He Said, She Said – Recaps For 6/7/2017

Scouts: It’s all me again today, Prof has the day off, well deserved if I do say so myself.  Let’s talk Star Trek Discovery.  If you haven’t seen the trailer, take a look below.


Besides the many production issues the series has already undergone, and besides CBS locking this behind their own stupid Netflix wanna be app which means many won’t see this series at all (at least not legally), there is a lot to unpack here.  For one, this series takes place 10 years before Kirk, Spoke, and the Enterprise.  (Yet Sarek looks like he’s 21.)  While we’ve known this would be yet another prequel, it hits really hard immediately that this was a big mistake.  Why do we keep going backwards?  Why force us to ignore many years of fantastic canon while shoehorning a show into a small time frame to tell what seems to be a terribly boring story.  And then to do so while changing the aesthetics completely!  Part of why Rogue One succeeded was they were able to tell an interesting story, yet retain the look and feel of the original movie and time-frame.  In Discovery, there’s a massive amount of CG, the ships design looks incredibly futuristic, the uniforms look lame as hell, the lighting in the ship is stupid as hell, and don’t even get me started on yet another design for the Klingons.  And there’s the biggest issue with the trailer.  Granted it’s just the first look, but the first impression helps set the tone of the show.  Or you know, not.  And this feels like the tale of one particular star fleet officer.  Trek has always been about the Crew.  How the Crew evolves and succeeds.  About how Humanity came together with other races, cultures, creeds, religions, species to work together.  As a group.  It was less action as Star Wars, and more success through ingenuity, guile, and diplomacy.  This series seems to be following the direction of the rebooted Abrams universe, which in my humble opinion totally and completely sucks.  If I want space battles I’ll tune into Star Wars.  If I want to feel positive about the future of humanity, growing to be better, exploring the galaxy, then I’ll tune into Trek.  I want to boldly go, not blow everything the fuck up while blasting AC/DC.  It’s crazy to me that a new Seth MacFarlane show feels more like Trek than Trek feels like Trek.


Indians 1, Rockies 8 – Nolan Arenado continues to lead a surprising Rockies team, while Tervor Bauer lasted just 3.1 innings.

Nationals 1, Dodgers 2 – We anticipated a thrilling pitchers duel, and this one did not disappoint.  Kershaw went 7 innings giving up just 1 run on 3 hits, striking out 9, while Strasburgh went 6 and gave up 2 runs on three hits, striking out 8.

Blue Jays 7, Athletics 5 – Josh Donaldson played the hero in this one, smacking the go-ahead three-run homer in the 10th.  Toronto also got homers from Justin Smoak and Kevin Pilar.


Red Sox 0, Yankees 8 – CC stood for Cruise Control as Sebathia shut down the Red Sox over 8 strong innings.  Chris Carder went 3-4 with one home run, and a second one pulled back by Mookie Betts.


Pirates 6, Orioles 9 – Boom Boom Mancini Goes Boom!  For the second night in a row, the O’s hit a homer in the 9th to tie it, then won it in extras.  This time the hero was Trey Mancini who pinch hit with 2 down in the 9th and smacked a two-run shot.  Mancini then came to the dish with two on in the 11th, and Adam Jones advised him to not try to do too much, just get a hit.  Mancini laughed and drilled a ball into deep, deep left field.  Wade LeBlanc is having the worst week of his professional life, giving up the losing runs in both games.  Manny Machado was taken out due to a wrist injury after Andew McCutchen inadvertently took him out on a steal attempt.  Even-though it was clearly an accident, McCutchen should be happy he isn’t in Boston as an immediate stoning would be in order according to the unwritten rules for morons.  (Also, I know I’m biased as hell, but Baltimore has some of the best damn announcing in the league.)


Rays 3, White Sox 1 – Rookie Jacob Faria made his MLB debut one to remember, going 6.1 strong innings giving just 1 run on 3 hits.  Welcome to the show rook!

Yesterday it came to light that Derek Norris is dealing with allegations of domestic abuse by his ex-fiance, Kristen Eck, who claims that he physically and emotionally abused her during their relationship two years ago.  Norris has claimed that the accusations are unfounded and says he will go “above and beyond to assist MLB with their investigation”.  The claims first came to light in an Instagram post and then further detailed in a blog post. Eck has stated she has no plans to pursue criminal charges but will cooperate with a MLB investigation.


Angels 0 , Tigers 4 – Buck Farmer out dueled Alex Meyer giving up just 3 hits each.  Ultimately, Meyer gave up 1 run and the Angles bullpen faltered, while the Tigers staff remained strong like bull.

Cardinals 4, Reds 6 – Patrick Kivlehan picked up a clutch pinch-hit three-run homer and Joey Votto followed with a 2 run shot of his own allowing the Reds to rally for 5 in the 7th and come from behind and take one late from the Cardinals who are currently on a 6 game losing streak.

Phillies 1, Braves 14 – Ok, Atlanta, what have you done with the Barves and who are these imposters?  Mike Foltynewicz shut down the Phillies for 7 strong innings, while the Braves offense just kept on rolling picking up 3 in the 5th, 4 in the 7th, and 6 in the 8th.

Marlins 6, Cubs 5 – Marcell Ozuna and J.T. Realmuto went deep and the Marlins bullpen thought about coughing it up, but instead held tough as Miami edged the defending champs.


Mets 4, Rangers 3 – I guess you can’t lolMets every night.  Immediately after blowing a 2 run lead, with two outs in the 9th, douchebag McGee hit a weak ground ball to Rougned Odor, who bounced a throw, causing Elvis Andrus to bobble the play and allowing the go-ahead run to score.  I’m not sure there’s a more painful way to lose a ballgame than an error gifted to the Mets.


Giants 3, Brewers 6 – Milwaukee just kept chipping away, picking up 2 in the 4th and 1 in the 5th, 6th, and 7th innings to nickle and dime the Giants.

Astros 5, Royals 7 – Ramon Torres got the call and answered it with two hits, including a RBI double.  Welcome to the show rook!  Dallas Keuchel was a late scratch due to illness, filled in for by AAA callup, Daayan Diaz, who was not greeted so warmly.

Padres 4, Arizona 7 – Jake Lamb and Brandon Drury lead the way with homers in a 5 run 3rd inning that was all that was needed in the desert.  Zach Greinke picked up his 8th win pitching just well enough against a not too terribly exciting offense.

Twins 5, Mariners 6 – All 6 Seattle runs came off the long ball, with Mike Zunino smacking two of them, including the walk-off.


10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 6/7/2017

  1. In the 9th inning of the Tiger game Nick Castellanos threw his helmet in the dugout and it bounced off to hit Miggy in the face. Two thoughts; 1, when you’re hitting .220 you don’t do anything to possibly hit a $28 million player in the face. 2, maybe this will wake Miggy up. He’s playing more like a $2.8 million player this year.


      1. Buck Farmer pitched well? Me thinks we need to put one of our AAAA guys in a time machine that equates 1987 with 2017.


  2. The 6th inning was a killer for the Nats yesterday. Strasburg was cruising, and the first batter he saw that inning was Kershaw, who managed to work a nine pitch AB; he ultimately made an out, but it threw Strasburg off his rhythm a bit. The Dodgers scored both their runs in that inning, one on a Seager homer, and the other was Adrian Gonzalez scoring after he reached base on a third strike passed ball, so an unearned run there.

    The 8th inning saw the Nats with a golden opportunity to tie the game. Pedro Baez started the 8th in relief of Kershaw, and Trea Turner started the inning with a triple. Next up was Ryan Raburn, recently signed right-handed replacement value hitter, and the Nats have Adam Lind and Stephen Drew (and Matt Wieters, for that matter) as left-handed thump on the bench, but apparently Dusty wanted to save them all for the ninth, and besides, Harper’s after Raburn, so why not?

    Well, Raburn struck out, and Harper scalded a ground ball right back up the middle. Turner broke for home, Baez somehow managed to field the grounder, Turner’s out in a run-down, and Harper pouts his way only to 1B; Williams would’ve benched him for lack of hustle, and Papelbon would’ve choked him out. Probably didn’t matter much, because Zimmerman didn’t get a hit behind him, but still, Harper’s gotta hustle to second there, because Turner did his job in the run-down, making the Dodgers throw three times before getting him out.

    Good series and good road trip for the Nats. Quick turnaround for a makeup game at home with the O’s today, with the Nats giving Joe Ross one more chance to prove he’s capable of being the guy he used to be. After that, the franchise formerly known as the Washington Senators, version 2, comes to town for a weekend series, followed by the Barves after that.


  3. Meh. Have Clemenza send Pauly to deal with Russell and Norris. Only use the scanner lanes and avoid the tollbooths at all costs. And remember: leave the brass knuckles, take the cannoli.

    Anyway, it was nice to see the Feesh win one from the Cubbies for a change. I must say, though, the implosion of the Cubs’ pitching staph this season has been an unpleasant surprise. Jake Arrieta at 4.45??? Lay orf that pizza, man. It’s for retirees.


    1. You must be in better health than me. As time goes on I have less and less taste for pizza even though the memory of it remains delicious.


  4. Donaldson’s 10th inning dinger was only a 2-run shot. Smoak hit one out later in the inning (his 2nd of the game) to go up 7-4. Oakland got one back in the bottom of the 10th but it wasn’t enough.

    Smoak has been en fuego lately, sporting a spiffy .291/.353/.597 slash line with 17 home runs for the season so far. Only Aaron Judge has more homers.


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