He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/9/17

Here it is, folks, the last day of baseball for about a week. Oh, I know, the All Star Game will be played in the meantime, but this is the last set of meaningful games for a few days. Let’s savor these games, and as always, discuss below in the comments.

Tigers 5, Indians 3 – Oh wow, the Klubot is only human after all! The Magical Land of Cleve lost in a close one over the Tigers, whose questionable bullpen nearly gave it away. But Detroit squeaked it out.

Brewers 5, Yankees 3 – The Brewers are a surprising success this season, 5 1/2 games over the defending World Series champion Chicago Cubs. Home runs smacked by the most unusual of suspects – Travis Shaw and Stephen Vogt – and the Brewers continue to do more with less. I think it’s because I moved away from Cheeselandia. Every time I leave a place, things become way more interesting.

Astros 19, Blue Jays 1 – Houston had a visit from the Fantastic Four, and it was, in the words of The Thing, CLOBBERIN’ TIME! Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, Yuli Gurriel, and Evan Gattis all hit home runs, and they currently have a ridiculous 16 1/2 game lead over their closest rivals, the Texas Rangers. Holy cow.

Pirates 14, Cubs 3 – The Cubs are sinking fast, and the Pirates used that tide to raise their ship. Jon Lester gave up ten runs in the first inning. He didn’t even make it past the first inning, but who could blame Joe Maddon for pulling him out? I sure don’t. He was awful, and the Cubs couldn’t come back from such a terrible performance. Chicago is probably hoping that the All Star Break does them some good.

White Sox 0, Rockies 10 – This was was a real nail biter until the ninth inning. Rookie Kyle Freeland took a no-hitter deep, until Melky Cabrera hit a single against him. Just two outs away, and poof. It was gone. On the other side of the coin, Coors Field was a launching pad for the Rockies. Pat Valaika drove in five, including a three run bomb, and Charlie Blackmon hit a solo homer as well.

Marlins 10, Giants 8 F/11 – My goodness. The Feesh swept the floundering Giants, and Giancarlo Stanton smacked two homers. If the rumors are true and Scrooge McLoria and his cronies decide to deal Marcell the Damned (tm, copyright Old Gator, Incorporated) and the Big Buckin’ Chicken (tm, copyright your friendly neighborhood Prof), this might be the last time we see this gang bust out like that. And it would be a real shame, because this core group has a good future.

Braves 5, Nationals 10 – Returning Atlanta hero Freddie Freeman was good – three run home and single – but the Nats were just that much better last night. And in a huge surprise to everyone on the planet, the Nationals bullpen was on their toes, too. Congrats, SomeGuy!

Padres 1, Phillies 7 – Homer-thon in Philadelphia! Six blasts, two from young Freddy Galvis.

Orioles 11, Twins 5 – Adam Jones hit two home runs in this back and forth game.

Mets 0, Cardinals 6 – Well, that’s not good. The Mets were a mess and three Cardinals hit homers. New York is so awful this season. Did y’all read that Brandon Nimmo had to go on the DL with a partially collapsed lung? I mean, for goodness sake, you guys. What kind of burial ground did the Wilpons build Citi Field on?

Red Sox 3, Rays 5 – Brad Miller broke a tie with a two run homer off Joe Kelly, who in his previous 23 appearances went scoreless. Ah, well. All good things come to an end.

Angels 3, Rangers 0 – Albert Pujols, future Hall of Famer, added to his impressive resume by cracking another home run and helping pull the Angels ahead of the Texas Rangers.

Athletics 0, Mariners 4 – King Felix found some of his mojo with the help of Nelson Cruz’s 17th home run of the season, and Seattle shut out Oakland.

Royals 2, Dodgers 5 – Clayton Kershaw had a bit of a minor hiccup in the beginning of the game, but soon his android switch kicked in and he cruised to a 99 pitch complete game victory, getting his fourteenth win in the process and helping the Dodgers improve their record to 61-29. Kershaw is no mere mortal. Kershaw is an alien from a baseball playing planet, or a demigod. I wouldn’t be surprised if his name isn’t actually Kal-El Kershaw or something like that.

Reds 2, Diamondbacks 1 – The Reds rode the arm of rent-a-wreck Homer Bailey, who has had a dozen started in the last three years, to victory over the suddenly cool Gritty Snakes. Arizona is on a losing streak heading into the All Star Break, and they are 7 1/2 games behind the Dodgers in the NL West.

9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 7/9/17

  1. As we enter the soulless void, the opium of the masses being dispensed tonight, the soul of the soulless void occurring tomorrow, death and transfiguration complete by Friday, there is joy in Twinkie Town.

    A new Twin arrived in town over the weekend, Zack Granite (what a cool name), and he looks like something special, both as a player and as someone really nice to look at on TV. Watch out Herr Kepler, there’s a new hottie in town (https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Zach+Granite+Seton+Hall&&view=detail&mid=564B6942A051CF418498564B6942A051CF418498&FORM=VRDGAR)

    In his first major league at bat, a pinch hit appearance on Saturday, he took the first two pitches for called strikes. He then worked the count to 3 – 2 before flying out to left, in the process hitting 5 two strike fouls. Every pitch he saw in that at bat was between 94 and 98 mph. Is he the best two strike hitter seen around here since peak Joe Mauer? BTW, like peak Joe Mauer, he’s a lefty who is said to hit lefties and as well as he hits righties.

    He had his first MLB start on Sunday. He went 0 for 3 with a walk and a run scored. The walk, like the at bat on Saturday came from a 0 – 2 count which he transformed into a 3 – 2 count. This was an extension of his absurdly long streak at triple A of reaching safely at least one time per game. On his last at bat he hit a two hop grounder for which he came within half a step of being safe because he, unlike peak Joe Mauer, blazes down the first base line.

    Here’s the best part. They gave Buxton the day off and started him in center. If the Twins outfield comes to be Granite in left, Buxton in center and Kepler in right, with Rosario as the fourth outfielder, the Twins outfield will not just be the best defensive outfield in the world, it will be the best outfield in the world.



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  2. Nats got the series split they needed to keep the Barves at more than arm’s length heading into the second half. The last thing you want to do is give a desperate team hope, and a 9.5 game bulge with only 6 head to head matchups remaining has to leave all but the most Pollyanna-ish backers of the Atlanta team dealing with gloom, despair, and the agony of thinking about next year already.

    Of course, the Nats may have lost Joe Ross for a time, as he left the game early with a triceps issue, and the MRI results aren’t back yet. This might mean that Edwin Jackson will be taking over that spot in the rotation, or something similarly unpalatable.

    Second half is all about getting Turner, Taylor, and Werth healthy, keeping the middle of lineup and the rotation healthy, and finding bullpen help.

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    1. I’m optimistic about a great many things, but the Braves sniffing tge playoffs isn’t one. Next year, though…. next year…

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      1. Hi professional blogger, many time drunk texter here and I must say ditto.

        And here’s where I go completely against everything that I just said.

        You say next year, maybe, I say, never!
        They had the best pitchers in the best rotation for how many years? 1 world series championship. Now they moved to a new stadium where only the wealthiest in the state will buy the best seats, pay for the 14 dollar budweisers, and it will still be scrambling to sell seats come playoffs, just like they ALWAYS do.

        Professor? What is the ACTUAL difference of the move other than make wealthier patrons pay more to get a seat they plan to give to patrons of their hotels because they spend a lot of money?

        Nothing! The wealthy get a tax credit, the high rollers aren’t going to show up, and most importantly, the Braves will be irrelevant because of how they misused the voters.

        Try selling that to the fans. Come spend 2 weeks pay to see a game that no matter what, you can’t come to see the playoffs unless you mortgage your house. Didn’t work in the 90’s and, if there are indeed baseball God’s, it won’t work now.

        Real Braves fans, I am not knocking you!
        You are the reason they fucking exist! I’m just asking, is it enjoyable for you to spend all that money after giving billionaires permission to to ruin your state in tax give aways?

        And after they tank on purpose, so the new owners re-coup their losses, is it still all right?

        I’m quite aware that this is a baseball blog and I know that this won’t be loved by 99% of the people on it, but I don’t have much time and I consider all of you my Internet friends.

        When Trump wants ratings, he does what he always done. Lie, lie some more, and lie again for good measure.
        He’s historically low in ratings and as his IQ is half that I think that he’s thinking of starting a war.

        He’s basically Nixon, without the charm, warmth, and strategy to turn the fucking debacle that little Donnetta Jr just unleashed on him. In other words, He’s so stupid, that everyone is lawyering up.

        You can tell me how I might be an idiot, but I love everything about this site and that goes 1000 percent about everyone on here. However, if you agree that maybe, just maybe, we can impeach this bastard, and vote out the scum that have taken out ( Democrats and Republicans) the fucking right to vote.

        Maybe , just maybe, he won’t start a nuclear war with North Korea. Or better yet, he won’t start a nuclear war with California.


  3. Also, I will never post here again if you peeps think that I am an distraction, I just wonder if the rest of your readers get that in circumstances of nuclear weapons going off, there will be no world series.


    1. You need to stay on here. You’re the only one who makes me feel sane by comparison. Don’t go away, I need you.


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