He Said, She Said – Recaps For 7/29/2017

Prof is still a little under the weather, so today we are going to listen to a few of my favorite songs from childhood mostly because well I’m in charge of this bitch and I say so!  There’s going to be a bunch of these because quite frankly, once I went down that YouTube hole I couldn’t stop.  Man I really, really miss growing up as a kid waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch Cartoons all day with a giant bowl of sugar based cereal.  Those were the days.  I think I’m going to have to spend the rest of the day over at http://www.retrojunk.com/.




Cubs 8, Braves 2Scouts: The Cubs have come out of the break on a bit of a winning streak, aided by a pair of terrible teams, although the win may have ended up being quite costly.  Kris Bryant left the game early with a left pinkie sprain.  Hopefully he’s able to recover quickly.

Phillies 10, Marlins 3Scouts: The Phillies racked up 20 hits against the Stinky Fish.  Nick Williams picked up not one but two triples, while Daniel Nava went 4-5.  Giancarlo Stanton picked up his 30th home run, the fastest ever by a Marlin.


Yankees 1, Twins 6Scouts: A 6 run 2nd did Jordan Montgomery and the Yankees in, capped by a 3 run blast by Miguel Sano.

Mariners 4, Astros 1Scouts: James Paxton is making quite a living shutting down the Astros this season, allowing just 1 run over the past 20 innings.  Thankfully for them he’s not likely to be pitching in the playoffs.


Padres 4, Rockies 18Scouts: Holy shit, this is the sort of game that makes you want to start wishing it was Football or Hockey season if you are a Padres fan.  Thing is, even if you were there’s no real solace living in San Diego.  At least the weather is freaking perfect 364 days a year.  Nolan Arenado went 5-6 with three freaking home-runs.  Charlie Blackmon was 3-3 with a HR, Gerardo Parra was 4-5, Trevor Story 3-4 and a HR, Ryan Hanigan 3-4.  Clayton Richard gave up 11 runs on 14 hits over 3.2 innings.  Oof.


Rays 2, Athletics 7Scouts: Sonny Gray gave his potential suitors a pretty good show racking up 6 strikeouts over 6.1 innings and limiting 7 hits to just two runs.

Giants 5, Indians 4Scouts: Real tough loss by the Indians as the team had a 2 run lead in the 8th before a error set off a 3 run inning by the Giants.  These are the sort of games that you look back at the end of the year to explain why you just missed the playoffs.


Brewers 2, Pirates 3 F/10Scouts: A bloop single in the 9th to tie and a bloop in the 10th to win it, and the Brewers after losing the last three against Pittsburgh is clinging to a 4 game lead for dear life.

Rangers 2, Orioles 10Scouts: I feel like that scene in Major League where Lou Brown explains to his team what a winning streak is really applies here.  Maybe the team has a giant poster of Peter Angelos in a thong that they are slowly pealing away with each victory.  I’m not sure what is more shocking, that the the offense is finally looking like the offense they should be, or that Kevin Gausman didn’t pitch like total ass.  Trey Mancini my new favorite child picked up a three run triple leading a 7 run 7th.  Jonathan Schoop,  finished the game with three hits and is enjoying a breakout season.


Arisona 3, Reds 4 F/11Scouts: Adam Duvall got to play the hero stepping up in the 11th with the bases juiced to hit a walk-off single snapping a 5 game losing streak.


Cartinals 3, Mets 7Scouts: 7 runs in the first two innings for the lolMets, Mike Leake sprung a well…that’s just too damn easy.   Jacob deGrom who I’m surprised to hear is still not only pitching but is a Met shut down the Cards for the first 6.2 innings.


Blue Jays 1, Red Sox 5Scouts: Drew Pomeranz has bounced back from a rough start of the season, just as things started to turn around for the Sox in general.  Coincidence?  Maybe not.  After sporting a 4.15 ERA in April and a 4.30 in May, Drew’s posted a 3.0 in June and a 2.55 in July.  Coupled with getting David Price back and Chris “I’m the biggest asshole in baseball” Sale, things are looking pretty sweet for the Sox at the moment.

Dodgers 9, White Sox 1 F/7.5Scouts: The game was called early due to rain, after a 38 min delay with two down in the 8th, the White Sox decided they had enough and wanted to go to bed.  Can’t say as I blame them.  The Dodgers continue their home run dominance hitting 4 in this contest.


Tigers 3, Royals 4Scouts: #Blastellanos couldn’t help the Tigers in this one as the bullpen blew another one giving up a two-run homer in the 9th to Mikie Mahtook, a name I’m not a huge fan of typing out.  Go ahead try it.  It’s not so easy.

Nationals 0, Angels 7Scouts: Mike Trout and company came up the victory in this one.  Of course Bruce, Royce, and Bruce Harper all sat this one out, so it really wasn’t a fair fight.  Alex Meyer held the Nats to just a single hit over 7 innings.  Gio did not have his best stuff, giving up 4 runs on 5 hits over 5.2 innings, then leaving to watch Joe Blanton pull his best Ubaldo Jimenez impersonation.

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 7/29/2017

  1. This is the first home series win the Twins have gotten against the Borg since…2008, and the first ever at Target Field.



  2. While some has-been corporately owned sites update their design to look futuristic, F-I truly goes futuristic by giving re-caps for 7/29 on 7/20. That’s the kind of info that helps betting inclined fans make smart investment decisions!

    Tigers/Royals featured 2 9th inning blown saves. The Mikie Mahtook was FOR the Tigers vs the KC pen. Justin Wilson dinged his trade value and blew the save for the Tigers with a walk, a double (going to 3rd on the throw home) and a sac fly.

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  3. In 2011, the Nats first three picks in the Rule IV draft (the proper name for the draft of high school and college players) were: Alex Meyer, Anthony Rendon, and Brian Goodwin. Meyer was later traded to the Senators, version 1, netting Denard Span in return, before finding his way to the Anaheim Angels of Orange County, California, and giving the Nats a dose last night of what maybe might’ve been.

    Meyer allowed only two baserunners – a walk to Rendon in the 5th, and a double by Goodwin in the 6th (there went the no-hitter) – and his bullpen allowed none, so it wasn’t exactly a banner day for the Curly Ws, but get ’em next time and all that…


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