Update – Addison Russell Under Investigation For Domestic Violence

Update: Melisa Russell has filed for divorce and announced she will not participate in MLB’s investigation to the alleged abuse.  Melisa has yet to speak publicly to the allegations.  The law firm representing Melissa released the following statement:

“It is her desire to pursue a resolution that is, first and foremost, in the best interest of the parties’ son, and which occurs in a swift, amicable and private fashion,” the firm’s statement said.



Yesterday we learned that Derek Norris would be under investigation by MLB for claims of Domestic Violence, and today we learn that the latest target of investigation is Cubs Shortstop Addison Russell.  Russell’s wife, Melisa suggested in multiple Instagram posts late Wednesday night that the couple was breaking up and accused Addison of cheating.  In one of the comments of the posts, a person who was referred to as a close friend of Melisa accused Russell of “mentally and physically abusing her”.

This is now the second time in two days a Domestic Violence claim comes as a result of Instagram, which I’m told is apparently the new Facebook.  While all claims should be investigated thoroughly and could very well be true, they both come with a few shades of doubt, further shining a light on the difficulties of such cases.  The Russell claim comes from a friend of Melisa, not from Melisa directly.  While Melisa admits to the cheating claims, she has yet to speak publicly to the abuse claim.

In the case of Derek Norris, the claim came a year after the couple split, an incident that she claims happened two years ago.  The detailed blog post, which was written in all caps, was incredibly difficult to follow.  Derek Norris is heatedly denying all accusations.

Both claims are very recent, so hopefully in time we will have more concrete information, but as often is the case in these situations, it may be difficult to truly know who and what to believe.

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