He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/17/17

Scouts: Sorry I was MIA yesterday.  I wasn’t feeling well and pretty much coma sick slept through the entire day and forgot to give Prof a heads up.  But I’m semi alive today and ready to get back into it.  Man it’s felt like it’s been forever since we’ve been here huh?  I hope everyone enjoyed their long break and is excited to talk baseball again!  I hear we’ve had some trades and some big injuries, and there are more potential trades on the horizon!  The Cubs added to their rotation, (Although he wasn’t quite through terrorizing the AL yet), the Nationals added to their bullpen, the Dodgers are said to be on the prowl.  Bartolo Colon is going to take one more stab at a career up in Minneosta, and Michael Pineda and Joe Ross are going to have to take a little over a year off with Tommy John. Also, if anyone wants to pickup a under-performing, over-weight third baseman, I hear that Pablo Sandoval is suddenly available.  Wow, looking at it all, we sure have been slacking around here.  As always we are looking for additional, quality talent to add to the site to help with the day-to-day around here, so if you feel you have what it takes, drop me a line!  In the meantime, let’s get this party started!


Cubs 4, Braves 3Prof:  If you had told me that the Braves would have been hanging on against the defending World Champion Cubs and had a chance to beat them, I would have laughed and asked for the number of your crack dealer. But lo! It happened, friends. Julio Teheran continues to have problems being dominant at SunTrust Park, whereas he shuts people down on the regular in nearly every other venue. This was a small ball game – only one home run was hit, and that was by Anthony Rizzo. The rest was scored by wild pitches and singles, basically; including some by the pitchers themselves!

Brewers 2, Pirates 4Prof:  What’s up, Gregory Polanco? The Bucs outfielder went four for four and broke the tie, and now they are only six games back of Milwaukee in a suddenly tight NL Central.

Rangers 1, Orioles 3Prof:  The Rangers have a problem and his name is Andrew Cashner. Baltimore was able to defeat Texas and it was all thanks to a tie-breaking home run from Seth Smith. Manny Machado went three for three.

Phillies 5, Marlins 6 F/10Prof:  Giancarlo Stanton hit two home runs, but it was a single hit by Dee Gordon that won the night for the Feesh. And my friend and yours, the Big Buckin’ Chicken himself, Mr. Justin Bour, hit a two run homer.

Yankees 2, Twins 4Prof:  For my dude Happy, a Minnie and Paul win over The Borg! Brandon Kintzler got his 26th save of the year as the sky broke open in the Twin Cities. In Borg news, young first baseman Greg Bird has to have surgery on his ankle. Are the Yankees in the running for a replacement 1B? Y’all mind calling Coppy down in Atlanta and seeing what we can get for one Matt Adams?

Blue Jays 4, Red Sox 3Scouts: Apparently MLB.com is unsure if the Blue Jays are buying or selling this year, because you know being 8 games behind the Red Sox and Yankees and having never even sniffed at .500 all season isn’t enough of a sign.    Steve Pearce went 2-3 with a solo home run and a RBI single in the 8th that proved to be the game winner.  Mookie Betts was thrown out at home by Troy Tulowitzki shortly before Pearce stepped up.

Mariners 9, Astros 7Scouts: Five wins in a row for Seattle, but the biggest news is Carlos Correa leaving the game in the middle of an at-bat due to a finger injury.  Astros fans await further news on how long he may miss.

Padres 9, Rockies 6Scouts: Trevor Story picked up three RBI’s two of them in the 5 run 3rd as the Rockies edged out the Padres.

Rays 3, Athletics 2Scouts: Steven Souza Jr and Evan Longoria homered as Jake Odorizzi allowed just a solo homer to Kris Davis over 7 very strong innings.

Indians 5, Giants 3Scouts: Costly errors lost the game for Matt Moore and the Giants blowing a early lead to the Indians.

Nationals 6, Reds 1Prof:  Well, look at this. The Nationals gained some momentum. But it was against the Reds. However, I guess beggars can’t be choosers, right? The Curly W’s hung another one on Cincinnati, and completed the sweep. Ryan Zimmerman is now the all time leading home run producer for the Nationals/Expos (never forget), and they got an excellent outing from Stephen Strasburg, who went seven innings and allowed four hits total.

Cardinals 6, Mets 3Prof: As you know, there are few things I love more than when a pitcher is able to help his own cause. Last night, the splendid Adam Wainwright did just that, hitting an RBI double while allowing only two earned runs, both of which were homers. One of those home runs was hit by my favorite Met who isn’t a mascot, Michael Conforto.

Tigers 10, Royals 2Prof:  It’s a Historio special! Her Tigers whooped up on her mortal enemy BBQ Boys (as she would call them) and boy did they ever. V-Mart was the MVP, and home runs were earned by Mikie Mahtook and Nicholas Castellanos.


15 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/17/17

  1. There was one brief moment of concern during the Nats game yesterday, as Strasburg sort of flexed/sort of shook his right arm after throwing a pitch in the 7th; that brought out Maddux for a visit, and while Strasburg didn’t reach Scherzer’s level of “I fucking got him” ferocity, he reassured Maddux that he was in fact fine, and he struck out the side to end the inning and his day’s work.

    In other possible developments, the twitter was abuzz last night with news that Victor Robles, stud prospect and expected Harper replacement, had been removed from his game at high A Potomac in the 4th inning last night. While no hugs were seen, this led to speculation that he’d perhaps been traded for more pitching help, although there’s been yet to be any confirmation of same, and someone pointed out that Robles leaves games early on the regular due to various and sundry maladies, so who knows…

    Also, we got a couple of live ones in the bullpen trade on Sunday, as it seems that both Sean Doolittle and his fiancee, Eireann Dolan, have excellent twitter game.


    Gonna be good to have them in town for a couple years or more…


    1. The SeaCreatures are an interesting team. Everyone thinks they are going to trade Archer, but I just can’t see it. Then again… I never thought the Braves would trade Kimbrel all those years ago…


      1. I don’t think they’ll trade anybody this year unless they get an obvious upgrade for whomever they trade. From what I’ve heard, they firmly believe they can contend for the division title.


    1. Did you bring home any tropical parasites from your vacation? The life cycles of some of those things are coolern’ hell.


  2. Given the extra innings – split double header induced depleted state of the Borg bull pen, and the normal state of the back end of the Twins rotation, I expected a 10 – 8 sort of game. Instead we get a well pitched 4 – 2 game. Rod Serling should have been in the broadcast booth.

    Tonight’s episode of the Twins Twilight Zone stars Bartolo Colon, who is here by virtue of a 3 run, 4 hit, 3 inning appearance at AAA. Hopefully Blyleven will put on his Rod Serling mask and tell us what in the world the Twins are thinking. The game doesn’t start until after 7, so I should be cognitively creative enough by then to accept it.


  3. I’ve been quiet lately because I have been on the summer literary conference circuit as is my wont. This week finds me in Laredo, Texas for the International American Studies Association world congress at Texas A@M International University. I’m just chirping in here to note that the Iron Giant hit two dingers last night, one of which was a Godzillerian monster orf the left field auxiliary scoreboard, the same one he broke with a dinger back in 2012. He didn’t break anything this time which disappointed everyone.
    By the way, this town is full of Mexicans. I love it. Get stuffed, Trump.

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  4. They pulled JD from the game last night and I paranoid-ly (word?) texted my buddies — flashbacks from A-Jax, et al. The team tweeted that it was precautionary for lower back tightness, which clearly was BS. So, JD is gone, and it appears we are going full rebuild instead of surgical repair. Oh, well, it was easier to love them when they sucked and you just watched them because they were your lovable losers instead of contenders WHO COULDN’T WIN A FUCKING WORLD SERIES BECAUSE NO ONE IN THE FO CAN BUILD A BULLPEN WITH AN UNLIMITED CHECKBOOK, IMPRESSIVE REPUTATION, AND SAVVY DEALING, ARGHHH^&&^$$_*)(&*^$$!!!!!!!!!

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    1. So good to see you. At the moment Colon is going okay. How weird? For those of us uninterested in a coming 2 – 3 year rebuild because we doubt our chances of being alive to see it, you go girl, lead honorary Twins fan.


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