He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/26/17

Thanks again to the Prof for covering while I had to take a work trip on Friday.  I hope you all enjoyed, because you’re going to get more Prof time next week when I take a few days off to go sail the seas in style.  My team has been in the midst of one of the worst collapses I’ve ever been witness to.  To see a team go from one of the few best to the worst in the league has been pretty heartbreaking.  21 of 22 games they have given up 5 or more runs, and that’s just no way to play professional baseball.  I’ve been taking the opportunity to take a mini-break from baseball.  Sure I’m still doing the highlights and checking the scores and keeping invested, but I’m not necessarily watching every pitch cursing every batting practice throw or swing in the dirt.  It’s kind of nice to take the time to recuperate some.  There wasn’t a whole lot of baseball last night as most of the league had the same opportunity to recuperate as me.  So what did you all do on your day off?  Did you have a 80s power-ballad dance off?  Because you are about to!



Cubs 5, Nationals 4Scouts: You had to really wait on the action in this one.  7 of the game’s 9 runs were scored in the 9th, with the Nats finally waking up in the 9th, but still managing to come up short.  3 Total errors didn’t help either.  Wilson Contreras had a double and a home run and Royce Harper went 3-5.  Javier Baez also had himself a pretty good night.  This should be a pretty good series, so buckle up ladies and gents!


Twins 1, Red Sox 4Prof:  Chris Sale gets the win, Craig Kimbrel gets the save, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

Rangers 9, Indians 15Prof:  What the what? These two teams decided that too much is not enough. The Rangers had a lead that many would think would be gravy, but never, ever count out the Magical Land of Cleve! While Texas dominated in the first half, Cleveland took over in the fifth inning and never looked back. Multiple RBI from delicious Francisco Lindor truffle, Carlos Santana, and Lonnie Chisenhall jumpstarted the Magical Comeback of Cleve. For the Rangers, there was another home run from Joey Gallo. Do y’all think we’ll see him join Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge in the Home Run Derby? Oh, please, oh please. I hope so.


Phillies 1, Diamondbacks 6Prof:  Zack Greinke is still a man to be feared. Yes, he’s not always the lights out guy he was a few years ago, but he still has plenty of evil in that arm of his. When this season began, did y’all imagine that the Gritty Snakes would be this good? This is the best start in team history – they are currently 49-28. That’s even better than the 2001 D’Backs. Something’s in the air at Chase Field.


Reds 2, Cardinals 8Prof:  Randal Grichuk and Jedd Gyorko both homered, and Michael Wacha actually had an effective night on the bump.

Rockies 2, Giants 9Scouts: The Giants are now 1-10 against the Rockies, which is something I guess.  Buster Posey picked up 3 ribbies off as many hits.

Angels 4, Dodgers 0Scouts: Ricky Nolasco shut down the Dodgers in the midst of a homer spree, allowing nothing over 6.1 innings.  If you are a Dodgers fan I guess you are at least happy that Rich Hill pitched his longest outing of the season in the loss.


Yankees 6, White Sox 5Scouts: This one wasn’t as close as the score would indicate with the Sox picking up 4 in the 9th causing Aroldis Chapman to enter to slam the door.  Well close it gently is more like it since he entered and gave up a few hits and a run before picking up the final two outs.

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/26/17

  1. Grichuk, Gyorko and Wacha looks like the name of an eastern European law firm or 3 really difficult to use letter racks in Scrabble.
    When I think power ballads (and I really try not to) I automatically picture 80’s hair bands.

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  2. Except for Javy Baez’ exploits, last night’s game was kinda boring, right up until the bottom of the 9th when it wasn’t so boring anymore.

    Nats didn’t really deserve to win, but they had a chance with the winning run on 2nd, two outs, and Ryan Zimmerman at the plate, but, just like Mighty Casey, he struck out to end the game.

    Gonna be a fun week, I hope…


  3. Say hey, look over there. The Royals are only 21/2 games out of first while sporting a run differential of minus 38, just 3 behind my beloved Twins. This a bad year for the old wives tale that winning games is largely a function of scoring more runs than the other team.

    Boston’s starter tonight has the same birthday as me I notice. However, though the month and the day be the same the year is slightly different. He is also unique in that unlike the Twins starter he has an ERA under 5.

    Somewhere there is a pattern to all of this.


  4. Aside from the Adeiny Hechavarria salary dump and word that one or two more minor investors have climbed aboard one or the other group fighting to waste their money on the Feesh franchise, the Rainbow Warriors were orf yesterday. We look for Tom Koehler, David Phelps or A J Ramos to climb the scaffold next. People keep calling for the Feesh to trade the Iron Giant, apparently unmindful of his no trade clause and the five million dollar bayfront penthouse he just bought himself.

    As far as Prof, you can never have enough Prof.


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