He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/2/17

Prof: Oh my, I’m so glad it’s Thursday. Question – does anyone know much about mono, other than it’s called the kissing disease? How long is one contagious? How do you know that you have mono and not just a plain old cold? I have legitimate reasons for asking… Anyway, onto baseball.


Royals 0, Orioles 6Scouts: Jeremy Hellickson had a very strong Orioles debut, and don’t look now but the O’s are on a bit of a hot streak winning their last 5 and 11 of their last 16.  The O’s are set to face Detroit, LAA twice, Oakland twice, and Mariners over their next six series.

Reds 5, Pirates 2Scouts: Joaquin Benoit makes his Pittsburgh debut and promptly gives up the game losing home run to rookie Jesse Winker who just happens to have one of my favoritest baseball names.

Nationals 0, Marlins 7Prof:  Fun fact – my ex is the biggest Vance Worley fan that I know. So I think he would be happy with the result of this game, which saw Worley pitching seven innings, allowing only two hits, and getting his first W since May of last year! Player of the night was Dee Gordon, who pretty much did everything – stole bases, made a huge play on D, tripled, singled, and had an RBI.


Dodgers 3, Braves 5Prof:  AWWW YEAH BOYYYYYYYY, The Dodgers have a weakness and that weakness is called The Atlanta Braves! The Braves are the ONLY team this year to give the Dodgers multiple losses. And they did it again last night. Cody Bellinger tried his best, bless him, starting off the game with a home run to put the Dodgers on the board first. But then the Braves came back pretty strong, answering with a two run homer of their own.


Mariners 1, Rangers 5Scouts: Delino DeShields, Joeey Gallo, and Elvis Andrus slugged it out for the Rangers.  Gallo’s blast traveled 460 feet.

Diamondbacks 3, Cubs 0Scouts: Jake Arrietta was out pitched by Zach Goodley.  Both only gave up three hits and two walks, but Jake gave up one earned and one unearned run that was the difference maker.


Cardinals 5, Brewers 4Scouts: What happened in Milwaukee?  These guys looked unstoppable a month ago and now can’t even beat the Cardinals.  The Brew Crew is now just 3 games over .500 and 2.5 games behind the Cubbies.

Rays 3, Astros 0Prof:  I am not going to talk about the game, but I am going to talk about my new favorite feud, which is between the Rays’ star pitcher Chris Archer and my favorite green furry alien, Orbit. Orbit likes to needle and poke at one player and play up any kind of trollish, pranking hi-jinx. His former partner in feud was J.P. Arencibia, most memorably from jeering signs held up by the Houston mascot which read “J.P. Arencibia cried during “The Notebook”. It was only a matter of time before Orbit found a new victim, and Archer has stepped up his mascot trolling game. I am HERE FOR IT.


Mets 10, Rockies 5Scouts: Colorado jumped out to a 5-0 lead, then apparently decided to take the rest of the night off against the hapless Mets.  Except tonight they weren’t so hapless.  Tonight they mounted 10 unanswered runs including a 3 spot by Curtis Granderson.

Blue Jays 5, White Sox 1Prof:  Heyyyyyy J.A. Happ! Looking good out there, man! Happer fanned ten and helped the Blue Jays fly to victory. Must’ve been that hometown air (Happ is from Illinois and had a large cadre of family and friends at the game). Josh Donaldson and the newly unstoppable Steve Pearce hit home runs. I wonder when Pearce will start getting the Eric Thames Special from MLB?

Twins 5, Padres 2Prof:  Minnesota had a chance to Smell Baseball, and took it. Ervin Santana threw a complete game with only four hits, and also hit a two run single to help his cause as the Twins were able to climb back onto the winner’s podium for only the second time in the last nine games.


Phillies 7, Angels 0Scouts: Mike Trout, C.J. Cron, and Kaleb Cowart all went yard as part of a 7-run third-inning that had Jake Thompson looking for a warm blanket to hide under.


Athletics 6, Giants 1Scouts: Matt Moore gave up 4 runs on 6 hits over 5 innings and that’s about all I can say for this ballgame.

Tigers 2, Yankees 0Prof: Rain is everywhere it seems, at least here on the East Coast. Lots of the wet stuff poured down at Yankee Stadium. Once Detroit and New York got back on the field and finished up the game, the two teams had been on and off for nearly 7 1/2 hours. A little rough out there for Yankees’ pitcher Tanaka, who can’t seem to pitch during the day. He is currently rocking a daytime ERA of 12.15. Yikes! An error brought Mikie Mahtook home for the winning run.

Indians, Red Sox – PPD


6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/2/17

    1. Clever, badhair. You would think I might have noticed that first.

      Well, you knew the Astros had to have a slump at some point. Need to get those guys off the DL and get revved up again for the fall run.

      But that Pruitt kid seemed to be throwing some really confusing stuff. They were swinging six inches over it or popping it up all night.


  1. If there’s a more entertaining way to spend an evening than watching your team sleepwalk through an essentially meaningless game in August, I don’t want to know about it, because I’m not sure my aging body could take it.

    Seriously, the Nats played last night like a team that’s missing three opening day starters, along with having their top two rotation guys with injuries of questionable duration; there was an aroma of playing out the string with this team last night, and it showed in their only managing to send 28 guys to the plate all night.

    I hope they can play like they give a shit this weekend, since they’re in Chicago to face the surging Cubs. I know the NL East race is all over but the shouting, but for all that home field advantage matters in the playoffs, only 5 1/2 games separate the Nats and the Cubs right now, and if those two are going to square off in October, I’d like there to be three games here, not there.


  2. Night cap I suppose.

    Waiting for the Twins game to start and through a terrible first inning start, I came across a wonderful 1920’s something rendition of I Ain’t got Nobody. I tried without success to find it and post it here. I did find a 1916 rendition, not good enough, but good enough to show that some things have stayed the same from there unto now.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Can I assume this is an opened ended forum where we can come clean about how I think that the Sox are going to go down in 4 games? I’m not really making this prediction on any team we face. I just think, this isn’t our year.

    Can I also assume that the Ikea tables are fucking perfect! I never have more than 3 parts left over whilst missing 16 parts that I really fucking need!

    Thanks be to the Goddess of foreign goods for sheet metal screws! I just shoot them every where I think maybe will kinda line up.

    It’s absolutely atrocious to look at, but fuck me if it ain’t sturdy as hell.

    Really, it’s just me?

    Apropos of nothing, I am available for Ikea computer desk putting together. I have all the parts you don’t need, but none of the parts you do. Think of me as an ambassador for them, but with sheet metal screws!

    The splintered particle board WILL be a topic of discussion, and you’re welcome!


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