Detroit Tradepocalypse Begins

The Tigers have traded slugger J.D. Martinez to the D-bags for hopes and dreams and Al Avila’s future employment prospects.

I’d like to offer my own analysis of the trade:


More trades are sure to come, and I’ll have more as the gutting requires.

4 thoughts on “Detroit Tradepocalypse Begins

  1. I thought it was just lower back tightness?

    I grew a Dodgers fan – several times attended Dodgers Night sponsored by the Pasadena Star News in my youth. It’s always a love-hate relationship with your team, and when they traded perhaps the best hitting catcher EVER the hate took over. I even moved to OC and started hanging out at the Big A. It was hard – the fledglings internet left tv and newspapers as the main source of baseball info so I couldn’t drop the LAD in favor of CAA because even the Orange County Register covered the boys in blue closely – and it was a third rate paper compared the LA Times of the day. It’s still hard – there’s a dude in LA who may be the best pitcher since Saint Sandy! And it’s true that front orifice of the Angels, led by the idiot owner, is as bad as the dick that traded a future hall of famer for thirty pieces of silver journeymen backups. (Apology to our Florida contributor for theft of his phraseology.)

    But I can’t switch again. I’ve learned that excellence and incompetence or a hair’s breadth apart. Both in life and in the AL. On the other hand, if they end up trading Trout for a bunch of guppies…

    Stay the course. It’s an essential part of fandom to love them and hate them. And without them, we’re left only with close friends and family to love and hate and that’s dangerous!


  2. With Avila running the show, the deals the Tigers make the rest of the month could be called the Alpocalypse of the Tigers time as contenders if Weird Al hadn’t already used that word.


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