He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/12/17

Prof:  This weekend a personal hero died. Adam West was my Batman, and while he isn’t the “cool” Bat, or the “edgy” Bat, he was the one who made me believe that good can triumph in this crappy world. And even though he is generally the butt of every hackneyed Bat-joke, I ask the last time you watched the Batman ’66 movie and saw the scene when his love interest, Miss Kitka, turns out to be the devious Catwoman. West’s face was covered with a cowl, and yet you could see the tender emotion of a man whose heart had been broken, and the resolve of his alter ego to push it away and go on with the ugly business of crime fighting. In that moment, you could see the underrated skill and humanity  that Adam West brought to Bruce Wayne and the Batman. So while the Bat-Signal in my heart shall now forever remain unanswered,  I honor the memory of my first larger than life hero by injecting some of that Pow! Biff! Zowie! into today’s recap.


Phillies 5, Red Sox 6 F/11 – Prof:  Extra innings nearly got the job done for Philadelphia, but Dustin Pedroia happened, winning the day with a single.


Mariners 14, Twins 3Scouts: Seattle put their foot on the gas and never let up, scoring in every inning except the third, fifth, and 7th.  Adalberto Mejia gave up 9 runs over 3.2 innings.  Of the 14 runs Seattle picked up, only two came off the long ball.


Rangers 6, Astros 1Prof:  Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu got what the Rangers need, and so did Nomar Mazara! Mazara hit a three-run dinger to allow Texas to leap into the lead and never look back. Darvish went seven solid innings of one hit ball. Oh, and Joey Gallo did some stuff, too, yawn.

Yankees 5, Angels 3Scouts: No one can stop the Judge.  They can barely contain him.


Reds 3, Padres 9Scouts: A 6 run second pretty much sealed this game for San Diago.  Discovered by the Germans in 1904.

Braves 11, Nationals 10Prof:  This game had everything – comebacks, unexpected home runs, a terrible outing from the Braves’ only decent starter, weird stuff from Ender Inciarte. Let’s not even get into the Nationals’ flaws, like some truly horrible bullpen work. These two teams couldn’t decide who wanted to lose more, but I’ll let Batman explain it in this little clip.

Rockies 2, Pirates 7Prof:  Some good news! Jameson Taillon pitched five scoreless innings only weeks after having treatment for testicular cancer. Good for you, kid. Get well soon!

Orioles 7, White Sox 10Scouts: And the Orioles crapfest continues.  Don’t let the score fool you, this one was over early, with Wade Miley giving up 6 runs on 6 hits in 2.1 innings.  The O’s haven’t had a decent start in longer than I can remember.

Cubs 1, Mets 6Prof:  Hey, the Mets won a game! Ain’t that something? Jacob deGrom pitched well, but Yoenis Cespedes left the game with a foot injury. My favorite Met, Michael Conforto, won’t be dancing the Batusi any time soon. He has been benched for a few days with a sore back.

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/12/17

  1. Christ, that bullpen…

    Nats Park has this quirk where it plays big on cold days and small on hot days; the temperature at first pitch last night was 91 degrees, so we’re talking Citizens Bank Park/Great American Smallpark/Launching Pad stuff here. The Nats got the better of the offensive explosion, though, and were ahead 9-6 after 4 innings.

    Strasburg lasted five, and turned matters over to Jacob Turner, who kept the Barves in check into the 8th, when a few leaks sprung, and now it’s 9-8 headed to the 9th, with Matt Albers looking to lock down a four out save. He was overthrowing, though, adding a couple of miles to his fastball, making his pitches move so much that even Joe “I Hate Extra Innings and Will Hunt Strikes” West couldn’t give him the benefit of the doubt. Two walks later, up steps Tyler “My Wife’s Having a Baby Any Minute Now” Flowers, heretofore 0-4 with 3 Ks, and he launches one into the Nats’ bullpen, and now it’s 11-9. Nats got a run home in the 9th, and had the tying run on with two outs and Harper up, but all Royce could do was line out to center, and that was that.

    Along with the Twitterati calling for change, and firing Rizzo, and so forth, things are so bad right now that the Nats may have done the unusual in the draft, grabbing someone in the first round who’s thought to be able to pitch in the majors this year, if needed, kid by the name of Seth Romero out of the University of Houston. Of course, he’s got some character issues, and was kicked off his college team, but he’s a Boras client, so I’m sure it’ll all work out swimmingly for him and Boras.

    But Christ, that bullpen…

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    1. Friend of mine was at the game, and she said Nats fans were being awful to their own guys there towards the end, which is surprising to me? I know y’all have the bullpen from Heck but you’re still winning the NL East.


      1. There is a loud, relatively clueless part of the fanbase that is probably panicking right now on sports radio, in the comments of the WaPo website sports section and various local blogs, and were likely among the boo-birds last night. They have an almost football-like mentality, where if the Nats play a team with a worse record, there’s an expectation of a sweep, and anything less is failure (myself, I just expect a series win in those situations, but I know that baseball’s a funny game, and a marathon, etc.)

        If this were any city other than Washington, DC, we’d probably be engendering just a little bit of sympathy for our collective pro sports shortcomings, as there hasn’t been a title in this town since 1991, and only the Capitals have even made it to the finals since then; however, it is Washington, DC, and so most of the country hopes we suffer until the heat death of the Sun. On top of that, there’s a belief among many that no matter how good a team is during the regular season (Nats and Caps, mostly) they’re going to disappoint in the post-season, and it’ll be labeled (usually incorrectly, in my opinion) as a choke. Yeah, I get that the Caps can’t get out of the second round, but the last two years they’ve played the eventual Cup winners in series that should’ve been finals, based on their records, but the NHL is weird. As for the Nats, 2014 was the only true choke among the three series, as Harper, Rendon, and the pitching staff were the only guys to show up. Sure, they blew a lead in Game 5 in 2012, but I’ll write that off as being new to the pressure, and in 2016, the Dodgers were just a hair better.

        So, what’s happening right now with this mini-slump (1-5 in their last six, but 8-6 over their last 14) is just fans thinking this is yet another in a long line of disappointments, one that’ll end this year with the Nats somehow missing the playoffs or something. I can’t see that happening, unless Dusty decides to institute a policy of All Complete Games, All The Time, and they’ve got lots of time to get the bullpen sorted still, but the team and its fans need to feel that if they get through seven with a lead that the game is essentially over, excepting maybe one or two nights a month; right now it’s “Oh shit, we have a lead, how can we fuck this up tonight?”


  2. If you haven’t seen it yet, DC Animated released a new movie last year, titled Batman – Return of the Caped Crusaders that brought back most of the old voices from the original TV show. It was absolutely fantastic.


    I did not add to what Prof wrote about Mr. West, because quite frankly I simply cannot do the man proper justice and won’t even try. I am very saddened by our loss, he was a truly gifted performer and from all accounts though he had his faults, was an absolutely wonderful man.


    1. One of my fave MST3K episodes had Adam West as a bad guy! And even with our fandom, he was gracious to a fault. I think he genuinely loved what he did, and loved his fans, and if you ever looked at his twitter he was really funny, too.

      Nimoy gone, West gone… oh Captain (Kirk) my Captain, please stay on course!


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