He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/13/17

Prof:  They say that you have to be the thing you want most in life. I want to be a sportswriter. Sportswriters listen to Ryan Adams. Coincidentally, so do I. So, I’m going to pretend full out that I’m a professional sportswriter and post some Ryan Adams for all of us to enjoy.


Mariners 7, Twins 20Prof:  The game of the evening! I hope that Happy was able to watch this! How ’bout your boys, good sir? Minnesota had a franchise first, recording 28 (!!!) hits. According to Elias Sports Bureau, these are the most hits in a game since the Rangers smashed 29 in 2007. So, wowzers. And they did it all without the heavy lumber of Miguel Sano! Look at who pulled their weight:  Eddie Rosario had three home runs by himself, Brian Dozier and Max Kepler also had a smackarooney a piece. Jason Castro had four ribbies of his own and the Twins currently lead the AL Central. Ain’t that something?


Yankees 2, Angels 3 – Scouts: This game was all about Eric Young Jr., who tied the game in the 8th with a solo homer, and then won it in the 11th with a walk-off single.  The Yankees lost CC Sebathia to a strained left hamstring in the 5th.

Reds 2, Padres 6Scouts: Francy Cordero picked up two home runs and Clayton Richard lasted all but one out .

Royals 8, Giants 1Scouts: The Royals scored 6 in the 6th, including a bases-loaded triple by Whit Merrifield sending the Giants to their 40th loss on the season.

Brewers 0, Cardinals 6 (Game 1), Brewers 8, Cardinals 5 (Game 2) – Prof:  First things first, congrats to Mike Matheny (who depending on who you talk to is either the number one or number two dreamiest manager in all of baseball), who is a new grandpa! Wow! Boy, do I feel stupid old now! Oh, and I guess there was a doubleheader played as well. Um… Lance Lynn got the game one win despite some shaky pitching, and for the Brew Crew, Corey Knebel converts another save, his ninth in twelve tries.

Braves 5, Nationals 10Prof:  Ryan Zimmerman has been out of action lately, and last night was his return to the diamond. And boy, did he ever, hitting two home runs and driving in three runs against R.A. Dickey and the sad sack Atlanta Barves. Yes, I meant Barves. SomeGuy will be a happy man because his Nats’ bullpen didn’t mess their collective britches last night.

Rockies 2, Pirates 5Scouts: Andrew McCutchen had himself a two home run game, but it was John Jaso’s two-run pinch-hit home run that put the Pirates up for good in the seventh.

Rays 8, Blue Jays 1Scouts: The Rays got homers by Taylor Featherson, Logan Morrison, and Corey Dickerson.  Marco Estrada gave up 12 hits over 3.1 innings for the Jays.

Phillies 3, Red Sox 4 F/12 – Prof:  Man, the Red Sox really love going into extra innings, don’t they? It seems like every other day I’m typing F/extras next to their name. The game was won by young Andrew Benintendi hitting a walk-off single…which actually bounced out of the ball park, but was still ruled a single. Fernando Abad got the win. The only thing I can think of is my favorite Keane song, “A Bad Dream”. I wake up, it’s Abad. Dream.

Dodgers 7, Indians 5Prof:  Another day, another successful outing for Clayton Kershaw. All he does is win, win, win, no matter what. Rookie phenom Cody Bellinger hit two home runs to help the cause. Are the Dodgers finally for really real this year?


Diamondbacks 7, Tigers 6Scouts: David Peralta hit the game winner in the 9th.  Paul Goldschmidt and Brandon Drury assisted with two run homers.

Cubs 14, Mets 3Prof:  The National League equivalent of the Twins’ game was the matchup between Chicago and New York. The lineup got a good shake when Joe Maddon, who is never afraid to try something new, put Anthony Rizzo first in batting order. Rizz (who, not unlike Illya Kuryakin, goes and does what is required of him) right away hit a big ol’ homer to christen his new spot in the lineup. Ian Happ, the fresh, exciting young rook, got his first career grand slam and the Mets rolled up out of Citi Field in shame.


Athletics 1, Marlins 8 Prof:  Big news in this one is that Giancarlo Stanton can get hit in the wrist and keep on smashing home runs because his bone structure is not unlike that of Logan the Wolverine, and Ichiro! got his 364th interleague hit, which ties Derek Jeter’s record. Go Ichiro!

Orioles 1, White Sox 6Scouts: The pathetic Orioles continue their streak of horribleness, now losing their 11th consecutive road game, each in increasingly pathetic fashion.  This time it was a 0 out Grand Slam given up to Matt Davidson in the 6th.  Baltimore continues to show incompetence on every dimension and if anyone would actually give us anything for any of our players, I would sell in a heartbeat.  Rumors are flying that Dan Duquette will get his ass fired any day now.

Rangers 4, Astros 2Prof:  Joey Gallo didn’t do much, but Rougned Odor surely did. Two home runs, one of which propelled the Rangers to the lead. Odor has hit four homers in his last eight games, an incredible streak for a guy who went almost a full month without hitting one. George Springer continues to do big things for Houston, nearing the franchise record for most leadoff homers which is currently held by one Craig Biggio. Not too shabby.

8 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/13/17

  1. SomeGuy will be a happy man because his Nats’ bullpen didn’t mess their collective britches last night.

    Yes, indeed it’s true. For fans who’ve crawled out onto the ledge twenty stories up, with a pistol in one hand, a vial of poison in the other, loudly announcing their plans to end it all unless Rizzo fixed this mess, last night was at least enough to get them to lower their voices to conversational level, though perhaps still outside voice.

    It’s almost as if they were a changed bunch last night, like they received an edict of “Thou Shalt Throw Strikes, Consequences Be Damned”, and they mostly followed it, with 3 1/3 innings of no runs, four hits, four Ks (all by Enny Romero) and only one walk. Shawn Kelley did make things a bit interesting in the 9th, yielding two of the four hits while getting two outs, the second of which was a Matt Kemp flyout to deep left center that Kemp just missed, but Oliver Perez was summoned to get Matt Adams (who’s been doing his best Freddie Freeman impersonation lately) and that was that.

    So, the Nats win, the Mets lose, and the lead’s back to 9 1/2, meaning folks can relax just a bit, although I’m sure some fans are wetting their pants over the thought of the upcoming four game series at Citi Field, convinced that somehow the Nats will blow the whole lead over the weekend. That probably won’t happen…


    1. The fellow I have been seeing will be at today’s game. He knows nothing about sports. He asked if he should cheer for the Braves for me, and I said no, because they’ll probably lose and you don’t wanna alienate your Nats fan boss. Lol


  2. All of you please do talk with and enjoy each other, but please try to keep your voices down. I don’t want to be woken up, this is a really good dream.

    The Twins are 5 games above 500 and are in first place with what I can finally accurately call a multiple game lead, and have now been in first place for 30 some days, even though they still have a run differential of minus 26 and a loosing record at home. Last night the Mariners felt compelled to let their backup catcher pitch, which is so pleasantly weird because the Twins have felt compelled to do the same I think 5 times this year including night before last. The fun part of dreaming is knowing that it’s a dream because it makes no sense.


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  3. For the Rays last night, young Mr Faria had his second excellent start. I know that it’s extremely SSS, but he’s now 2-0 with a 1.42 ERA and a .947 WHIP. And it’s been since July 2014 that the Rays have had a starting pitcher 30 YO or more.

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