He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/16/17

Prof:  Hey, guys! I’m glad that the All Star Break is over and that we’re back, pumped and primed for the second half of the season. My cable package is terrible – I don’t have any channels that show baseball, so I follow exclusively online and sometimes I listen to a game on the radio. These last few weeks have been difficult as I have been inordinately busy at work, and this week will prove to be no exception. So I apologize to you all. In fact, by the time this publishes, I will probably have been at work for about two to three hours because I have to come in super duper early. Because of that, I’m going to post music I really like to get my blood rushing.

EDIT:  Apparently Scout is on assignment. My apologies for missing scores.

Yankees 3, Red Sox 0 – Game 1
Yankees, Red Sox – Game 2

Blue Jays 5, Tigers 6 F/11

Indians 3, Athletics 7 – Prof:  So yesterday, the A’s traded Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson to the Nationals for Blake Treinen and a bunch of farm hands. Luckily, Oakland didn’t need the services of either one of their erstwhile closers because Trevor Bauer was some kind of awful, allowing only two outs in a four run first inning, and threw 43 pitches against only seven batters. Woof. That’s some kind of bad.

Nationals 14, Reds 4 – Prof:  And speaking of Washington, Daniel Murphy hit two homers and drove in five, while Adam Lind, Jose Lobaton, and Anthony Rendon also had home runs to help guide the Nats to a booty kicking of Cincinnati. And as far as the Reds go… Homer Bailey, won’t you please come home?

Rays 3, Angels 4

Cardinals 3, Pirates 4 – Prof:  Adam Frazier hit a walk-off single to bring the Bucs over the Redbirds. It was back and forth, but Pittsburgh threw the final blow.

Diamondbacks 1, Braves 7 – Prof:  Hi. If you thought that the Atlanta Braves would be .500 after the All Star Break, please raise your hand. Put them down, you liars! No one believed it. Not even I did. This unexpected outcome keeps everyone on their toes, and the Braves beat the suddenly lifeless Gritty Snakes. Matt Kemp hit a three run homer and Brandon Phillips had three doubles. ATLiens rejoice. Let Big Boi take you to church.

Rockies 13, Mets 4 – Prof:  Well, let’s see. Steven Matz was destroyed on the mound by Colorado, who saw significant output from Charlie Blackmon (with an inside-the-park homer), Ian Desmond, Gerardo Parra, and Nolan Arenado.

Dodgers 3, Marlins 2 – Prof:  The good, the bad, and the ugly all came out in this game. Justin “The Red Panda” Turner homered and singled to help bounce the Dodgers ahead of the Feesh. So that was the good (if you’re a Dodger fan). The bad was seeing Giancarlo Stanton’s glove popping off while trying to catch a ball. The ugly? The pitching. No starter exceeded 90 mph on the radar gun. Wow!

Cubs 8, Orioles 0

Rangers 3, Royals 4


Mariners 7, White Sox 6 F/10

Phillies 5, Brewers 2 – Prof:  A Phillies rookie hit a grand slam off of newly acquired reliever Tyler Webb and the Brewers watched their grasp on the win disappear like the foam on the top of a poorly poured draft beer.

Twins 3, Astros 5


Giants 1, Padres 7 – Prof:  San Francisco being in last place in the NL West puts a warm, glowing feeling in my heart. I know that makes me sound terrible, but let’s face it. When it comes to baseball, I am heartless and cold blooded. Cory Spangenberg hit a three run blast off of Jeff Samardzija, and made San Diego look like an offensive juggernaut in comparison. Golly.

3 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/16/17

  1. The Nats spent the weekend in the Queen City on one of those weird wraparound series; they’re playing the fourth and final game of the series as I type this, and they’ve scored 5 in the top of the first, with the Reds coming to bat. Strasburg is pitching today, so I like the Nats’ chances to close out the sweep.

    Harper (Friday), Rendon (Saturday), and Murphy (Sunday) have each had a turn hitting two home runs in a game this weekend, and both Harper and Zimmerman already homered in Monday’s game, so might have a fourth do it.

    Saturday’s game, where the Nats led 10-0 after seven only to hang on and win 10-7, must’ve done something to convince Uncle Ted, baseball division (so as to distinguish him from the other sports-owning Uncle Ted in town) to spend some money on the bullpen, as they went and got Doolittle and Madson at a cost of not all that much. The thing about Saturday, though, was that it was kind of an illusion. Scherzer went six and Enny Romero worked a spotless 7th, so so far, so good. Then, with a 10 run lead and a bunch of Reds regulars out of the game, Dusty decided to let rookie Austin Adams (who?) get his first MLB experience, and it didn’t go well; kid was clearly amped up, wild, and left after five batters with two in and three on. Oliver Perez was summoned, and he got three outs with no further damage. Come the 9th, it’s 10-2, and time for Trevor Gott (who?) to appear in a low-leverage situation; he fared even worse than Adams, facing five batters, and all five scored, the last three on a home run. Matt Grace took over from there, and got three outs with no issue, and the game ended.

    So, yeah, the bullpen really deuced the futon on Saturday, but it was only the two rookies who did it; the adults in the bullpen pitched well. That said, I’m not unhappy about the trade, though I wouldn’t mind seeing them trade one of their top prospects for another reliever, but the team’s definitely better today than they were Saturday (or will be when the new guys join the team in Anaheim tomorrow night).

    Speaking of Anaheim, former Nat Danny Espinosa got DFA’d yesterday, so we may have seen the last of the best spring training facial hair game that baseball has ever seen.


  2. The Borg are in town and the next few days might be trying. However, the evil ones encountered another sort of evil yesterday – a split double header. May the arms of their bullpen throb with pain.


    1. Yeah, that plus playing 16 innings on Saturday has to make for a slightly worn bullpen.

      Also, damn nice of MLB to put together a four game series between the Yanks and BoSox this weekend, giving all their network partners a chance to show one of the games. MLB Network Friday, Fox on Saturday, TBS on Sunday with Game 1, and ESPN on Sunday night.

      Didn’t watch an inning of it….


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