade in July of 1997 and put a charge into the team, instilling his hard nosed style of play and his fire and spirit and helped lead our guys to the World Series and the ’97 title. A few of us also knew how quirky and idiosyncratic he was, with personal interests in things like extraterrestrial intelligence (having found so little of it here) and reincarnation, bless him. RIP Dutch. We won’t forget what you meant to us.

    Oh yeah, and Scouts – nobody hits home runs “one after they other.” They hit them “back to back,” remember?

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  2. Well, in a few days me olde pal Dave from Sheffield (the same one, you will recall, I flew to Boston a couple of months ago to take him to a Borg-Beanbag game) will be heading down the M-1 to meet up for cricket at the Oval. Surrey vs. Sussex in a T20. Meanwhile yesterday I headed over to Camden Lock in search of a Cronus the Tarantula t-shirt of which, I fear, I found none. However, I did score a couple of t-shirts displaying Donald Trump with a Hitler mustache. Quite the resemblance, eh wot? I also found one for my Star Wars fan of a son-in-law with a picture of Yoda and the legend “Stupid you are. Breed you should not.” Here’s what the Lock looks like on a Sunday. Wall to wall people, so much so that the Camden tube station is “exit only” for a day and you have to walk a mile to the north or south to the Chalk Farm or Mornington Crescent station enter the system and get a train home again:

    By and large the t-shirt selection was kinda fallow this summer. I guess the folk are mentally exhausted from the Brexit battle, which, at least, brought about this wonderfully favorable exchange rate that permits some extra indulgence during our annual excursion to the mother country. Unfallow though was the selection of restaurants and food stalls. I dined merrily on Ethiopian cuisine just up Kentish Town Road from the Locks at Queen of Sheba, my old retainer for such delicacies as kategna, doro wat, altkilt wat and azifa. Oh the joys of eating with your hands those shreds of injeera saturated with fiery Berbere sauce! Take you Emily Post and shove it!

    By the way, here’s the Kennington Oval, one of the world’s great cricket stadiums. Technically, it’s called the Kia Oval now but while I was up at Camden Locks I also bought a pair of those special glasses that enable me to see the genuine names of the stadiums I visit right through their corporate overlays:

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  3. The 2017 battle of the upper Midwest commences in under an hour, as the Brewers come to town. I fear that there will be extra anger in their bats as their just over the border liquor stores feel the impact of a recent lifting of the ban of Sunday liquor store sales in Minnesota. Certainly, a certain liquor store in Hudson will no longer enjoy my patronage.

    Here they come!

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