He Said, She Said – Recaps For 7/4/2017

I’m not gonna lie.  This time tomorrow I’ll be on a boat on my way to a tropical island and I have completely and utterly mentally checked out.  I agreed to do today’s post to give Prof a break before she takes over for a week.  So enjoy today’s musical selection and whatever recap I can muster.  Daddy’s on Vacation boys!


Mets 4, Nationals 11Scouts: The Nats played an exhibition game against a minor league team….What’s that?  The Mets are a professional baseball team?  You’re kidding right?  Well, if you say so.  Dale Murphy had 5 RBI’s, Bruce Harper went 3-4 and this one was a laugher early on.


Blue Jays 4, Yankees 1Scouts: Trouble in the Bronx as the Yankees have now dropped 14 of their last 20 since snapping a 6 game winning streak on June 13th.

Giants 3, Tigers 5 Scouts: Michael Fulmer allowed just 3 runs and 5 hits over 8 innings as the Tigers edged the Giants.  Justin Upton put the Tigers up for good knocking the go-ahead two-run single in the 7th.

Angels 4, Twins 5Scouts: Albert Pujols hit number 602, a 459 foot blast but it wasn’t enough to stop Byron Buxton and the Twins.  The Angels tried really hard to rally in the 9th, but just couldn’t get the job done.

Marlins 5, Cardinals 2Scouts: Lance Lynn held on strong, but fell apart in the 6th as Christian Yelich jacked a 3-run dong to propel the Marlins to victory.


Rays 6, Cubs 5Scouts: Chris Archer gave up 3 over 6, notched his first career hit and RBI and the Cubs came up just short of a comeback.

White Sox 6, Athletics 7Scouts: Franklin Barreto provided the fireworks in this one, blasting a walk-off homer, the 6th homer of the game.

Pirates 3, Phillies 0Scouts: Jameson Taillon struck out 9 over 5 and combined with the bullpen to shut down the Phillies who at this point are just really happy they aren’t as sad-sack as the Mets or Orioles.

Orioles 2, Brewers 6Scouts: Speaking of the Orioles, good lord they do reek.  Eric Thames hit two homers, Stephen Vogt and Travis Shaw both hit one each, and Jimmy Nelson threw balls over the plate, which means the Orioles offense swung and missed a bunch.

Royals 7, Mariners 3Scouts: Mike Moustakas homered and Danny Duffy returned from the DL to pitch well.  Felix Hernandez is still trying to figure out what the hell happened to Felix Hernandez.  The one time best pitcher in the league is sporting a 4.66 ERA, 5.17 FIP, and 1.53 WHIP.


Padres 1, Indians 0Scouts: Maybe the Indians were up late the night before, or maybe they all checked out in advance of the fireworks show after the game.  This game was about as unexciting as a game can get.  Both teams notched just 5 hits, the lone run coming off a fielder’s choice by Cory Spangenberg.  Corey Kluber had 10 strike outs over 8 innings if that’s your thing.  Otherwise a yawner.

Astros 16, Braves 4Scouts: Whoo-boy, this was a laugher.  Freddie Freeman returned from the DL and went 1-4 over at third.  Meanwhile, George Springer was a triple shy of the cycle, Jose Altuve picked up 4 RBI’s and Josh Reddick smacked a grand slam.  Yuli Gurriel also went 3-5 with 4 RBI’s of his own.  The Barves had only one pitcher manage to pitch without giving up a run.


Red Sox 11, Rangers 4Scouts: David Price did his thing, and watched as Andrew Benintendi smacked two homers, picked up 6 RBI’s, and came a triple short of the cycle.  The Sox are riding a 6 game winning streak.  Yu Darvish ended up giving up 7 runs on 11 hits.


Reds 8, Rockies 1Scouts: Homer Bailey picks up his first win since August 12, 2016 and held the Rockies without an extra-base hit for the 4th time of the season.  That means 10 singles for Colorado and just 1 run.


D-Backs 3, Dodgers 4Scouts: Clayton Kershaw pitched which pretty much means the Dodgers won.  Arizona scored all 3 of their runs in the 9th as the Dodgers bullpen tried, but failed to cough up the easy victory.

10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 7/4/2017

    1. Have a great time on Isla Nublar, Scouts. Try to remember they clocked the T-rex at 30 MPH and space yourselves accordingly.


  1. The Feesh continue treading water like a bunch of slightly more evolved coelocanths. They drift along at eight games under the strange attractor after going 4-6 for their last ten despite thwacking Lance Lynn and his bionic elbow yesterday. They head into all-star week (whilst I flee Macondo for Nyorc to see The Complete Unknowns at the City Winery next Wednesday) with question marks hanging like guillotines over their heads as Scrooge McLoria and his front orifice factotems contemplate another round of cost saving measures made necessary by how badly they bungled their peetching acquisitions this past orfseason.

    Apropos, Jeff Locke – whom they awarded $3.5 million during their hull-scraping expedition into free agency – was designated for cryogenic susp…er….assignment on July Fourth (he will be played by Tom Cruise in the biopic DFA’d on the Fourth of July). What with their top prospects recovering from TJS the Feesh have announced they are seeking an “experienced starter” (read: another marginalized journeyman who’s about to be DFA’d by some other team) with which to replace him.

    In Scouts’ absence, I am pleased to warn you all that my next baseball book review will be Luckiest Man, Jonathan Eig’s superb and revelatory biography of Lou Gehrig. I hope to paste it up sometime tonight or tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Looking forward to the review, OG. That is a book I have owned for a while now and I quite enjoyed it. I eagerly await your thoughts, and will bookend with my own. 🙂


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