He Said, She Said – No Rain Rain Delay Edition, 7/6/17

This is going to be a bit of a lean, mean post today, but I must address what is quite possibly the dumbest, most idiotic stunt that a baseball team has pulled in my lifetime.

The Nationals delayed a game on account of rain for nearly four hours. Rain that didn’t come until nearly three hours into the “delay”. Rain that, when it actually started, was literally a misting. Rain that came so late that Greg Maddux could have pitched a complete game during that time. Hell, the Braves themselves have played at least seven games this year with times under the “rain delay” time. Nationals fans by the hundreds left the stadium, angry and bone dry during a “rain delay”. I’m sure that nothing will be done, and this ridiculous display of boneheaded stupidity will go unpunished, but not forgotten by pissed off Nats fans and outraged Braves fans. Oh, and when they finally began play, in the top of the third a friendly reminder was announced in the stadium that the DC Metro had it’s last scheduled train leaving Nats Park in twenty minutes. Wow. What a dumpster fire.

Now, on with the recaps.

Braves 5, Nationals 2. – Hahahaha. Schadenfreude.I’m sorry, SomeGuy.

Giants 2, Tigers 6

Marlins 3, Cardinals 4 – Justin Bour, the big buckin’ chicken, didn’t win the final vote. Prof is sad. Also the Cardinals won. Prof is double sad.

Pirates 6, Phillies 3

Brewers 11, Cubs 2 – Stefon from SNL voice This game has everything. A seven run inning. A pissed off Brewers team who have a long memory of another rain delay that wasn’t! A position player pitching better than the actual pitchers! Dogs living with cats!

Reds 6, Rockies 3 – My small son Scoots Magoots scored in the third and fifth inning, and Adam Duvall – the big Red home run machine – hit another one, his 20th of the season. Remember when he was in the Home Run Derby and no one knew who he was? I remember him solely because of his impressive dinger prowess.

Astros 4, Blue Jays 7

Padres 2, Indians 11 – Ah, so Wednesday’s game was just a de facto day off for the Magical Land of Cleve. They came back in a jif, though. Home runs were smacked by Edwin Encarnacion, Yan Gomes, and Jose Ramirez. Multi-ribbie status achieved by Encarnacion (four), Ramirez (three) as well as Lonnie Chisenhall (three).

Orioles 4, Twins 6 – The Twins scored every run in the third inning. The saddest part is that Baltimore was ahead by two at the time, and then Dylan Bundy decided that he was tired of pitching well and just coughed it up hardcore. Also, the Orioles left seven guys on base. You don’t win games that way, dudes.

A’s 7, Mariners 3 – Paul Blackburn has had his revenge against Seattle. The A’s pitcher was traded from Seattle earlier this year and Blackburn must’ve seething with anger. One run ball in eight innings. Khris Davis hit a three run homer.

Diamondbacks 4, Dodgers 5 – When was the last time Fernando Rodney actually saved a game? It wasn’t last night! The Dodgers made up four runs in this comeback win. Now they are about five games ahead of the Gritty Snakes in the standings.

Red Sox 1, Rays 4 – The Nats rain delay debacle was so bad that even the Rays couldn’t resist trolling them.

Damn, son. That’s a hot take. Also hot were the Sea Creatures against Chris Sale. Sale struck out twelve but it didn’t matter, because he also gave up a home run and three RBI to Wilson Ramos.

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – No Rain Rain Delay Edition, 7/6/17

  1. Last night was a shitshow for the Nats, both on and off the field, and I’m still wondering what the Nats did to piss off Kurt Suzuki during his time here, because he’s been punishing them this year, like on a Daniel Murphy vs. the Mets scale.

    Once the game finally started, they told those who’d stayed that water, soda, and ice cream novelties were being handed out for free at the concession stands, while they told those who’d left that they could re-enter at the center field gates, which, while I’m sure it was a ploy to try to avoid reimbursing ticket holders, is just bad form and a bad idea.

    On the field, the Nats lost Michael A. Taylor to an oblique strain, so now they’ll have to hope Brian Goodwin can do a passable impersonation of Michael A. Taylor doing a passable impression of Adam Eaton in CF for a while. Early returns on Goodwin are promising, but this isn’t going to be close to the outfield the Nats had in mind, and instead of Goodwin platooning with Werth when the latter returns, it’s going to mean Chris Heisey and/or Ryan Raburn seeing the field more than they perhaps should.

    Freddie Freeman got his 1,000th career hit last night, and I was surprised to learn that 125 of them have come against the Nats; I would’ve guessed that number was much higher.

    The highlight of the game, though, for me, was this Ender Inciarte gem:

    Scherzer tonight, Strasburg tomorrow, Ross on Sunday; as long as the Nats win two of the next three, I’ll be happy.

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    1. This was so poorly handled. I felt bad for y’all. The mentions were roasted, though. My favorite was a guy who runs a Nats account openly telling the Nats that they never do anything right. I’m like, that is your team, fam! That is some 80 grade hostility lol. And to have done this because they didn’t want to rely on the bp and save Gio (let’s be real here, that was the case) is hilarious because ot blew up in their face worse than Wile E. Coyote and an Acme bomb.


      1. As a veteran of untold numbers of rain delays when the Feesh were still playing back at the naked-to-the-elements Joeprodolhardsunsharklife Field, I can only think of two things to say: (1) it was consistent with the way everything is being handled in Washington under the Lowlife in the Overpriced Suit, and (2) aww, stop whining, for Buddha’s sake.

        Meanwhile the Feesh got clipped in St. Louis as Tom Koehler struggled back to mediocrity after a long run of untrammeled atrocity. Koehler gave up only three runs in five innings this time while the boolpen coughed up the deciding tally.

        More bad news: another one of Beep Beep’s major investors has dropped out of his cartel, apparently over the same issue that drove away our former unlamented preisdent’s slack jawed, beady eyed supposedly smarter younger brother: Beep Beep has gone power mad, like some Latin American caudillo, and now not only wants to be the controlling partner but wants all players to wear ankle bracelets so he knows where they are every nanosecond of every day (and it has been rumored that at the time of his death Gabriel Garcia Marquez was working on a baseball novel, El Otoño del Campocorto).

        The scuttlebut now is that the recently unmasked “mystery group” headed by gazillionaire construction magnate Jorge Mas has the lead in the catch-and-fillet sweepstakes. It looks as if the Feesh will be owned by a Cuban like everything else down here. Maybe there’s even a job for Angel Hernandez in the aftermath.

        And the Wild Bour will always be my heart’s first baseman. Coitus those ballot stuffers outside the Macondo dystopia.

        Also: my review of the Gehrig bio is still in process. Another day or so while I do a little background research on its formidable author, Jonathan Eig.

        In other news, United Airlines, the Airline with the Pole up its Ass™, is up to its old tricks again, this time bumping a toddler on an overbooked flight and forcing his mother to hold him in her lap for the entire three hour flight. Yes, children are horrible, but even so….another passenger’s video which is now go0ing viral faster than Ebola shows a flight attendant resembling Wagner’s hornhatted Brunhilde ordering the mother to remove the child from its seat. Well, at least they didn’t have their security guys beat the shit out of the kid this time. United, to its credit, did quickly issue a boilerplate apology that didn’t blame the baby for the problem. They’re learning. Slowly, but they’re learning.

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        1. Shoulda put the baby in cargo hold; that’ll teach these parents. /sarcasm

          Yelich posted a video of Mr. Bour (only the best for my Chicken) doing a headstand and le thicc lower body up in the air. They really need yo do something about porn on the internet.


  2. The most unexpected resurrection since Lazarus continued yesterday with Anibal Sanchez going 6 innings for the Tigers. In 4 starts since coming back from Cpl Klinger’s hometown, Sanchez has a 3.12 ERA with 22 K’s and just 4 BB’s in 23.1 innings. If he keeps this up he could become a deadline trade chip for the Tigers. Congrats also to Dixon (I’m not Manny) Machado with his first career big dong.
    A visit to the D by the Giants also means we got to witness Panik in Detroit.


  3. Young Mr. Faria put up another very good outing last night against the Beantowners.
    6IP, 4 hits -all singles- 1 ER. He’s now 4-0, 2.11 ERA, and a .203 OpBA. He’s rapidly becoming what the Rays thought Snell would be.


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