He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/30/17

Prof: Yesterday was a busy day for baseball! We had the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. We had a couple of decent trades, one of which was Jonathan Lucroy to the Rockies for a PtBNL. And we had a guy in Adrian Beltre who put another notch in his own Hall of Fame worthy career by recording his 3,000 hit! What else happened yesterday? Read on to find out.



Astros 1, Tigers 13Scouts: Um, Houston, this isn’t supposed to happen.  (Notice how I skipped the problem pun there?  You’re welcome.)  Justin Upton went 4-5 with a grand slam and 6 RBI.  Lance McCullers Jr has given up 5+ in two consecutive games.  It was so bad they let first baseman Tyler White pitch.  He did not fare so well.


Reds 6, Marlins 4Prof:  Rough stuff for the Feesh, who saw Marcell the Damned smack a three run homer but it didn’t mean much in the long run. Tucker Barnhart had three RBI in this Cincinnati win.

Braves 1, Phillies 2 Prof:  Last week, the Braves stood toe to toe with the best team in the National League. Last night, they were demolished once again by the worst team in all of baseball. What gives? A friend of mine talked about it with me on Twitter. We think that the Phanatic is putting some kind of sleeping powder in the Braves’ cheesesteaks. Anyway, young Freddy Galvis was the player of the game for Philadelphia – he saved a run, and also hit a bases-loaded single to win the game.

Royals 5, Red Sox 3Scouts: KC is sure on a hot streak as of late.  In June and July the team has gone 33-18 and is seemingly unstoppable just two games out of first place in the division.  A 4 run 8th sparked by an error helped cap the series against the Sox.

Rockies 10, Nationals 6 (Game 1),  Rockies 1, Nationals 3 (Game 2) – Prof:  They split the doubleheader! Here are your highlights: In game one, it was all Rockies, all the time. Charlie Blackmon hit four singles, DJ LeMahieu had two doubles, and Nolan Arenado had three hits as well. In game two, Adam Lind and Brian Goodwin hit homers in the fifth inning and Sean Doolittle got his third save of his Nats career.

Giants 2, Dodgers 3Scouts: Kyle Farmer who had never batted in the big boy league in his life, stepped up with 1 down and men on first and second and promptly laced a ball into right for the game winning double.  The Giants managed to blow this game not once but twice.


Rays 5, Yankees 3Scouts: You cant’ win them all.  The Yankees went for the 4 game sweep, but 1-11 with RISP typically equates to a loss.

Angels 10, Blue Jays 11Prof:  What if I told you that a guy has never hit two walk-off grand slams in the same week? You would definitely believe it, right? Because that’s ridiculous, right? Well, it has happened now. Steve Pearce hit his second walk-off grand slam in less than a week, and the Blue Jays defeated the Angels with a huge ninth-inning comeback! Toronto scored seven runs in that last inning to defeat Los Angeles. Impressive!


Cubs 4, Brewers 2Prof:  The Cubs have taken their place as NL Central leaders, and they are now are ahead of the interloping Brewers by 2 1/2 games. Milwaukee has a problem with leaving men stranded on base, which is why they probably lost this game, too. Kris Bryant hit his 20th home run of the season.

Indians 1, White Sox 3Prof:  The Magical Land of Cleve has their winning streak broken by the retooling White Sox. Josh Tomlin started the game, and started strong, but had to be pulled due to a light hammy injury.

Diamondbacks 2, Cardinals 3Scouts: Jose Martinez provided all the offense the Cards needed hitting a two-run home run and a RBI single to finish the come-from-behind victory.

Orioles 10, Rangers 6Prof:  The Rangers might have lost the game against the Orioles, but it was a milestone evening for Adrian Beltre. His 3,000th hit was a hard hit double in the fourth inning. Otherwise, this was all about the O’s. Home runs were crushed by Jonathan Schoop and Welington Castillo.


Twins 5, Athletics 6 F/12Scouts: The Twins blew a 5 run lead and just watched as Yonder Alonso’s walk-off home run sailed over the fence in the 12th.

Mets 1, Mariners 9Scouts: James Paxton is now 11-3 and finishes July with a 6-0, 1.37 ERA and given up just 6 runs in 39.1 IP.

Pirates 7, Padres 1Scouts: It was all about Andrew McCutchen who went deep thrice against the Padres.

16 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/30/17

  1. The Twins acquired Jamie Garcia for a low A ball prospect. They start him Friday and get their only win of the weekend. On Saturday night they trade him to the Yankees for what appear to be stat wise a very good AA pitching prospect and a very good AAA pitching prospect. A major component of the trade was the Twins willingness to pay the remainder of Garcia’s 2017 salary minus the MLB minimum, about 4 million dollars. The Twins are buying prospects from the Yankees?

    The Gods must be drunk.

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  2. Hi Gang.

    Just returned from a week-long vacation in Arizona. Saw a lot of natural beauty, learned that Arizona has a monsoon season (it rained nearly every day we were there, and it sure as hell wasn’t a dry heat), watched John McCain deliver a final “Fuck You” to President Trump, and could only really follow baseball from afar, save for last weekend.

    We didn’t plan it specifically, but since my beloved Nats were in town while we were, we got tickets to go see them play the Diamondbacks last Sunday, the day Strasburg left after two innings with his latest “minor” injury. I’ve got to say that Chase Field is an interesting place to see a game, especially when the roof is closed. It sounds odd, but the word I’d use to describe the joint is “intimate”, as it’s a big field but it feels like a small stadium. There’s practically no seating beyond the outfield walls, and the upper decks are steeply sloped and relatively close to the field; I’ve never seen more foul balls go into the upper decks between 1st and 3rd as I did on that day, and we, with seats directly behind home plate at field level, got nothing.

    Other than that, with the Nats being home and Arizona being on Pacific time right now, I had to rely on the occasional MLB app update to let me know how things were going; I gotta say that it’s a weird feeling to know that your team has hit eight home runs before you’ve had lunch, but I got to feel that feeling on Thursday when the Nats played the Brewers in a game that started at 12:05PM ET.

    Made it back to town yesterday in time to see most of the split doubleheader. First game was a slog, and in the second game we got to see the Dr. Jekyll version of Edwin Jackson again, as he’s so far alternated two such starts sandwiched around a Mr. Hyde performance last week in his role as 5th starter for now.

    One final day off for me today, so I’ll putter around the house and keep an eye on trade deadline news. I like what the Nats have done so far, but I’d still like to see them get at least one more bullpen piece.

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  3. Among the noteworthy events of yessirday – the Feesh’s boring loss to Luis Castillo, the hot pitching prospect they traded for Dan Straily whom they are now trying to trade for someone else’s hot pitching prospect in another Front Orifice de-cluesifier not being among them – the Cubs awarded Steve Bartman an official 2016 World Series ring replete with exchanges of pithful mutual recognizance. It was an uber-classy move by an organization in many ways too good for the classless fans who gave Bartman such a hard time for years. One attempts to think of an equally selfless gesture by the Feesh and…and…and…pop! Sizzle! Fritzzzzzzz!.

    In other cocktail party factoids, the foul mouthed lowlife who was supposed to become the foul mouthed lowlife in the White House’s new communications director was dumped like one of Scrooge McLoria’s managers today after only two weeks on the job. It was, ackcherley, the second time Anthony Scaramucci was dumped in the past five days. The first time was by his wife.

    So it goes.

    Finally, it was revealed today that one of our finest playwrights, rock drummers and most interessin’ actors, Pulitzer prize winner Sam Shepard, died last week at 73 of complications from ALS. RIP.

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    1. I hope that we shall now find out what happens when the boy president finds out that his new four star Marine Corp general chief of staff is contemptuously unafraid of him. And I’ve always thought that baseball is so weird.



      1. Heh. Yeah, and I forgot to mention that Trump also canned Rancid Penis as his chief of staph infection last week. Looks like American voted for a surreality show in the White House.

        Da wife and I leave for London tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what our English friends and relatives make of the situation over here.


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