He Said, She Said – Scores for 6/11/17

Prof:  On my end, it’s just scores, no recaps. Sorry. I had a very busy weekend and crashed out pretty hard on Sunday. Looks like we had a BUNCH of high scoring games last night.

Scouts: So I was able to go see Wonder Woman this weekend, and I have to say it’s a very early contender for the best movie of the year.  It was absolutely exceptional.  The pacing was perfect, the action tight and packed, the score was on point, the acting superb, and the writing was fantastic.  They didn’t try too hard to be funny, or heart-breaking or anything.  It was just a quality movie from top to bottom.  Patty Jenkins, Allan Heinberg, and Zach Snyder truly got the source material and hit this one out of the park.  There were at least a dozen or so ways this movie could have gone wrong, and yet they resisted every single one of them.


Mets 2, Braves 1Scouts: Looks like we had an old fashioned pitchers duel with Seth Lugo and his 7 innings of 1 run ball coming out on top of Jamie Garcia’s 7 innings of 2 run ball.

Phillies 5, Cardinals 6Scouts: Dexter Fowler, who’s had not the best season thus far went deep in the 5th launching a three run blast that put the Cards up for good.  Philly came up just short of a comeback in the 9th picking up two, but eventually Tommy Joseph flew out with the tying run on second.

Rockies 5, Cubs 7Scouts: Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell, Kyle Schwarber, and Miguel Montero all homered for the Cubs.  The loss ended a 7 game winning streak for the Rockies.

Twins 8, Giants 13Scouts: Damn Minnesota, what the hell?  How you gotta let the Giants beat up on you like this?  The bullpen let this one get away, with Matt Belisle giving up 4 in the 7th and Craig Breslow giving up 5 in the 8th.


Rangers 5, Nationals 1Scouts: Mike Rizzo got very defensive over some comments made by Buck Showalter over the weekend, then watched as hit team got swept by the Rangers.  Austin Bibens-Dirkx, a 32 year old rookie retired 19 consecutive batters to out duel Max Scherzer for the win.  The Rangers broke it open with a 4 run 8th inning lead by a two run triple off the bat of Elvis Andrus.

Brewers 1, Diamondbacks 11Scouts: Robbie Ray struck out 12 batters, then the Diamonbacks went to town on the Brewers bullpen scoring 5 runs in both the 7th and 8th innings.  Paul Goldschmidt jacked a grand salami among three other Arizona homers.


Orioles 3, Yankees 14Scouts: 2-8, 3-16, 3-14.  This weekend has been fucking embarrassing to be an Orioles fan.  There really is no other way to say it.  Chris Tillman and Kevin Gausman got absolutely shellacked, and the Yankees were just teeing off of everyone, not only hitting many home runs, but making it look like batting practice.


White Sox 2, Indians 4Scouts: Not really much to talk about in this one.  Both starters were average at best, no one had a really good offensive performance, and both bullpens were pretty good, with Cleveland’s rising just a hair above the fold.

Athletics 4, Rays 5Scouts: All you really need to know about this game is the game winner came when a bunt single turned into a two base error and was followed up by a sac fly.


Tigers 8, Red Sox 3Scouts: Justin Upton’s grand slam in the 5th dashed any Boston hope of a sweep.  Meanwhile, Red Sox announcers were celebrating a wrist injury to Manny Machado as karma.  Your daily reminder that the Boston media is the fucking worst.


Marlins 1, Pirates 3Scouts: Ian Nova allowed just a single hit over 6 strong innings, turning the keys over to the bullpen that picked up the win in time to go watch the Penguins win the Stanley Cup.

Angels 12, Astros 6Prof:  I will say this. Why are the Angels winning without Mike Trout? What the hell?


Blue Jays 4, Mariners 0Scouts: Josh Donaldson picked up 3 RBI, including a 2-run homer in the first, and J.A. Happ went 6 scoreless innings, completed by the Toronto bullpen.  That’s exactly how they draw them up right?

Reds 7, Dodgers 9Scouts: The Reds took a 7-3 lead to the 8th, but ran into a Corey Seager grand slam that shut the door.


Royals 8, Padres 3 Scouts: Kansas picked up two homers by Mike Moustakas, and one each by Corey Spangenberg and Jose Pirela to lift the team to victory.


11 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Scores for 6/11/17

  1. Over the weekend my internet went out, so with nothing to read I went rummaging through my old Word files. I came across a file called Prelude to a Twins game, which I had apparently written in April 2016 and intended to, but chickened out of posting on HBT. It seems I was composing with mug of vodka next to the keyboard (as I am now).

    As some of you already know, my son requires a balance of psycho tropic medications to remain functional. Beginning in the summer of 2015, shortly after my mom’s death, he went completely off the rails. To get the cops to put him into forced treatment I had to maneuver him into either beating the shit out of me or least get him to threaten to, which I did on Thanksgiving day 2015. The bond frayed but did not break and he and I are still alive. Still it took into February to get him back on track and in the intervening months seeing him in the lock down psych ward, completely delusional in the midst of other completely delusional people, had me not wanting to wake up in the morning. The following April I was as much a wreck as were the April 2016 Twins.

    Here you go, but first, how about dem Wust to Fust Twins pulling Nick Turley out of their butt, a guy who ground it out for 10 years in the minors to make his dream come true. If this does turn out to be the 21st century version of 1987, how perfect.

    Prelude to a Twins game

    Going attention seeking drama queen here. Gonna write this now and cut and paste it in till the What Did I miss tomorrow 4/26 or whatever today or tomorrow was.

    The damn Twins game doesn’t start until 7 pm cst. Trouble is by around 930 or 10 pm cst the cheap vodka has fully kicked in and I’m drunk ass fallen asleep before the end of the game. As you can tell the process has already started. I’m trying to type this up before the truth serum is cognitively disabled. I’ll also try to disable my vanity by typing fast.

    Tonight’s prelude was a viewing of Cheyenne Autumn on the MGM channel. I like this cable channel because it shows movies which made me believe in good things when I was a youth. They made me believe that all good things were possible and that I might be a part of all those things. Most all of those movies were centralized around bullshit lies about really happened. Cheyenne Autumn is one of those movies. It includes a ridiculously, perversely, in accurate portrale of Wyatt Earp played by Jimmy Stewart, and the non existetant moral rescuer of us smug European descendants played by Edwin G Robinson.

    My brother in Alaska is married to a Seminole Indian. He is 2 ½ half years older than me and we grew up together within a fantasy land which it would take me a year to explain. We don’t talk to each other for months and years at a time and it doesn’t matter. We’re damn near twins. His son is really fucking smart and him and my son hook up on facebook. Even though he was only able to get down here once to see me, and I was only able once to get up there once to see him, I like to think that he loves and respects me because he knows that I love and respect him, but mostly because he loves his dad and knows that his dad loves me and there must be some reason for that. Love is the law of life

    Shit, I guess the Twins game has already started. Play ball!

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  2. Norichika Aoki notched his 2000th career hit, compiling 1,284 hits in NPB with the Tokyo Yakult Swallows, while 717 hits overall now in MLB. Today is also the Philippines 119th Independence Day… even with all that, the war in Marawi still rages on here in our country…Really proud of our fellow soldiers risking their lives, and to those who sacrificed their lives to free Marawi from the Maute terrorists, hoping all this war and mindless killings comes to an end.

    (As they sang our national anthem in Marawi raising the Philippine flag with the sounds of gunfire and blasts in the distance, I couldn’t help myself crying while watching this…)

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    1. The worst part is that these assholes are recruiting kids, I mean seriously kids who are still just around 10 YEARS OLD!! Heard it in the news that a kid I think at 8-10 years old was killed because he fought against our government forces. Sana nga matigil na tong gyerang to, mga kapwa Filipino pa ang mga pinapatay natin!! Sana okay ka dyan sa Davao Ren…….

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  3. Which iever of the two of you picks the music, damned good choice today. The musical arguments down here in Southlandia always, ALWAYS, begins with ” Who’s better, Skynnyrd of the Allman Brothers?” .To which I always answer “Yes!”. Confuses the crap out of the simpler folks down here. It’s really amusing, in a twisted sorta way.
    Mallex Smith (who the hell names their kid Mallex?” is looking like a very adequate fill-in for the injured Kiermaier. His outfield routes sometimes are a little shaky, but his baserunning skills are awesome to behold.


  4. The Nats were pancake-flat all weekend,

    Friday, it appeared that the jet lag finally caught up to them, and they couldn’t have mailed it in any harder than they did.

    Saturday didn’t help matters, with a noon start made necessary by the annual mid-season Nats Gala, a formal event for charity that is seemingly required attendance for the team. Nonetheless, they took a 3-1 into the 9th, but then Koda Glover, last seen exchanging pleasantries with Yasiel Puig, couldn’t hold the lead, and Shawn Kelley gave up a three run HR in the 11th. Glover revealed after the game that he’d tweaked his back in the shower Saturday morning and tried to pitch through it rather than tell anyone; that earned a more severe injury and a trip to the ten day DL.

    Yesterday brought a 4PM start (because Gala) and Max Scherzer pitching against Zaphod Beezlebrox, or Laurence Hamstercage-Smythe, or whatever the hell his name is. Scherzer pitched very well, and became the third-faster pitcher (by innings) in history to record 2,000 strikeouts, following only Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez, but the Nats’ bats were somnolent again, and the bullpen couldn’t put down the rally in the 8th, and so the sweep.

    First time in a while that the Nats’ lead is fewer than 10 games, and once again there are cries going up all over town for Rizzo to Do Something to fix the bullpen. Still no time to panic, in my opinion, but I hope this doesn’t go too long like this…


  5. I was sure that, being on national TV, the Tigers would humiliate themselves again like Saturday night. Instead, while Mr. Right and I were discussing which players I should prepare to lose in the sell off, they pulled a win out of their collective asses. Huh.


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