Iron Giant Crushes 458 Foot Gopher

Not much to report this weekend except that on Friday the Iron Giant crushed a pitch like it had a mobster in the trunk.

Today, the Feesh were in mid-May form, scoring three in the first on a J T Realmuto home run and then snoring through the rest of the game. Cubbies take it, 5-3.

I have no idea what all else happened as I was stuck on a delayed flight home from Nyorc which was further delayed when the jetway at Macondo – Banana Republic Field broke down after we landed and we had to wait for them to figure out who unplugged what.

Also, rumors have been swirling all week that Adeiny Hechavarria is about to be traded for Buddha knows what.  Yes, it’s a vintage Scrooge McLoria salary doomph.

Image result for images of dump trucks full of money

4 thoughts on “Iron Giant Crushes 458 Foot Gopher

  1. Don’t worry my esteemed friend, at least the next ownership can’t fuck you guys worse than the walking prolapsed anal fissures that ruined your local economy.

    Oh wait, I remembered who your Governor is, the guy who looks like “he who must not be named ” but without the charm or long term goals. Cheer up, things will probably be worse tomorrow. Oh wait. ..

    Great to hear from you OG, you’re a brilliant man. I am hoping all is well and you move or strangle every Republican in Florida before Virginia is our southern most beach destination. You need to run for fucking something!

    You are everything I aspire to be, however, I don’t have the knowledge or the vocabulary to convey. Kick there asses OG!

    I call Susan Collins a couple times a week. You could explain to Fucking Voldemort why he’s wrong. Do it and I will provide 5 hours a week to helping you. To be honest, those 5 hours a week will undoubtedly take up my dishwashing time, and maybe I won’t be able to help clean the house or mow the fucking lawn, but I will gladly accept the responsibility!

    Any chance you can send me an official looking letter I could show my wife how I’m working on your campaign so I don’t have to help around the house? Wait a minute, that’s kinda misogynistic. Never mind, I just turned Republican, and it’s my deeply held religious beliefs that I shouldn’t have to do anything that is beneath me. Just your typical embarrassed future millionaire who only has to buy scratch tickets until the corporate governance finally lets it start trickling down.

    Love you OG!


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