He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/8/17

Prof:  We made it to Friday! I have big plans for the weekend, and I hope that you guys have a fantastic weekend planned as well.


Rockies 4, Cubs 1Prof:  This was the kind of day the Cubs had. The first inning brought their only run, which was a homer from Kris Bryant. Other Cubs had hits, but none were able to convert. Jon Lester coughed up four runs in the second to Colorado, and that’s all they needed. My boy, the underrated DJ LeMahieu, drove in three runs with a home run.

Twins 2, Mariners 1Scouts: Kyle Gibson gave up 1 run over 6 innings and that’s really about all I can say about this game.

Giants 9, Brewers 5 F/10Prof:  The Giants took their sweet time to turn it on, but they finally were able to find that extra oomph in extra innings. Mark Melancon gets the vulture!

Phillies 1, Braves 3Prof:  Even the losers get lucky sometimes. Yesterday, it was Atlanta’s turn. R.A. Dickey was able to control his knuckleball (with eight strikeouts!), Matt Adams was able to convert a single into a run thanks to heads-up base running. Get it, boy.

Astros 6, Royals 1Scouts: We have a bullpen meltdown here.  Closer Kelvin Herrera gave up 4 runs on 3 hits, part of a 5 run 9th for the Astros which featured a homer by Jose Altuve.

Cardinals 2, Reds 5Prof:  Cardinals, what’s wrong? Why are you letting the Reds get the best of you? I mean, I know Joey Votto was out there doing Joey Votto things, like hitting two run homers, but you’re the Cardinals. You’re supposed to be one of the more solid teams in baseball, year in and year out. And here you are with a four game sweep against Cincinnati. Wow.

Angels 11, Tigers 4Scouts: Down 4-1 after 4, the Angels busted out big against the tigers putting up 4 in the 5th and 6 in the 7th.

Padres 3, Diamondbacks 15Prof:  Wow, that’s a hot mess of a score. Lopsided AF, as the kids would say. Chris Iannetta had seven RBI, including a two run homer. It got so bad for San Diego that former Brave and current Padre Erick Aybar actually pitched. Yes. Erick Aybar, who usually plays in the infield. So, yeah.

Red Sox 1, Yankees 9Scouts: David Price got rocked, giving up 8 in 5 innings.  This coming the night after he got into several arguments with the Boston media, swearing off the Boston media for good.


Orioles 1, Nationals 6Scouts: Both teams were supposed to have the day off, instead they met up to finish a series started in May.  Joe Ross was on his best behavior striking out 12 O’s in 7.1 innings.


Marlins 7, Pirates 1Prof:  Edinson Volquez must’ve eaten his Wheaties again, because he followed up his Maddux no-hitter with seven scoreless innings against the Buccos. Rough time for Gerrit Cole, who is currently rocking a 10.73 ERA. Ouch. Christian Yelich showed up at the ballpark, and so did Derek Dietrich and J.T. Realmuto.

White Sox 5, Rays 7Prof:  Jake Odorizzi gets the win, Derek Holland gets the loss, and even those there was a victor absolutely no one was a winner in this game. Oh, and there were three players for Tampa who hit home runs.

16 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/8/17

  1. Not only did Harper literally knock the cover off the ball with that mighty hack in the video, he also lost his helmet while swinging at least three times last night, which is either an indication that his head’s moving too much during his swing (bad), or his flow needs to be tamed (worse), or both (worst). Harper did manage three hits last night, including a check swing double on a ten hopper down the third base line that ended up in short left, but because of the shift, was the definition of hit ’em where they ain’t.

    Since there’s not much of a pennant race to cover here in DC right now, the local fourth estate is looking for other topics, and this week they’ve settled on a pretty serious one, specifically Dusty’s contract, which expires at the end of the season. Today, Boswell has a column on it:


    It’s a pretty good read, and as strong as an indictment of the Lerner family and their spending habits as I’ve read since baseball returned to DC. When the Nats don’t get a free agent they’ve chased, it’s usually Rizzo who takes the blame from the chattering classes, with some residual finger-pointing left over for the still unsettled TV contract situation; however, the Lerner family, which is still learning some of the nuances of team ownership, cannot go blameless here.

    I don’t think Dusty will pull a Jim Riggleman and quit mid-season over his contract not being extended, but eventually the ownership’s going to have to get serious about paying for a manager, and stop relying on below market one or two year deals.


    1. Practically everyone remembers the “Turk Dance” scene from Scrubs (at least those of you who watched the show remember it), but few remember the majesty of what The Todd did in the prior scene:

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes it was, but I refuse to acknowledge the last season, even if the cast did include Eliza Coupe.

          (Speaking of underrated shows, may I present Happy Endings, starring the same Ms. Coupe?)


        2. The fellow I’ve been seeing lately has told me about a show called The Leftovers. Have you seen it? I had never heard of it before.


        3. @prof – I haven’t seen it. It’s on HBO, and it’s on my fuzzy list of shows to maybe try to binge watch someday (Thanks, HBO On Demand!), but I have a few other shows in line ahead of it.


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