He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/5/17

Scouts: So has anyone seen the new Wonder Woman movie yet?  I’m hearing some pretty good things, but it’s mostly about the amount of money the movie is making and not much on the quality of the film.  Of course, at this point I’m not sure what is more important.  The simple fact that it is bringing in bucket loads of cash means we can finally put the stupid “Girls can’t be lead roles in action/superhero movies” bullshit to bed and can finally make a more diverse set of movies.  There’s also the fact that there’s bucket loads of WW toys that are currently flying off shelves.  Maybe there’s hope for a Black Widow movie yet.

Most of the league had the day off yesterday, I think this was the fewest amount of games played since the day after Opening Day.  I hope everyone who had the day off enjoyed it and is super excited for some baseball today!


Astros 7, Royals 3Scouts: Houston has now won 11 games in a row, off the bats of Brian McCann and Yuli Gurriel along with a strong bullpen effort.  Kansas City sure has fallen far fast.


Nationals 4, Dodgers 2Scouts: Anthony Rendon homered and Gio Gonzalez and the Nats bullpen did their jobs shutting down the Dodgers in L.A.

Blue Jays 3, Athletics 5Scouts: Ryon Healy went deep twice in the game as J.A. Happ drops to 0-4 with a 5.33 ERA on the season.


Cardinals 2, Reds 4 Prof:  There’s only one reason I decided to write the recap on this one, and it’s because my glorious wee son Scooter Gennett broke his batting slump by hitting a two run double! Yes, child, I’m proud of you.


Phillies 11, Braves 4Prof:  Well, that escalated quickly. Or deflated. Whichever words you want to use to describe the lousiness that is the Atlanta Braves right now would be perfectly fine. Odubel Herrera smacked a two run homer and a pair of doubles. Meanwhile, poor Freddie Freeman has no mouth, and cannot scream. The rest of us are stuck watching the wreck of a pitching rotation being anchored by three thousand year old Bartolo Colon get lit up night after night by terrible teams. This tweet, therefore, is accurate:


Giants 7, Brewers 2Prof:  Jeff Samardzija started out awful, but tightened up, stayed the course, and earned the W over the Brew Crew. Milwaukee is no longer the NL Central division winner, because recently they have lost more than they are winning.  However, they are solidly in second place and if the Cubs go on another road trip slide, they could easily reclaim it. Is that going to be a thing to keep watching? How much can they lose and still be winners? Sounds like a metaphor for something, but I don’t know. Anyway, weirdness in this game as a Giants’ outfielder way overthrew a tagging throw to Buster Posey, so much so that it bounced off the wall at home plate and then darted behind the padding. This awful throw basically allowed two runs to score, the only two runs that Milwaukee would gain in the game.


Marlins 1, Cubs 3Prof:  Kris Bryant hit a two run homer, the RBI set up by my favorite utility player of all time Ben Zobrist, who had hit a double beforehand. Oh, Zoby. You are the bestest and I heart you. Big Buckin’ Chicken…I mean, Justin Bour has a bone bruise apparently. Awww. Get well soon.


10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/5/17

  1. I may have mentioned on these pages a time or two that I coach a girls’ middle school AAU basketball team. Our halfcourt offense is built around the concepts of player and ball movement, with equal opportunities to score, and we constantly tell the girls that if each of them can score four points per game, we’ll be in real good shape, since we have 12 players, and 48 points is usually well more than enough to win.

    All of which brings me to the Nats’ bullpen, where Oliver Perez became the sixth different pitcher to be credited with a save this season, the team’s eighteenth, as he struck out Yasmani Grandal to end the game. Dusty had to go a little matchy-matchy last night, as current closer Koda Glover was sore after Sunday’s misadventures, but Enny Romero, Matt Albers and Perez got the job done, limiting the Dodgers to just three baserunners over three innings, and no runs.

    In other news, Bryce Harper got a hit, his first since he and Hunter Strickland threw hands on Memorial Day; people seem a bit nervous that he’s heading into another swoon like last year, but three walks on Sunday and an opposite field line drive last night make me think he’ll be okay long term.

    Fun times ahead in this series, as Max Scherzer goes tonight against Brandon McCarthy, which ain’t a bad matchup, but the marquee event happens tomorrow, with Strasburg squaring off against Kershaw. First pitch is at 3:10PM ET, so clear your calendars and find a TV if you can.

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  2. Who here remembers that Ben Zobrist came up through the Astros’ organization and was traded because they couldn’t figure out where they were going to play him?

    I was not sorry to see that particular GM (Tim Purpura) go. One of the worst I ever saw.

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    1. People who are afraid of something different always miss out. There’s not a guy out there like Ben Zobrist, he’s a rare jewel. I know he’s not a world beater, but what he does I don’t think many guys can. Just being honest. And I’ve always been curious if towards the end of his career he can go out and catch an inning and pitch relief in a blow out, so he could say he’s done it all. I really want that.

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  3. Wild Bour is going on the 10-day DL to nurse his bone bruise. His absence was already telling as the Feesh blew seven chances with RISP last night and the dozens of Feesh fans out there remember with a shudder how the team plummeted through the standings like corpses down the mainshaft of Borges’ Library of Babel when he hit the DL for over a month last season with an ankle sprain.

    Oh yeah, and I loathe the BeeGees. Sappy, corny, trite and viscous as Marvel Mystery Oil. And they dress like unemployed circus ushers. Plop culture at its lowest common denominator.

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    1. You just summed up Disco in a paragraph. The only virtue I ever attributed to it was the sight of my then-fiance (now wife) dancing in a micro-mini. Ah, memories.

      BTW, Ian Anderson is showing the wear and tear of the years, but I generally enjoyed the Jethro Tull concert a lot.


      1. Anderson was a virtuoso from the git-go and Tull would have been even more popular if their arrangements, musicianship and source material weren’t so intelligent. I used to hear him play solo or in occasional combination with guys like Bert Jansch and Dave Swarbrick at the Half Moon Pub in Putney Bridge, southwestern London. For the price of a half pint of ale, no less. Dear Buddha, those were halcyon days.

        I forgot to mention one of my favorite metaphors for the BeeGees: musical mucous.


        1. Good words for it. The performance was intelligent, if a bit wry at times. And the older audience appeared to appreciate it.

          I could not believe the breath control he had on that flute at a few months short of 70.


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