He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/3/17

Scouts: I’ll be honest here.  It’s Friday and I’m burned out this week.  Ready for a nap.  So I’m going to take the day off and not try to come up with something to talk about here.  Instead I’ll do what every good American does and pass the buck on to you!  Have at it!

Tigers 7, Orioles 5Scouts: The start of the game was delayed due to rain.  Then they decided it’d be a good idea to start a game only to be forced to delay it once again in the top of the first.  I’m not sure who the weatherman on that one was but maybe it’s time to find a new day job.  Speaking of finding new day jobs, Chris Tillman lasted just 2 innings giving up 6 hits and 7 runs.  But the O’s turned a very pretty 6-4-3 triple play and I’m still wondering if James McCann fell down and took a nap somewhere in there because he was out by a good country mile.


Dodgers 7, Braves 4Prof:  The Braves called up Ozzie Albies on Wednesday. He got his first MLB hit last night, and it wasn’t just a little hopper up the middle. No sir. Albies’ first MLB hit was a monster homer that added three runs to Atlanta’s total for the night. Sadly, it didn’t help the Braves win, but it’s a good way to end the night if you’re a Braves fan to see someone so young accomplishing something pretty rad. Former Braves pitcher Alex Wood went six and got the win for the Dodgers.

Rangers 4, Twins 1Prof:  Here comes that man. Joey Gallo, a guy who either goes big or goes home, went big again. Gallo hit a three run bomb, and his season total thus far is 29. Gallo’s homer went approximately 430 feet.

Mariners 4, Royals 6Scouts: Brandon Moss went deep twice as the Royals snap a 3 game losing streak.  The Royals hold just a half a game lead over the Rays for the final Wild Card spot.


Phillies 4, Angels 5Scouts: The Halos mounted a 2 run comeback in the 8th starting off with Andrelton Simmons’ double.  Simmons would eventually score the go-ahead run off a wild pitch (whoops).  The best damn player in baseball contributed with a two run homer.

Diamondbacks 10, Cubs 8Prof:  Well, damn, Goldy! The Gritty Snakes’ first baseman went wild on Chicago and hit three home runs, including one that broke a stalemate in the ninth inning. One of his homers landed on Waveland Avenue. Pretty good night for Goldschmidt, don’t you think?


Mets 4, Rockies 5Prof:  The Mets can’t do anything right. To wit:  A BASES LOADED WALK TO NOLAN ARENADO LOST THEM THE GAME. What kind of crap is that? New York pitcher Hansel Robles said he started to have numbness in his pitching hand, and instead of asking Terry Collins to pull him, he continued to pitch. And because of not being able to feel the damn ball, Robles hit Jonathan Lucroy, walked Charlie Blackmon and DJ LeMahieu to load the bases, and then walked Arenado! That’s ridiculous! How bad is the Mets’ medical staff that a guy who can’t feel the freaking ball won’t ask them to take a look at his hand during a game? Yikes.


Reds 0, Pirates 6Scouts: Would it shock anyone to know that the Reds are now a whipping 20 games under .500?  It feels like just yesterday they were fighting for the division lead.

Rays 5, Astros 3Scouts: This one was all about the Souza.  Jr. that is.  Souza jacked a solo homer and knocked in the go-ahed two-run double in the 7th giving the Rays the series win.


Athletics 2, Giants 11Scouts: Ty Blanch went 8 strong innings holding the A’s to two runs and smacked his first career home run 416 feet.  Not a bad day’s work I’d say.

Cardinals 1, Brewers 2Prof:  Player of the game was Keon Broxton, who robbed a home run in the second and secured the win for the Brewers with a single in the fifth inning. Matt “Count Von Count” Garza came back from the DL and got himself a W.


White Sox 5, Red Sox 9Prof:  The Battle of the Laundry. Mookie Betts drove in two with a homer, while Andrew Benintendi reached base with each at bat. Rick Porcello snapped a personal losing steak with his first win since June.

Yankees 1, Indians 5Scouts: Corey Kluber with the gem.  Kluber picked up 11 strikeouts and gave up just one run on 3 hits while pitching a complete game.  It’s the 9th time in the last 10 games that Kluber has struck out 10 or more.

7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/3/17

  1. It may be true that Trout is the biggest star in baseball, but on the other hand he works for the biggest asshole in baseball. Yes, the biggest. Yes, I know we’ve got to figure Scrooge McLoria into the equation but I still believe Arte Moreno beats him off…er…out.

    The Feesh didn’t play last night and the dreary process of waiting for Scrooge McLoria to excrete or get orf his thalidomide cuisinart of a stadium continues. It feels less urgent from here where, on the brighter side, the sun came out today, however briefly, for the first time in three days in London the Magical. My London apartment has a splendid seventh floor terrace view over South Kensington and Chelsea, the latter neighborhood after which we named our daughter. It’s a very European view of church steeples, Victorian dark red brick apartment buildings and houses, garden courtyards and treetops and is perfectly angled to spare us much in the way of modern architecture. This afternoon, I had real fish and chips with malt vinegar, pickled onions and mushy peas and rounded the day off with a high tea featuring cucumber sandwiches, crumpets, scones and fresh brewed lapsang souchong. Did lots of walking the fabled streets. This weekend, lots of jazz and poached trout in white wine sauce at the 606 Club Next week, cricket at the Kennington Oval.

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    1. For about 6 months every other Sunday I was responsible for preparing never frozen cod for several hundred crazy ass Norwegians who would migrate after services from one of the foundational Lutheran Minneapolis churches to the Normandy Inn in downtown Minneapolis for an all you can eat fresh cod lunch. I portioned out the flown in fresh cod on a ban saw and placed them in a plastic wrap – tin foil pan air tight pan with each portion only being covered by a slab of butter and each 10 – 15 portion container including a single whole bay leave. Tasting that again is on my bucket list, and my bucket list ain’t no rhetorical abstract.

      You’ve probably already seen it, but I hope that you will enjoy this early developmental rendition from our favorite poet and that the much better musically one, utterly dependent on his lyrical genius, will bring you a couple of the same tears that it brings me.


      1. Did you hear the one about the Norwegian who loved his wife so much he almost told her? (Courtesy of Spider John Koerner, one of Bobby Zimmerman’s early sidemen on the country folk routes of the upper Midwest and still goin’ strong hisself).

        Yeah, my F&C yesterday was cod. The next dose will be skate, rock salmon or plaice. I don’t eat the stuff in Macondo because the version of “authentic” F&C they sell down there (get the underlying sense of alienation?) is usually made with tilapia. I firmly believe that anyone who advertises deep fried tilapia as “fish and chips” ought to join Martin Shkreli in his cell at Club Fed in a few months – not so much because they deserve prison, but because they deserve Martin Shkreli.


  2. Saturday morning special report: the Iron Giant clubbed two orffa Biggeth Dicketh, one of which went 477 feet before bouncing orf the batter’s eye in dead center of the Barves’ sterile new stadium, but the Feesh bungled away the game, 5-3, as usual when they play the Barves.

    Gotta go. It’s tea time.


  3. Lost weekend redux: well, even if London has changed dramatically since I lived here in the mid 80s – the counter at Sainsbury’s where I used to buy my beloved fried fish balls is now freighted with felafel – the Feesh I love most continue to find novel ways to lose despite the Iron Giant showing up for work every day. Dee Gordon seems to be lost in LaLa Land and has been making all kinds of mental mistakes, parking runners on the bases for Freddie Freeman and Nick Markakis to drive them in. The boolpen has been so awful that our “new closer” Brad Ziegler hasn’t had an opportunity to close since the A J Ramos sacrifice. Last night Don Straily gave up 2 runs in 6 innings while striking out 7, whereupon the outfield arsonists burped up 5 more and the Rainbow Warriors sank into defeat against the Barves again.

    Well. Last night found me at the 606 Club per usual, listening to tenor great Derek Nash and his otherworldly sidemen Pete Adams on piano and Phil Scragg on bass. If a great bassist is euphemized as a “monster” in jazz-speak, this guy is Shin Godzilla. Ohboy. I heard things last night I woke up thinking maybe I dreamed.

    Had an hilarious conversation about that blowhard Quisling buffoon in the White House this morning with some locals who picked up my accent at the cafe downstairs as I ordered breakfast. We wound up re-casting Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister with Paul Eddington as Trump, Derek Fowlds as Sean Spicer and Sir Nigel Hawthorne as Jeff Sessions.

    It plays.


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