He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/27/17

Prof:  I told y’all that Aaron Blair was going to get shipped back to Gwinnett! Also joining him down at the Braves AAA affiliate is Dansby Swanson. I’m cool with it. Dansby is in a slump, and sometimes when you’re in a slump like that, you gotta work through it. Brian Snitker, the current Braves manager (dear God, please, don’t let him be the future Braves manager), has this thing about playing old as [redacted] dudes and leaving young guys who actually NEED to get their reps in riding the pine. It’s terrible. So sending Dansby down to Gwinnett means he will probably be able to play every day or pretty close to it, and hopefully this will get him back to his 2016 self. It’s very few folks who can jump right into the majors from school without any minor league experience (which is what happened with Dansby. I’ll be the first to say that the Braves rushed him up way too soon).

Have a good weekend, fam!


Rays 5, Yankees 6 F/11Scouts: Grett Gardner setup the tie with a lead-off triple to start the 9th, then smacked a walk-off homer in the 11th.  I’d say he’s probably pretty proud of himself right about now.

Brewers 2, Nationals 15Prof:  Wow. Poor Michael Blazek got lit up with no mercy whatsoever by the Nationals, who crushed his spirit and back to back to back to back homers in this ridiculous little league game at Nationals Park. The Nats hit eight homers total, including the four consecutive home runs in the third inning (with one more later on for good measure). Poor Blazek was being shelled like it was batting practice; it was his first ever start after spending well over 100 games pitching relief. Looks like he’s going to not start again for a while.


Angels 1, Indians 2 Prof:  Drone enthusiast Trevor Bauer got his paycheck last night, going a full eight innings, and Francisco delicious Lindor truffle broke the tie (and won the game) with a single in the seventh.


Reds 1, Marlins 4Scouts: Giancarlo Stanton didn’t hit a homer for the first time in about 23 games.  To be fair, he was walked three times.  Didn’t matter as the Feesh still got the win.

Mets 5, Padres 7Scouts: Padres got a pair of homers by a pair of rookies, Manuel Margot and Dusty Coleman off of Met’s rookie starter who gave up 4 runs in 3 innings in his MLB debut.


Athletics 4, Blue Jays 8 F/10  – Prof:  That’s how you end a game – with a salami! The charcuterie was provided by Steve Pearce. Toronto swept the A’s. Also notable was that three Blue Jays were ejected in this game. The manager, John Gibbons, was tossed for arguing balls and strikes. Later in that same inning, pitcher Marcus Stroman and catcher Russell Martin were ejected for the same reason. Stroman had to be held back by his catcher and a bench coach. Makes you wonder… was the home plate ump THAT bad?


Cubs 6, White Sox 3Scouts: FOUR!  That’s the sound of the bats go boom!  6 homers in this game as no one could keep the ball in the yard.

Diamondbacks 4, Cardinals 0Prof:  Another grand slam wins the game, and this one provided all of the offense needed as the Gritty Snakes defeated the Redbirds. Arizona is thanking Detroit for the gift of J.D. Martinez, who has been a fireball for them. He was the one who hit the slam.


4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/27/17

  1. Maybe Dansby needs a sit-down meeting with Mark Grace about how to bust a slump.

    It’s the last weekend before the non waiver trade deadline. JV is scheduled to pitch for the Tigers on Sunday. Wonder what the odds are that he’ll still be a Tiger by then?

    Heading off to Yooper land tomorrow for a week of waterfalls, kayaking, hiking and pasties with as little electronic distraction as possible. Hope everyone has great week.
    I’ll leave my choice of Willie on the way out.


    1. Oh, I hope you’re having lots of fun there. Psst, JV is still here and had a good day — both Justins did, actually.

      Here’s one in honor of Max Scherzer:


  2. I gotta hope that baseball gets way weirder than it ever has before. The Indians are starting to play like the defending American League champions at the same time that the Twins are playing like a team with only two decent starters and an eroding bullpen. The Twins start newly acquired Jamie Garcia tonight against Oakland. If the favor of the Gods does not start to shine on them now it will be too late to matter when and if it does.

    Looks like you’re the only one that will have to suffer this Spartan:


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