He Said, She Said – Recaps For 6/21/2017

Oh no.  Directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord were fired from the Hans Solo movie about halfway through filming for “creative differences”, and it’s quickly turning into a pretty big mess.  The Directors Guild of America is starting to get involved, rumors and gossip is spreading like whildfire, and the future of the film is not looking so positive.  I don’t recall the last time a director was fired so deep into a project and the movie actually turned out good.  This may be a tough one Star Wars fans.  Apparently Ron Howard and Joe Johnston are having their names floating around as potential replacements.  I couldn’t even begin to figure what sort of mess they may be walking into.  I suppose the movie is on hold while everything gets sorted out, which is never a good thing.  Between this and the Trek delays, and the fact that Fox is still jerking around with Firefly, long time sci-fi fans are really having a rough go of it as of late.  This shouldn’t be this complicated.



Reds 3, Rays 8Scouts: A lot of 2-out RBI’s doomed Cincy in this one.  Also going 1-10 with runners in scoring position didn’t help too much either.

Marlins 2, Nationals 1Scouts: Just ouch.  Max Scherzer lost a no-hitter with one down in the 8th on a infield single, which turned into a two-run rally by the Marlins.  What a terrible way to lose a game.  Thankfully the Nationals are in the weakest division in the league and have about a 50 game lead.


Indians 5, Orioles 1Scouts: Kevin Gausman had his best night of the season and it still featured getting lit up pretty good.  Carlos Carrasco struck out 10 over 6 and was able to keep the O’s at bay.

Angels 4, Yankees 8Scouts: The win snapped a 7 game slide for the Yankees but continued a 10 game losing streak for the Angels in games started by Ricky Nolasco.


Cardinals 7, Phillies 6Scouts: The Phillies were up 5-0 after 4 but couldn’t hold the lead as rookie Nick Pivetta watched the bullpen give up runs in the 8th, 9th, and two in the 10th.  Philly attempted a comeback in the 10th, but ended just a little short.

Red Sox 4, Royals 6Scouts: Salvador Perez took the 9th pitch he saw in the 8th to launch his first career grand slam and to sink the Sox.


Padres 3, Cubs 2Scouts: Koji Uehara walked in the winning run in the 8th.  Ian Happ went deep once again.

Giants 3, Braves 5 F/11 – Scouts: Matt Kemp walked it off going the other way with a two run home run in the 11th.


Blue Jays 7, Rangers 5Scouts: Tyson Ross got his tits lit in the first giving up 6 including a two-run homer by Darwin Barney.  Texas climbed back, but couldn’t overcome the large deficit. Both teams are now one game under .500 but are going in opposite directions.

White Sox 2, Twins 4Scouts: Jose Berrios went 8 strong and Miguel Sano went oppo as the Twins dropped the Sox.

Pirates 4, Brewers 4Scouts: Domingo Santana smacked a two-run shot in the 7th to seal the deal for the Brew Crew.


Diamondbacks 16, Rockies 5Scouts: Holy Shit that’s a lot of offense!  10 runs came in the 4th as Jeff Hoffman ended the night with 3.2 IP, 8 hits and 9 runs.  Brandon Drury went 4-6 with 6 RBI.  Arizona hit just one home run, a 2-run shot off the bat of Nick Ahmed.


Astros 5, Athletics 1Scouts: Mike Fiers and friends held Oakland to just 4 hits, meanwhile Carlos Correa continued his hot streak with two more hits and a homer in the 9th.

Tigers 5, Mariners 7Scouts: When they fall, they fall hard.  Verlander lost his perfect game in the 6th, and the pen continued the collapse as the M’s suddenly woke up and put 7 on the board in two innings.

Mets 2, Dodgers 8 Scouts: Rich Hill shut down the hapless Mets, Yasmani Grandai went yard twice, and Yasiel Puig added one of his own.

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 6/21/2017

  1. The Nats have a short history of existence in DC, and so not many memorable games, relative to other franchises. Many of the ones that are memorable involve Max Scherzer – two no-hitters, another with 20 Ks, and I’m sure yesterday’s game will be added to the pile, although it’ll be of the painful kind, not the joyous one.

    There were some parallels yesterday to Game 2 of the 2014 NLDS. In that one, a dominant starter (Jordan Zimmermann) got removed from a 1-0 game with two outs in the top of the ninth, after he’d yielded a walk. Drew Storen gave up a single and a double, the game was tied, and it would be nine more innings before that one was decided, but people will always say it was the wrong decision.

    As for yesterday, objectively, it was time to pull Max after he hit Dee Gordon to load the bases, but the pickings are still pretty slim in the Nats’ bullpen; Treinen and Perez were up and throwing, but as Dusty said postgame, “Who could you bring in that was going to throw as well as Scherzer?” (or words to that effect). All I know is that when even the team’s announcers are pointing out the problem during the game (F.P. Santangelo during the 8th, with runners on base, “If this is Clayton Kershaw pitching, Kenley Jansen is in this game now.”), the hope is that ownership is listening, and they give Rizzo the go ahead to spend the money to fix this problem.


      1. This was tweeted during the game yesterday:

        I don’t know. Glover (first choice) and Kelley (second) are both on the DL. Original closer Blake Treinen looked great on Tuesday, and only threw ten pitches, but Dusty doesn’t trust him right now.

        I didn’t see the error that really made the mess; maybe if young Mr. Turner had made a better throw, the inning’s over and the angst moves to the 9th inning instead. So long as Max’s arm doesn’t fall off, I’m not going to sweat this one too much.


  2. We just had our two days of Santana and Berrios and won both even though Santana continues to regress, but now kicks off three days of poo poo. Good chance the Indians start to pull away. Tough, I refuse to lay off the ice cream.

    BTW I know it’s mean to say it, but it is gratifying to hear that the Angels have lost 10 straight games started by Nolasco.


  3. Solo can’t be a worse movie than the abortion Peter Jackson made of the “Hobbit” trilogy. Same situation; coming in halfway through production. But Ron Howard? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah. Go ‘Stro’s!


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