He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/19/17

Prof:  Hey guys! Sorry I completely forgot about the post yesterday. But I did catch up on sleep, so that’s the trade off. Sunday I spent most of the day either sleeping, trying to get rid of a headache, and watching Justice League on Netflix. Now I’m watching Justice League Unlimited. I miss the Flash, though. I have a soft spot for redheads, even fictional ones.


Scouts: I’m so excited to see you are getting around to the JLA and JLU!  I Love, love, LOVE the Justice League animated show.  I’m not entirely sure which episode is my favorite, but I tend to lean toward Wild Card.  It’s crazy to me to see a template for doing the JLA just right and yet so many get it wrong.  It has some of the absolute best performances by some of the truly best actors that really fleshed out many of the characters you maybe didn’t care so much about.  I’ve never seen a better depiction of Wonder Woman, and the Flash is just nailed it.  Not to mention that they completely nailed Luthor and of course Mark Hamill’s Joker.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the change in format to the JLU, where they shortened each episode to 30 mins, which allowed for more stories, but not quite as fully fleshed out.  It did allow for them to show off some of the lesser known DC characters, unfortunately it came at the cost of them almost entirely writing Flash off the show.  Fans went nuts yelling they wanted the return of Flash, and when he comes back, well it’s a lot of fun.


Astros 4, Athletics 1Scouts: 3 homers and a strong starting pitching performance sure is the key to grinding your opponents win streak to a halt.  Jake Marisnick, George Springer, and Derek Fisher played the hero in this one.

Mets 6, Dodgers 10Scouts: Cody Bellinger went deep two times and in doing so became the fastest player in history to get to 21 homers, which is incredibly impressive for a player who isn’t exactly a house hold name.  I get he’s not playing in New York like Aaron Judge, but let’s get this guy a little love huh?  Justin Turner also went 4-4 with a homer, which was helpful because Clayton Kershaw didn’t have his A game, giving up 4 homers of his own.


Giants 0, Braves 9Prof:  Guess who showed up in Atlanta! Benedict Cumberbatch! Oh, and the Braves did, too! R.A. Dickey decided to remember how to pitch, and the Giants forgot how to connect to anything. Dickey pitched seven scoreless innings, Matt Adams continues to make a mockery of the St. Louis Cardinals’ dismissal of him, and Dr. Strange sat in the stands to watch it all unfold. Must’ve been some kind of magic!

Pirates 8, Brewers 1Prof:  Pittsburgh had a heck of a night against Count Von Count…I mean, Matt Garza. Andrew McCutchen hit a home run and David Freese went 2-4 in the win.

Blue Jays 7, Rangers 6Scouts: It was a big 4th inning as the Blue Jays picked up 4, only to be eclipsed by the Rangers picking up 5.  The Jays had the last laugh however getting two in the 9th off hits by Josh Donaldson and Kendrys Morales.

Padres 2, Cubs 3Prof:  Anthony Rizzo is loving that leadoff spot. He went 2 for 3, and drove in an RBI. The match was won thanks to a Padres error, which lead to a Javy Baez run.


Tigers 2, Mariners 6Scouts: Seattle pulled away with a pair of 2-run homers by Mike Zunino and Guillermo Heredia.

Red Sox 2, Royals 4Scouts: A 7th inning rally doomed the Sox, who couldn’t break out against Jason Hammel.


Reds 7, Rays 3Prof:  My small son Scooter Gennett is at it again! Scoots Magoots blasted a two run homer, along with Scott Schebler, and Joey Votto capped off the night with an RBI single to put the Reds ahead of Tampa once and for all.

Indians 12, Orioles 0Prof:  It was a dark and stormy night. A flock of orange and black birds were attacked by a dangerous Klubot. They did not survive. Corey Kluber pitched a complete game, struck out 11, and only allowed three hits total all night.


Nationals 7, Marlins 8Prof: OK, so in this battle between the allegiances of Old Gator and SomeGuy, it looks like we had a bit of a whiplash going on. It started out great for SG and his Nats. They had a six run lead going into the third inning. And then Big Buckin’ Chicken showed up. I’m sorry, you guys, but I’m just gonna keep calling Justin Bour that until I don’t hear that stupid theme song in my head when I see him. Anyway, Bour absolutely crushed a grand slam that pulled the Feesh up even with Washington, and the fight was on! The Nats tried to get back, and they did for an inning, but Giancarlo Stanton tied Miami up again. Finally, the winning shot was in the ninth inning, a single from Ozuna.


9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/19/17

  1. Over at that place we used to hang out, Craig’s highlighting a Donnie Baseball quote about how getting to the Nats’ bullpen is the key to success against the Nats, because you never know. While I’ll grant that is a correct summation of the season-long narrative for this team, it’s absolute horseshit when used to describe last night’s proceedings. Yes, the record will show that a member of the Nats’ bullpen got tagged with a blown save, and another picked up the loss, but when they gave a collective 6 IP with only 2 runs allowed after the starter cratered like Roark did, I’m not going to crucify them.

    Enny Romero could’ve gotten out of the 9th if his command were a little better; he had Ozuna 0-2 and demonstrating a willingness to swing at anything, but instead of throwing pitches off the plate, he grooved one that Ozuna hit for the walkoff. That said, this one’s on Roark; he’s fighting his mechanics right now, and says he knows what’s wrong (and even pitched the first two innings like he’d figured it out), but he hasn’t been himself the last few starts.

    Michael A. Taylor, a native of south Florida, had himself a real nice game last night in front of friends and family with a pretty decent running catch and a pair of outfield assists to go with a couple hits. Here’s hoping that Gio Gonzalez, another product of the area, rights the ship tonight.

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    1. Seemed to me that it was just an old fashioned slugfest. Only Miami was late to the party. I didn’t watch any of the game in real time, so I’m curious. How did they load the bases up against Bour in the first place?


      1. The Marlins had scored two in the third already, the bases were empty, and there were two outs, and then…

        The Iron Giant hit a ground ball in the hole at third; Rendon dove and snagged it, but couldn’t make the play, so infield single. After that, two walks loaded the bases for Bour, and then the grand slam.

        The Nats managed to get out of that inning with no further damage, but I was almost hoping for the Marlins to send a couple more men to the plate, just to see the oddity of Ichiro coming to the plate as a pinch hitter twice in the same inning. Ichiro came up third in the inning, pinch hitting for Nicolino, but the Marlins only ended up sending ten men to the plate, so no double dipping.


  2. The Tigers have officially kicked off their new marketing campaign, #FinishLastForMrI, by trying to re-heat the corpse of Anibal Sanchez’s career. After last night’s fine 2/3 of an inning, KFraud has an unholy ERA of 6.66. Fire sale to start soon.

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    1. The Orioles are making a strong campaign for last by trotting out shitty starter after shitty starter. They honestly don’t even deserve to send anyone to the All-Star game at this point, except maybe Trey Mancini.


    2. Hoping for a .400 season!

      Seriously, who are you getting ready to see go? I figure they can’t really dump Miggy right now. Kinsler has a no-trade clause, and they’d probably have to get an extension from him to get too much. JD is probably gone. I don’t know who else they could get rid of, but I’m solidly confident it won’t be Frankie, Castellanos, or anyone else they could improve just by shedding. Verlander could be gone, but that would hurt after they spent so much time making him the face of the franchise. Other than Z-mann, how much can the starting rotation change without gutting so much you can’t rebuild?

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  3. It looks like the Indians are starting to play like the defending American League champions, so maybe the Twins won’t get to win the AL Central by going 82 – 80 and then inexplicably beating a string of 90 plus wins powerhouses in the playoffs.


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