He Said, She Said – Recaps For 6/28/2017

Scouts: Prof has the night off, so today it’s just you and me folks.  You’d better buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild one!


Phillies 5, Mariners 4 Scouts: Edwin Diaz picks up the blown save by allowing Tommy Joseph to tie the game in the 9th with a homer, and then watching as Andrew Knapp singled in the winning run.

Rockies 3, Giants 5Scouts: Jae-Gyun Hwang picked up his first career hit with a homer as the Rockies got swept by the lowly San Francisco Giants.


Cubs 4, Nationals 8Scouts: Not a good night to be a Cubs fan.  John Lackey got hit tits lit up giving up 8 runs on 9 hits in just 5.1 innings.  To make matters worse Kris Bryant had to be helped off the field in the 5th with an ankle injury.  Stephen Strasburg also struck out 13.


Rays 2, Pirates 6Scouts: Down 1-0 in the first, the Pirates bounced back and picked up 4 in the frame to take the lead for the rest of the way.  Josh Bell got his 15th homer on the year.

Orioles 0, Blue Jays 4Scouts: Any game where the O’s give up fewer than 5 runs is a win in my book.  Marcus Stroman was on fire shutting out the O’s over 7.2.


Royals 8, Tigers 2Scouts: Salvador Perez and Mike Moustakas went back-to-back in the 4th dooming the Tigers.

Brewers 3, Reds 4Scouts: Scott Schebler robbed Stephen Vogt in the second in what was eventually the difference maker in this one.  Billy Hamilton did Billy Hamilton things.  First he walked, then stole second, then stole third, then scored on an infield hit.


Twins 4, Red Sox 1Scouts: Adalberto Mejia worked himself out of several jams to hold the Sox at bay.  Boston left 11 stranded and went 0-10 with RISP.

Mets 8, Marlins 0Scouts: Today I remembered that Steven Matz was still a thing.  He did some work against the Marlins, inducing 10 groundball outs and 4 K’s in 7 short innings.

Rangers 3, Indians 5Scouts: Trevor Bauer gave up just 1 over 6.2 innings as the Rangers had to just sit back and admire the pretty, pretty curveball.


Yankees 12, White Sox 3Scouts: It would seem the Yanks were a little miffed about getting knocked out of first place and decided to take that out on the White Sox in a rain filled evening.  Aaron Judge went deep again.  So did Didi Gregorious.

Athletics 8, Astros 11Scouts: Well, it wasn’t very pretty, but the Astros managed to hold off the A’s

Cardinals 4, Diamondbacks 3Scouts: Almost like the Cardinals of old.  Wainwright kept the damage low, Yadier Molina knocked in two, and Trevor Rosenthal picked up the save.

Angels 3, Dodgers 2Scouts: Absolute insanity!  The Dodgers came back to tie the game with homers in both the 8th and 9th innings, only to throw the game way in the bottom of the 9th.  First Ben Revere reached on a  fielding error, then he took second on a wild pitch.  After that, he scored on a third strike to Cameron Maybin after the ball got away from Grandal, who then promptly threw the ball into right field.


Braves 4, Padres 7Scouts: Oh Bartolo, we really miss you!  His ERA has swelled to 8.14 after giving up 6 runs in 4 innings and left the game with his future in serious doubt.  Will the Barves finally put this old horse to pasture, or is there still a little magic left in the air to allow for just one more shining performance?

8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 6/28/2017

  1. Talking about justice in baseball statistics – let’s look at the all-LA game. Baez gets a loss on a fielding error, wild pitch, passed ball, air-mailed catcher throw. Bedrosian blows a save and vultures a win. Francisco, where are you when we need you?

    As to the Astros, I have been going around telling people George Springer is very good but he is not MVP material. I may be wrong on that one.

    But thank God the four injured starters are all almost well. The AAA guys have been showing not ready for prime time. It’s been purely outscore the competition for a couple of weeks.

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    1. Agreed. Stats can be misleading (or should I say traditional stats). For saves and wins I always preferred negatives like blown saves or losses. I do prefer many modern stats but I have some lingering doubts when the math is too difficult. If I can’t figure it out in my head during an at bat, I tend to worry about the stat’s accuracy. Clearly the advancement of stats has broadened the understanding and appreciation of the game by the average fan but I still get intimidated by the math sometimes.


  2. That Indians team is tough when they are all healthy. Blatant homer that I am, I still think they are the deepest team in the league.


    1. Maybe so. Having the team with the worst run differential in the division sticking right next to them must feel like a mysterious skin rash.


      1. Interesting point; it will be also interesting to see which way the Twins go from here. Does the record shrink to meet the run differential or does the run differential start to meet the record? I do see Sano cooling down a bit.

        But that Cleveland left-handed lineup sure chewed up the Houston pitching staff when they were in town.


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