He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/25/17

Prof:  Actual stuff happened in the Braves and Brewers game, which I will discuss in the game recap, but the most talked about thing didn’t happen on the field. Joe Simpson, who might be one of the most hated announcers in all of baseball (even by Braves fans, maybe especially by Braves fans), had a bit of a tantrum on the air after the Braves Organist (who is one of the best organists in sports, not my opinion but an actual fact) played an upbeat song in later innings. Apparently, Joe feels that when the Braves are being beaten, there should be no music, ever, and certainly nothing that could possibly put a smile on someone’s face. Twitter blew up, and even the professional organization for sports organists (yes, there is one) weighed in. I don’t expect there to be an apology from Joe, but there should be. He’s an embarrassment to the organization, in my opinion. And in this day and age, when everything that the Braves does is slightly embarrassing, that’s really saying something. Now, on with the show.




Pirates 4, Cardinals 8Scouts: Randal Grichuk tied it with a 478 foot two-run moonshot.  The next inning the Cards piled on 4 more as the bullpen watched this one fall apart.


Twins 4, Indians 0Prof:  The Magical Land of Cleve was fresh out of magic last night, and Happy’s boys were able to capitalize! It’s going to be interesting in the AL Central this year. The Twins swept the reigning AL Champs, and now are a half-game ahead of Cleveland in the division standings. Jason Castro drove in three, and Brian Dozier hit the game winning home run.

Cubs 2, Marlins 4Prof:  Well, that isn’t good. Mike Montgomery pitched a great game, but it didn’t really mean anything when the offense was…well…offensive. Chicago stranded eleven – ELEVEN?? – and to add insult to literal injury, Addison Russell’s nagging shoulder injury returned. Giancarlo Stanton smacked a home run, and Ichiro! keeps breaking records – this time he became the oldest player to start in center field since the dead ball era.

Orioles 8, Rays 5Prof:  Wow, did y’all know that Baltimore hasn’t won a road series since the middle of April? All that changed at the Trop last weekend. On Sunday, Caleb Joseph, Trey Mancini, and Jonathan Schoop hit homers for the Orioles.

Scouts: Over the weekend the O’s snapped a 20 game streak of giving up 5 or more runs.  on Sunday they celebrated by giving up 5 runs.  I guess old habits are hard to break.

Angels 4, Red Sox 2Scouts: Doug Fister and Parker Bridwell dueled it out, with Parker edging Fister despite giving up two home runs.

Brewers 7, Braves 0Prof:  Zach Davies, a young pitcher that I have been a fan of since he first came up with Milwaukee, gave Atlanta some serious problems last night. Julio Teheran was terrible, giving up seven runs in the first four innings. Not only did Davies pitch well, but he also hit a leadoff double in the fourth inning as well. Good on ya, kiddo. (Seriously, google Zach Davies and tell me that he doesn’t look like he should still be pitching in high school. He’s a child!)

Reds 6, Nationals 2 Prof:  Awww yeah, my young son Scooter Gennett strikes again, this time against the Washington Nationals! Four hits (including an RBI single), one homer, and a rocket throw to get a Nat out at home. My heart, it is full.


Rangers 7, Yankees 6Prof:  Rough day for Michael Pineda. The Rangers showed no mercy – Adrian Beltre, Shin-Soo Choo, and Drew Robinson all homered off of him in early innings. All seven Texas runs were achieved in the first four innings.

Athletics 5, White Sox 3Scouts: Sonny Gray went 7 innings giving up just 2 runs and 4 hits allowing the A’s some time to come from behind on Chicago’s bullpen.

Blue Jays 8, Royals 2Scouts: Jose Bautista woke up the Blue Jay’s offense with a two run blast in the 5th.  Toronto took advantage of a Royal error in the 6th and put up 5 runs which was more than enough for Francisco Liriano.


Mets 8, Giants 2Prof:  Man, how bad do you have to be to be beaten by six runs by THE METS? That’s a special kind of awful. Hunter Strickland came back from his Royce Harpler-related suspension, and promptly gave up a homer to the Grandy Man and hit a guy, too. Good times.

Astros 8, Mariners 2Scouts: 4 in the 4th was enough to win it, the extra 4 in the 9th was just for show.  We also had a bit of a situation when a umpire ruled a runner safe on replay, then quickly changed the ruling to out.  Um, buddy you had plenty of time there.


Phillies 1, Diamondbacks 2 F/11Scouts: I hope you like pitching duels, because that’s what we had in Arizona before Daniel Descalso singled in the winning run in the 11th in a game that featured more strike outs (21) than hits (16).


Tigers 7, Padres 5Scouts: Mikie Mahtook who has just one of the most difficult to look at names knocked in the go-ahead runs in the 9th to end the Tigers 8 game losing streak.

Rockies 6, Dodgers 12Prof:  Oh, wow. This is a wild ride. Ready? Let’s go. So, The Rockies were ahead until the seventh inning. Then wild pitches happened! Two wild pitches in the seventh, and two wild pitches in the eighth, adding with them five additional runs. Then young phenom Cody Bellinger pushed the dagger in, hitting his second home run of the game.





15 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/25/17

  1. Prof, your young son was a right pain in the ass to the Nats all weekend, with two homers, two doubles, and an OPS of a tidy 1.714 over the three games; please speak with him about proper behavior in others’ houses going forward…

    It was a weird weekend series between these two clubs; the Reds twice had their starting pitcher bat before he’d thrown a pitch, but only managed to win one of those games. Strasburg was victimized Friday night by the Wilmer Difo Experiment; Michael A. Taylor was a bit banged up, and so rather than start three guys with experience playing OF in the majors, the Nats put Difo in CF to start the game, and he was completely lost out there. However, helped by two homers from Brian Goodwin, the Nats crawled back and eventually won in extra innings.

    Saturday was a beatdown, with the Nats winning 18-3. I did learn, however, that Taylor must follow me on Twitter, because I tweeted out early during Saturday’s game that Goodwin had seemingly played himself into a platoon with MAT once Werth returns, and Taylor’s hit three HRs since that tweet. Maybe Goodwin platoons with Werth for a while?

    Yesterday, Tanner Roark followed up his six-run third inning implosion against the Feesh last Monday by giving up five runs in the first, but he managed to right the ship the rest of the way and hang around for six innings and maybe figure out what’s been bothering him lately. Offensively, the Nats seemed mostly content to rest on the laurels of series already won, and so never really threatened to make it a game.

    Cubs come to town tonight for four; looking forward to what should be an entertaining series.

    As a parting shot, I’ll leave you all with this news item making the rounds over the weekend:


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    1. Never been more proud of my boy. :p

      I think that Cubs series will be interesting. They are in a slide, and very hot/cold. Whoever gets to lukewarm wins!


        1. Yeah, I fucking hit post before I meant to, ( or did I? I’m an absurdist after all, but I dId make pancakes this morning, but that’s because BMW’s can’t procreate without divine intervention and frankly, I think she’s a little stand fucking offish lately!

          For her fucking sakes, she allows the toddler in chief to be elected to the executive office, but allows Tom Cruise to make money grinning at a camera while standing on 2 fucking milk crates.

          I should be careful with my negative impact. I am hustling Avon, selling crap on ebay , turning tricks in rest stops, selling brown bananas and telling everyone they’re perfect plantains, collecting welfare from my Obama phone.

          Other than that, I’m simply scared that the corporate whores are going to let us Olds, die in the fucking street!

          The pick Republican dude who body slammed a fucking reporter, also has REALLY fucking weird ideas about retirement !

          Kinda paraphrasing the above billionaire whom infuckingherited his first billion, went on to say :

          ” Noah didn’t just expect to get a pat on the back and walk on the beach! ” ” No, Noah was what? 600 years old? He worked! ”

          The guy won the runoff!


  2. It all makes perfect sense. The Twins lose first place by being swept at home by Cleveland, then regain it by sweeping Cleveland in Cleveland. during their week long charge back to first place, their run differential grows to a minus 38, while they hold the defending American League champions to a total of two runs (one earned) over three games. I want to thank which ever one of you slipped some LSD into my coffee.

    Off to Fenway where it’s scheduled to be Berrios followed by the Poo Poo Three against one of the best rotations in baseball.


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  3. The umpire in question in the Astros/Mariners game was Angel Hernandez. Need I say more?

    Just to say more anyway. If I told you and umpire made a bad strike call, got into an argument with a player, followed him to the dugout cursing, and then threw him out you would say……….Joe West!!

    Some umpire stuff is just too easy.

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  4. Ichiro keeps chugging along no matter how embarrassingly bad his play. Setting a record for the oldest fart every to start as a position player isn’t really my idea of a “record,” and I speak from experience. The latterday incarnation of Musashi Miyamoto is slashing .200/.232/.284/.516 (that’s a sword joke, people) which, if you saw him play in his prime, is painful to contemplate. Has he slowed down? Are you kidding? Compared to him Godzilla looks like Harold Abrahams these days. I don’t doubt that he’s playing with all his heart but this isn’t about desire. It’s about ability, performance and the ravages of middle age. This isn’t something you can help with Viagra.

    Meanwhile, the Feesh have apparently traded Adeiny Hechavarria to the Razed for a couple of low-A prospects, a pitcher and an outfielder. On one hand it’s a classic Scrooge McLoria salary dump, but on the other, the Feesh farm system looks like a chicken ranch with a mutant coccidiosis outbreak and needs to be restocked. The Feesh will now go with J T Riddle, whose numbers have been declining of late as opposing pitchers have been using surplus night vision goggles to locate the holes in his swing.


    1. As an old fart calling an older fart out for calling a what? 45 year old guy an embarrassment? C’mon my friend, probably one of the best situational hitters to ever play the game !

      Sorry for anyone who’s going to be mad at my Hawt taek, I am hoping that Ichiro gets enshrinedone before Rose!

      ANYWAYS, enough about my sexual prowess, I just wanted to let you know that I am greatful for you and your site. However, I do hate your family and you can renew that restraint order every six months, but eventually, you’re going to have me taking everything from you as I rampage into your life!



      I sent you a certified check for 11.80 for a frigging 1 hour lecture on how to build a blog from nothing but time, sweat and great writing, what did I get?

      A frigging crack addiction! Yeah, you love them Orioles, me, I am kinda used to the casual racist uttering of the walking dead in Boston thank you!

      Anyways, have your lawyer call my insane amount of class action lawsuits.


      1. Trump Voice ” C’mon, you know what I mean, when I said enshrinded, or whatever, I meant that I lied and you should know by now. ”

        Don’t worry silly little voter’s, I am going to wreck this country good, while also stealing it’s wealth !


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