Mel Rojas Jr. signs with KT Wiz

The KT Wiz have announced today that they have signed Braves minor league outfielder (switch-hitter) Mel Rojas Jr. on a one-year contract worth 400,000 USD, according to the report. He will serve as Johnny Monell’s replacement, who was released last month due to his struggles at the plate in the KBO. Mel Rojas Jr. is scheduled to join the active roster once his medical test is complete.

Mel Rojas Jr. played for 8 seasons there at the minor league level for a total of 2 different organizations (with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Atlanta Braves respectively), he batted .258/.325/.376 during that span, and has no experience playing at the Major league level.

Mel Rojas Jr. is the son of retired MLB player Mel Rojas, who played for 10 seasons at the Major league level with the Montreal Expos, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Detroit Tigers.

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