He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/23/17

Prof:  Did you have a great weekend? My regular date and I went to see the new Christopher Nolan movie, “Dunkirk”. Beautiful. Absolutely stunning. I suggest you see it if you are a fan of beautifully shot, well acted, and thought provoking films. I am not going to spoil anything – not that you can spoil a battle that happened decades ago – but I will just say that Tom Hardy continues to be the king of acting with a mask on. Everything about this was stunning. What I liked about it was that, unlike a great many other World War II films, this had a sense of the hopelessness, the claustrophobia, the futility of war without being pornographically violent. A great, nearly documentary style work of pure vision. I highly recommend it to you all. I’ll probably go see it again soon, because as always with a Christopher Nolan work, you have to see it twice to really get all of the quiet touches he puts into his films.



Blue Jays 1, Indians 8Prof:  You cannot destroy the Klubot. You cannot counteract him. One can only hope to contain him. The Blue Jays weren’t able to contain Corey Kluber, and he struck out 14 batters. His coworkers pulled their weight, including a two run homer from Michael Brantley. The Magical Land of Cleve now have a .500 record at home for the year, and Toronto is dead last in the division.


Marlins 3, Reds 6Scouts: Tom Koehler allowed homers to Scooter Gennett, Eugenio Suarez, and Tucker Barnhart all in the first 5.2 innings.

Astros 7, Orioles 9Scouts: In a back and forth game filled with not much pitching the O’s found themselves on top in the end.  Zach Britton recorded his AL-record 55th consecutive save.


Brewers 3, Phillies 6Prof:  The Phillies got a good showing out of Howie Kendrick. A rough day for Milwaukee, who has seen their hold on the NL Central leaderboard loosen in the last few days. Now they are pretty much tied with the Cubs for control of the division, and things aren’t looking too good right now.

Tigers 9, Twins 6Scouts: This game was decided in the latter three innings, when 11 of the game’s 15 runs were scored.


White Sox 4, Royals 5Scouts: It’s been a little while since we had a walk-off hasn’t it?  Brandom Moss doubled down the right-field line to score Lorenzo Cain to give the KC faithful a fun-day Sunday.


Pirates 3, Rockies 13Prof:  Whew! This was an offensive nightmare for Pittsburgh. The Rockies hit enough in the third inning alone to win the game, along with a solo blast from Charlie Blackmon in the fifth, but the sixth inning? Well… Trevor Story hit a two run homer. Pat Valaika hit a two run homer. Nolan Arenado hit an RBI single to bring home my boy DJ LeMahieu. Then, Mark Reynolds hit a home run to bring Arenado in as well! Reynolds also hit a homer in the eighth.

oprah you get a car

Red Sox 2, Angels 3Scouts: Parker Bridwell held the Sox to just 2 runs over 7 innings.  Rick Porcello went the distance, but gave up solo homers to Andrelton Simmons, Mike Trout, and Luis Valbuena.

Padres 5, Giants 2Prof:  The San Francisco Giants are in last place in the NL West. Let that sink in. When was the last time that happened? Does anyone remember? I don’t. I know I was alive for it, but I just don’t remember it happening. For the Padres, they have a good thing going with young Wil Myers, who keeps blasting homers against the Giants in every meeting they have.

Yankees 6, Mariners 4Scouts: NY rallied in the 6th to come from behind and to cap off a 11 game road trip with their 6th win.

Braves 4, Dodgers 5 F/10Prof:  The Big Story of this game, and of baseball in general, is that Clayton Kershaw left early in the game with a lower back injury. Hopefully, he’ll be back to world domination soon. For a minute, it looked like the Braves were going to shock the world and take two from LA, but alas. Jim Johnson happened. I mean, they even had Kenley Jansen on the ropes! But no. No, JJ had to walk Cody Bellinger to load the bases and leave no room for error. Thanks, bud.


Nationals 6, Diamondbacks 2Prof: The second Big Story of the night was the early exit and apparent injury to Stephen Strasburg. Unlike Kershaw, Stras has been dealing with a vague soreness in his arm, and it’s a lingering sort of pain that has been getting gradually more and more uncomfortable. It’s smart for him to take a bit of time to see what’s up with his arm. Not that the Nats needed Stras in last night’s game. Washington was able to get the jump on Robbie Ray, who allowed four runs in the first inning alone.

Cardinals 3, Cubs 5Scouts: Jose Quintana pitched well enough to get the win.  Willson Contreras and Kyle Schwarber went deep as Michael Wacha did not bring his A game.

Athletics 3, Mets 2Prof:  It’s do or die time for the Mets. Are they going to have a huge yard sale? Is your favorite team going to be able to pick up, say, a Jay Bruce or an Addison Reed pretty cheap from New York in the next couple of weeks? One thing is certain, they continue to get valuable play from Michael Conforto, who hit a home run for this beleaguered team.

Rangers 6, Rays 5Prof:  Rougned Odor hit two home runs, and Carlos Gomez hit a bomb in the eighth inning as well, and in doing so Texas swept the Sea Creatures. Joey Gallo hit a home run, too! Chicks dig the long ball, you guys.

4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/23/17

  1. The Hog-Nosed Rays gave up 3 run leads twice, and a 2 run lead once in the late innings of the Rangers onslaught, thereby earning their series loss.


    1. To be true Hognosed Rays, they have to puff up when brushed back and then flop over and play dead when the umpire isn’t impressed.


  2. The Twins are now only one game above 500 after entering the all star break four games above 500, and they have slipped back into third place. If we’ve already seen this season’s high water mark, for me that will be the bottom of the seventh of last night’s game. The Twins loaded the bases. The final out of the inning turned out to be Escobar (or as Torrii Hunter calls him “Mighty Mouse”). He had homered earlier and had he worked his way on base the game would have been at least tied with none other than this generation’s Killebrew at the plate. He succumbed after a 13 pitch at bat. Something happened to my TV during the at bat because the sunshine seemed brighter and smoke got in my eyes as Target Field rocked to the chant of GO TWINS GO GO TWINS GO!! on every pitch. However things turn out, I now have no complaints about this season.

    Histro were you watching? Did you have mixed feelings?


  3. Tom Koehler took the heap for the Feesh and then took his usual pasting, barfing up five runs in five innings to the otherwise hapless Cincinnati Reds. Why this guy hasn’t been DFA’d yet is a mystery to me. Poor Jeff Locke is all alone out there.

    Meanwhile, Joey Votto continues to play like a pod person instead of his murderous old self. He looked totally lost at the plate. I even thought I heard him point at Tom Koehler and cry Chhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiii!


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