He Said, She Said – Recaps For 7/18/2017

Trades, Trades, and more Trades!  This year is really shaping up to be an active one.  The deadline is no where near and we already have a lot of movers and shakers, and even more rumors to be had!  Who’s the next team to make a major move?  Will it be the Dodgers?  The Orioles?  Are the Red Sox going to get moving?  Buy!  Sell!


Brewers 3, Pirates 4Scouts: Junior Guerra was cruising along until the 6th happened, and man did the wheels fall off on this one.  Guerra gave up 4 in the innning including homers to Francisco Cervelli and Josh Harrison.  David Freese drove in the winning run as the Brewers watched as Felipe Rivero struck out with the game winning run in scoring position.

Rangers 1, Orioles 12Scouts: Daaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyum.  I remember a time when the Orioles were actually good and looked to be a team to threaten a move in the playoffs.  Then the Nationals happened and they imploded like I’ve never seen a team implode before.  It was so incredibly painful I had to take over a week off from even following the team because honestly, who the fuck wants to watch your team give up 8+ runs in the first three innings literally every night?  Tonight we got a reminder of who the team used to be.  Good pitching by Dylan Bundy and boom boom boom by the bats.  Chris Davis went deep twice including a grand slam.  Trey Mancini and Seth Smith also went yard.  I was really happy I tuned in for this one.  Better savor it.


D-Backs 11, Reds 2Scouts: Arizona’s offense lit up in excitement over acquiring some J.D.  Sal Romano gave up 6 runs in just 4 innings.

Phillies 5, Marlins 2Scouts: Maikel Franco jacked a go-ahead shot in the 8th and the Phillies added two insurance in the 9th to close out the Feesh who can’t seem to get sold fast enough.  Come on Jeets, get it done already!


Cardinals 5, Mets 0Scouts: The Mets had as many hits as they had errors.  3.  LO friggen L.

Blue Jays 4, Red Sox 5 F/15Scouts: It took 15 damn innings to settle this one.  Hanley Ramirez walked it off with a solo shot over the Green Monster.  Toronto thought they had it in the bag in the 11th, only to watch the bullpen blow it on a 2 out Mookie Betts 2-out RBI double.


Cubs 5, Braves 1Scouts: A 2.5 hour rain delay couldn’t slow down John Lackey and the Cubs who cruised to their 5th consecutive victory.

Ddogers 1, White Sox 0Scouts: Do you ever think opponents don’t even want to bother getting out of bed on the days that Kershaw pitches?  Kershaw picked up his 15th win going 7 scoreless.  Orioles throw-away Miguel Gonzalez pitched very well in the loss.

Yankees 6, Twins 3Scouts: Bartolo’s debut didn’t go so well for the Twins, as the Yankees not only got the win but pulled off a pretty big trade acquiring Todd Frazier, David Robertson, and Tommy Kahnie from the White Sox for Tyler Clippard and additional prospects.  Looks like it’s going to be a VERY active year in the trade market!


Mariners 2, Astros 6Scouts: Evan Gattis went deep twice and Brad Peacock picked up 9, count them 9 K’s.  Carlos Correa is expected to be out 6-8 weeks, so we will need to see more of everyone stepping up like this.

Tigers 9, Royals 3Scouts: Nicholas Castellanos hit a pair of homers, a single, and a triple fueling a Detroit come-back after falling down 3-0 in the first.

Padres 7, Rockies 9Scouts: Pitching wasn’t exactly on showcase here as this one went back-and-forth starting with 3 runs each in the very first inning.  Colorado ended up on top, however they will need to larn to shut down lesser teams if they plan on making a serious run at it this fall.


Rays 4, Oakland 3Scouts: I really want to hate on Tampa right now, but holy crap they are just 2 games out of first and are in second friggen place in the division.  It feels like just yesterday they were fighting with Toronto for last place.  The world has gone all Topsy-turvy on me!  TB came back to score two runs in the 9th with two outs to pull this one out.

Nationals 4, Angels 3Scouts: This one was pretty much Bryce vs Trout and Bryce came out on top.  Both hit a homer, but Bryce ended up 4-4 with two runs scored and the Nats just can’t be stopped.


Indians 1, Giants 2 F/10Scouts: It took this one a little extra to finally get resolved when Conor Gillaspie lead off the inning with a double.  Denard Span beat out a bunt hit, allowing Eduardo Nunez to play the hero with a walk-off single to end the game.

7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 7/18/2017

  1. Word is that the Orange County Register really played up the Harper vs. Trout thing. The Nats’ TV guys were talking about the several page feature during the broadcast last night, and they said one thing that really stuck out to them was a quote from Andrelton Simmons, who basically said that the difference in the two players is that Trout is always either hot or kind of hot, while Simmons has seen Harper hot, cold, and in-between. I think that’s a fair assessment of Harper; I don’t get to see Trout on a regular basis, and I can’t believe he never slumps, but if you told me I could only have one of them, I’d take whichever one you didn’t.

    Aside from the first inning pyrotechnics from both players, Harper’s 4-4 was almost a cycle, but he got thrown out at second trying to stretch a single; play was close, and the Nats challenged, but he was out.

    As for the Nats’ pitching, last night’s duties were handled by three guys who weren’t on the roster as of Monday. Edwin Jackson started and looked really good, so he’ll hang around as the 5th starter for a while, I’m sure. Ryan Madson followed and pitched a spotless eighth, and then Sean Doolittle got handed the ninth. It was clear that Doolittle was amped up, and he was also wearing the same uniform number as the recently execrable Trevor Gott, and both factors likely contributed to his shaky but ultimately successful outing.

    How shaky, you might ask? Well, he entered the game on a streak of retiring the first guy he faced in each game all year, and he promptly walked C.J. Cron on four pitches. After a fielder’s choice, he gave up a double off the wall to the left-handed hitting Kole Calhoun, marking the first hit he surrendered to a lefty all year. That made it 2nd and 3rd, one out, 4-2 ballgame, and Mike Trout at the plate, to be followed by Albert Pujols. Doolittle got a fielder’s choice and a flyout to end it, and so became the eleventy-sixth guy to get a save for the Nats this year.

    I’m not a fan of late night west coast games, but I’ll take the win.


  2. Damn, I wish those kids would stop sliding headfirst into bases. It’s hard to see the Astros blowing a 16-game lead with 68 remaining. But I hate to go 8 weeks withut Correa.


  3. You’re right about the Feesh can’t be sold fast enough. The stink from the decomposition of the Scrooge McLoria machine is worse than a five day old herd of beached pilot whales. We’re hearing trade rumors here too but with Martin Prado on his third DL stint of the season, one of our (supposedly) beeg cheeps is prolly orf the table for the nonce.

    I’m still in Laredo at my conference through the end of the week. You talk about a liminal culture! The crackers, jingoists and Trump dummies in Macondo who bellyache about “why should I have to learn Spanish???” ought to spend a day here. It makes south Florida sound like a small village in the Hampshire countryside. Everything is in Spanish and I run into more folks who can’t speak English every ten minutes than I do in Macondo in a week. And as I noted yesterday, I love it. Assimilation is doubtless working its dark magic here too but s-l-o-w-l-y. This morning I was having breakfast at a terrific little Mexican vegetarian restaurant called QuintoSol. One of Trump’s border gestapo – a Mexican-American, no less – came in for a coffee to take out and promptly left. The chill was palpable. He reminded me of that scene in H. G. Wells’ original War of the Worlds where the guy in the house that had been squashed by a landing Martian spaceship casually observes that the Martians would one day train pet humans to hunt other, feral, humans for them.

    Anyway, here’s my borderland tale for y’all today, and it’s a goody. Laredo is a small but congested city and yesterday I was trying to find a shortcut around traffic from the University to get back to my hotel and went down a road that was blocked off for street work next to a new residential development, so I had to turn around. As I was turning around I saw a coyote sitting on a sand hill, partially hidden behind some sage and mesquite bushes. At first I thought “dog” until I remembered where I was. He was definitely a coyote. He was just sitting there watching a backhoe working on one of the homesites about fifty feet away. When the backhoe moved back and forth his head followed it, like we watched construction machinery when we were kids. I just stopped and watched him. After awhile he noticed me and gave me a “what the fuck do you want?” look and went back to watching the backhoe. I left Wile E. to his absorption and went looking for another way back to my hotel, which I eventually found. I had had my magic for the day.


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