He Said, She Said – Scores for 6/22/17

Prof:  So, my router has been stupid all night, and none of my computers or phone can connect to WiFi. So, this is a bit wonky. I am doing this on the fly at work this morning. So…. There were a lot of high scoring games, too. Who said offense was dead?

Please feel free to add music to today’s post – it’s Friday!!! I am supposed to go out with a friend for his birthday. He’s turning 25. We might see a movie, we might just go grab a food-like substance. Who knows?

Oh, and all recaps today is by yours truly; Scout has the day off.

Giants 11, Braves 12 – You get a hit, and you get a hit! Everyone got a hit in the fifth inning, when Atlanta scored eight runs. 

Tigers 6, Mariners 9

Mets 3, Dodgers 6

Cardinals 1, Phillies 5

White Sox 9, Twins 0

Blue Jays 4, Rangers 11 – Carlos Gomez hit two home runs and had five RBI.

Pirates 2, Brewers 4

Diamondbacks 10, Rockies 3 – The Gritty Snakes had not one but two three-run homers. Goldy and Owings, come on down! You might actually be in the running for NL West supremacy!

Astros 12, A’s 9

Angels 10, Yankees 5

Cubs 11, Marlins 1 – Kris Bryant had a three run bomb, and Ian Happ continues to say “Shalom” to the National League. The Cubs sent the Schwarb down to Iowa, but I-Happ is more than capable.

Indians 6, Orioles 3

16 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores for 6/22/17

  1. I’ve been busy in Nyorc for the last few days so pardon my deceptive silence. The pug uglies came out at Macondo Banana Massacre Field last night, didn’t they? Feesh front end and boolpen both took a shellacking. Musashi Tazawa returned from the DL to pitch batting practice even as Ziegler got shelved. It was as if the Rainbow Warriors de-activated typhoid and reinstated dysentery.
    In other news, Beep Beep visited the Feesh to report that he still can’t find enough suckers to pay Scrooge McLoria’s absurd $1.3B asking price for his locally shunned money losing franchise. Times are tough in Paradise these days.

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    1. Update! Update! Update! News just broke that Jeb Bush and his .092%-of-the-primary-vote credibility has joined the Tagg Romney sordidium competing with the Beep Beep ensemble for the right to purchase the grotesquely overpriced Feesh franchise from Scrooge McLoria. I would be tempted to say “Tagg, you’re it!”

      Except that….word also broke today that the “mystery group” seeking to buy the Rainbow Warriors is not, as previously reported, a consortium of Ancient Old Ones headed by Cthulhu, Dagon and Yog Sothoth, but their hominid equivalent, Jorge Mas, head of the gazillion dollar Mas Tec construction conglomerate and rich enough to hire Scrooge McLoria to wash and wax his DeLorean. Mas, however, is offering to put up a measly $200 million himself and is assembling his own group of clueless investors to throw money into this hole in the standings. There is no word if the Mas Cartel includes a “baseball mind,” or if he’s planing to purchase the cracked frozen head of Ted Williams, thaw it out, activate it, and mount it in a glass bubble on top of a robot kitchen sweeper to run the team.

      Stay tuned….

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  2. Is there anything worse than sucking while having an astronomical payroll full of under performing veterans that likely won’t bring a lot in return if traded? The Motor City Kitties are making a mad push for worst record in the AL. 11 loses in the last 14 games, the shipping is rapidly sinking.

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        1. Right now the Twins starting rotation is Santana, Berrios, followed by three days of poo poo. If that could change to Santana, Berrios, Verlander followed by only two days of poo poo, and if the Indians could get back into the spirit of things, instead of playing like the defending American League champions we could have some fun around here. There must be somebody in the Twins system that makes the Tiger lick her chops, but don’t get too greedy, remember the big V’s trillion dollar contract.

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    1. You just enjoy kicking people in the nuts while they are down, don’t you? Wiser people than I say it builds character, for me, it’s only made me sterile and I perhaps dust the blinds and vacuum the light sockets more than usual. Also, I’ve taken to skin lotion lately.

      I’m probably leathery as hell, but I am kinda supple like a good Nicaraguan Dolce and Gabbana knock off handbag. YES, you could spend the extra 6 grand and get the real thing, but why? I’m at least worth 20 bucks to a frigging tourist!

      Yeah, self esteem seems to be the other thing I lost. Haha Great to hear from you and I fervently hope all is well with you and all the other rock stars on this site.



  3. We should all send Nick Turley a kind thought. After grinding it out in the minor leagues for over ten years before finally getting a shot at the dream, his career probably ended yesterday.

    Some light temporarily clicked on this year enabling him to tear it up at AA and AAA earning him a chance to win a spot in the Twins rotation. His first start wasn’t good but it wasn’t poo poo. His second start was poo poo. Yesterday he gave up 5 runs while lasting 2/3 inning.

    Nick when you tell your grandkids about your final major league start, show them what a cool sense of humor you have.


  4. Love that you are still doing the things you do whilst also having a life. I hate your 25 year old friend though, youth is wasted on the young. Also, oxygen is wasted on Trump voters, but I digress.

    This is the first time in a while I’ve had time to say hi and I wanted miss you gals and guys.
    Double Cheers for you my friend.

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    1. You know what part of the sentence I fucked up, let’s just say I’ve correctly wrote it.

      Why yes I am high, how did you know? It was my eyes right? Maybe the stutter? Oh wait, it’s because I have been making candles out of human hair. They’re not THAT bad, I mean, they’re for your bathroom, not the office.

      You at least understand me. Apropos of nothing, are you thinking of getting a haircut soon?


    2. No, you’d like my friend. I guarantee you would. 😛 You know what we did, though? He came over after work, we watched Justice League Unlimited and he fell asleep on my futon for a few hours because he was tired. ROFL 25 ain’t what it used to be, I guess.


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