He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/29/17

Prof:  Happy Friday,  one and all! Have any of you have plans for the weekend? Anyone taking off today, or Monday? Not I. I’m a company woman, and I rarely take time off even though I’ve already accrued vacation time here at my new job.

Scouts: We have a ton of highlights today, because well a lot of great baseball happened lastnight.  I hope you all like pitching, because we have quite a bit of it here.  Yesterday I did some TV theme songs involving city names.  Today I’m sticking with the theme song theme.  Feel free to sing me (get it?) praises in the comment section!



Yankees 3, White Sox 4Scouts: We had to wait around for 3 hours to get this one underway, but darnit, it was going to happen one way or another.  James Shields managed to not give up 15 runs and actually held the Yankees in check.  I was pretty shocked when I learned he actually has a sub 4.00 era.  The Yankees lost another prospect to injury when Dustin Fowler ran full speed into the first base line wall in right and injured his knee.  He will be out for the rest of the season.  Really shitty way to make your MLB debut.


Braves 0, Padres 6Scouts: Dinelson Lamet threw 7 scoreless innings and the Barves were held to 4 total hits.  He was so good, the Umpires checked him for a foreign substance and came up empty.  So what say we all?  Dick move by Brian Snitker?  Or fair and reasonable request?


Dodgers 6, Angels 2Scouts: Pretty typical game for the Dodgers.  Joc Pederson hit the team’s third homer of the game, which set a franchise record for the month at 50, and Clayton Kershaw was his usual filthy self, striking out 12 over 7.


Rangers 1, Indians 5Prof : The Magical Land of Cleve struck again! And the Klubot did something magical, too. Kluber tied a franchise record held by Bob Feller (ya might have heard of him?) with four consecutive games with double-digit strikeouts. Kluber had 11 in this game. I don’t know, you guys, I think he might be good.


Royals 3, Tigers 7Scouts: Michael Fulmer showed his dominance over the Royals taking a shutout into the 9th before running out of steam and giving up 3 in the 9th.

Athletics 1, Astros 6Scouts: Carlos Correa hit not one but two, two-run homers sending the Astros into liftoff.  Or some other Space metaphor.


Cardinals 10, Diamondbacks 4Prof:  Randal Grichuk hit a three run homer in the seventh inning and tacked on two more RBI for good measure in this whallopping of the Gritty Snakes.

Cubs 5, Nationals 4Prof :  Oh, no, Treat Urner [Scouts editor’s note, I’m just going to leave this typo in because it’s perfect.] was injured and had to leave the game! The young shortstop was hit in the wrist by a pitch. That sucks, just ask Frederick C. Freeman. The Cubs squeaked by because the Nats bullpen happened.


Brewers 11, Reds 3Prof:  The Brew Crew are once again leading the NL Central,  and last night they showed why they have been a surprise team all year. Milwaukee smacked six home runs, and hits galore for the visiting team. On the Cincinnati side, Joey Votto had two homers of his own, but to no avail.

Twins 3, Red Sox 6Prof: I don’t envy the Twins. Having to go up against perennial ace David Price, Joe Kelly, who has turned into a stud setup man with a freaky deaky fastball, and the once and future king of closers Craig Kimbrel? Getting three runs off that is a minor miracle. Looks like Brian Dozier is the Saint of Minneapolis-St. Paul for the time being.


Rays 0, Pirates 4 – Prof: Jameson Taillon is roaring back from his bout with testicular cancer in high style, going six plus innings. He gave up seven hits, but was able to keep the damage nil.

Mets 6, Marlins 3Scouts: This game was so uninteresting, I can’t find a wrap-up on MLB.com.  Giancarlo Stanton hit a home run.  That’s your update.


Orioles 2, Blue Jays 0Scouts: Holy Crap on a cracker!  That’s what I said when I opened my MLB app last night to check the game score.  I was expecting the typical Ubaldo 16-2, instead I got a 2-0, 8 inning, 2 hit shut out.  What the holy hell?

18 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/29/17

  1. For a Cleveland pitcher to be mentioned in the same sentence with Bob Feller is pairing up with a real icon of the game’s history. I’m impressed.

    In other news, it’s a shame what happened to Fowler, the Yankee’s prospect. Here is hoping for a full recovery.


  2. I’m fortunate in my employment situation, in that I get to work from home most of the time; I go to the office once, maybe twice a week. This is a good thing because it’s about 80 miles one way from here to there.

    Thursdays are the day I most commonly go to the office, and yesterday was one of those days. By the time I got there, news of the latest tweetstorm from the White House had broken, and I spent too much time reading about that rather than commenting here. Being at the office and subsequently driving home afforded me the opportunity to listen to the game yesterday, rather than watching it.

    I was about 30 miles into my drive home, top of the ninth, and I was thinking to myself, “It’s been a while since the bullpen shit the bed; things are looking up.” How wrong I was. Treinen has actually looked pretty good lately, but he’d pitched Monday and Tuesday and warmed up Wednesday, so not sure how fresh he was yesterday. I know he started all seven batters he faced with a ball, but nonetheless he had two outs, a runner on first, and a two run lead still before things went to hell. The second out came on a force at second, a ball that maybe could’ve turned into a game-ending double play, but the radio guys said Murphy was out of position to make the turn, so I don’t know. The Nats have now lost six games that they’ve had the lead in the ninth…

    As for young Mr. Turner, le sigh… They say it’s a non-displaced fracture, and I’m not a doctor, but I believe that’s the quickest healing of the fractures. SomeDaughterInVA broke her wrist once, and was back playing JV basketball in six weeks, but I know the rigors of MLB are a bit more than JV basketball, so hopefully he’ll be back by late August. Stephen Drew isn’t a terrible alternative, but the Nats now have no true leadoff hitter after starting the season with two of them.


      1. Yeah, no timetable could mean anything, though. I don’t expect him to come back in ten days, obviously, and it’ll take him some time to rehab, but if the bone pieces didn’t move with the fracture, then I’d think that the knitting together already started.


        1. Freddie was supposed to be out until August, but he’s shagging balls at 3rd and taking live BP. Treat Urner (not a typo, just my name for him) might be that way; he’s young and healthy.

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  3. I have outgrown my “employment situation” so when and where I travel are not issues for me. I go where I please when I please, like milkweed on the wind.

    Except for long holiday weekends, or holiday periods in general, that is, when I hunker down like an ant lion in my little cone of alienation. I frankly don’t know why people plan their vacations for the holidays, except that the average intelligence of Homo sapiens may long have been egregiously overestimated – a Murphy’s Law variation on the anthropic cosmological principle, you know? Holidays are when airfares are inflated, hotels are overbooked and car rentals are most expensive, the security lines at the airport are nightmarish, passengers get unceremoniously bumped and, if you’re flying on United, The Airline with the Pole Up its Ass™, you get the living shit beaten out of you for refusing to give up your seat.Traffic is horrible. Restaurants are overcrowded. Beaches are mobbed and children, who are also horrible, are pissing in the ocean and turning the swimming pools yellow.

    I do my best travelling between holidays, when prices crash again and TSA officers are snoozing at their x-ray machines, the roads are empty and “N” fares are abundant. It’s the less stupid thing to do.

    Anyway, the Feesh have reverted back to mid-May form lately, dropping from four to seven games below the strange attractor after splitting with the Cubs and being manhandled by the Mutts. The boolpen remains committed to giving up additional runs but the good news is that a different reliever seems to step down every game. As Al Capone noted, there’s nothing like teamwork.

    Now the Rainbow Warriors are orf to Milwaukee, home of Golda Meir and Prof’s old stomping grounds, to meet a team that’s been playing over its head all season. I don’t expect the Feesh to be the ones to force them to look down.

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      1. It’s my rule of all eleven digits and if I had a prehensile tail it’d be the rule of that, too.
        You ever get serious about a jaunt down to Williamsburg and Yorktown?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Don’t forget to make your restaurant reservations well ahead of time. Those taverns book up early. And bring your appetite. Christiana Campbell’s is my favorite (don’t miss the peanut soup and spoonbread. Dear Buddha!).

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Peanut soup and spoonbread sounds pretty good, actually. Thanks for the tip, OG.


        3. Good ain’t the word for it – that peanut soup, ohboy, you never knew you could have a sensation like that so far up your body.


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