He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/31/17

Prof: BIG TRADES, PEOPLE. BIG OL’ TRADES! The Dodgers nabbed Yu Darvish, Boston snagged Addison Reed, and the Yankees got Sonny Gray. We’re locked and loaded. Today’s musical selections are people who sound like Elvis, but obviously aren’t. Why is that? Because we have a bunch of teams that want to be King, but are just imitations. Let’s go, fam.


Mariners 6, Rangers 4Scouts: Robinson Cano put the M’s ahead for good in the top of the 9th with a single that plated two runners.  The Rangers committed four, count them four errors and two balks.  Holy bejezus!

Royals 1, Orioles 2Prof:  Hey! Dem Birds won a game! The Royals jumped on the board first with a run scored by Lorenzo Cain off an Eric Hosmer double. But in the fifth inning, the Orioles came back and tied it up. Ninth inning heroics belong to Craig Gentry, who drove the winning run in.

Blue Jays 6, White Sox 7Scouts: No Grand Slams for the Jays today, in fact, today the Blue Jays were on the other end of a walk-off.  Matt Davidson singled in the winning run to cap off a 6-0 comeback victory that started in the 7th.


Braves 6, Phillies 7Prof:  The Barves got swept by the Phillies. The Phillies. Swept. By a team that currently owns a 39-64 record. I’m going to gag. I will say that Atlanta tried hard to come back, after coughing up four runs in the third inning. Freddie went yard, because that’s what Frederick C. Freeman does.

Tigers 3, Yankees 7Scouts: Aaron Judge hit number 34 and Luis Severino struck out 8 over 5.  The Tigers threatened by loading the bases in the 9th, but Aroldis Chapman came in and shut it down.

Giants 5, Athletics 8Scouts: This game was all tied up until Marcus Semien decided to jack his second career grand slam in the 6th.

Rays 7, Astros 14Scouts: It’s the Jake Marisnick hour!  Now featuring two home-runs!  5 RBI’s!  And we’ll even throw in a double as a bonus for signing up right now!


Indians 2, Red Sox 6Prof:  Doug Fister broke his personal losing streak. The Magical Disabled List of Cleve is still chock full of impact players like Jason Kipnis and Lonnie Chisenhall. Mookie Betts was the offensive player of the game for Boston.

Nationals 1, Marlins 0Prof:  We were really close to a no-hit bid by Gio Gonzalez last night, but it was broken up in the ninth inning by Dee Gordon. Sean Doolittle gets the save. Yesterday would have been Jose Fernandez’s birthday. Gio was a good friend of his. The Nationals’ starting pitcher, along with Bryce Harper, requested an audience with El Keed’s girlfriend and infant daughter.



3 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/31/17

  1. What are we gonna do Lieutenant?
    What are we gonna do Lieutenant?
    What are we gonna do Lieutenant?

    We’re gonna lock and load, private, and then we’re gonna go out there and kihhh….kihhhh….ummm, hmmmm….


    The Feesh had lucky recourse to the good orifices of Dee Gordon last night to stave orf a no-hitter by Gio Gonzalez, who was pitching in self-conscious tribute to his late amigo El Keed on what would have been his 25th birthday. Jose Urena pitched a terrific game of his own, a three hitter, but came orf on the ignominious end of a 1-0 score. In the stands were Fernandez’ 5 month old daughter Penelope, her mom Maria Arias, and El Keed’s mom and abuela. Fortunately, children are horrible, which along with the vehicular manslaughter charge El Keed died to avoid helped cut through the sentimentality a bit.

    At the trade deadline the Feesh sat on their thumbs, hanging on to presumptive sacrificial goats Dee Gordon (heh, heh), A J Ellis and Dan Straily until the time is ripe for another set of boneheaded trades.

    I leave for the airport in about three hours to catch my great silver bird to my other hometown, London, for the next couple of weeks. Here’s where I’ll be hanging out most nights if you want to get in touch (nyuknyuknyuk): http://www.606club.co.uk/

    PS the band listed on the web site called The Coalminers used to be called Arthur Scargill and the Coalminers. Traditions linger….

    PPS – I’m reading several bios of Shoeless Joe Jackson, Judge Landis, Ring Lardner and Charley Comiskey and should return home with a spanking new set of book reviews about the 2016 elec…heh heh, I mean, the 1919 Black Sox scandal. So, there’ll be something for you all to look forward to through the dawg daze of August.

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