He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/1/17

FANTABULOUS FRIDAY, FI FAM! I am SUPER looking forward to the weekend. When you have a day off and then it’s month end… whew. Cray. When I’m stressed out and need to relax, I like to listen to old music. Not classic rock. I am talking some old chestnuts. Today, it’s the Ink Spots. Anyway, let’s get our scores on, y’all.

Brewers 2, Mets 1 – No rest for the wicked. Or the not wicked, even. Eric Thames went weeks without a home run, hit a monster the other day, and then yesterday had to take a “random” pee test. Sure, Jan. But anyway, the Brewers are getting some great work out of Eric Sogard and Corey Knebel. I’m very happy for Knebel, I always liked watching him pitch when I would go to Miller Park. In Mets news, Mr. Met got in trouble for flipping off someone, and I call shenanigans because that’s the most fire and passion that anyone in a Met uniform has shown not named Michael Conforto. Did anyone think they would suck this badly?

Athletics 0, Indians 8 – THE KLUBOT IS BACK. I REPEAT. THE KLUBOT HAS RECHARGED. Butter doesn’t melt in this man’s mouth, and having him back on the bump really energized the Magical Land of Cleve. Oh, and Oakland had three errors. Woof. If they were a lame horse, they’d get shot.

Yankees 12, Blue Jays 2 – Yo Soy Gary hit two home runs, Aaron Hicks had six RBI, and the Yankees demoralized the Blue Jays at home.

Twins 4, Angels 2 – Kole Calhoun hit two home runs, but it wasn’t enough. It nearly was, but Minnesota came from behind and turned a nifty triple play in the process.

Dodgers 0, Cardinals 2 – You guys know what I’m about. You know what I like. Prof likes pitchers. Prof likes when pitchers bat. And Prof likes when pitchers go yard! The pitcher in question was my favorite Cardinal, the one and only Adam Wainwright.

Waino started out lousy, let’s be real here. But after a really rough spot, he finished out May really strong.

Rockies 6, Mariners 3 – Really bad news for Seattle. Yo Gallardo only lasted three innings and got his butt handed to him, but that’s not the worst part. Nelly Cruz and Jean Segura were both injured. That’s a sock in the gut for a team that’s just now getting their, well, sea legs.

Diamondbacks 3, Marlins 2 – Zack Greinke went seven, hit a single, and turned a double play, and threw shade at the Feesh afterwards. As the kids say, your fave could never.

Red Sox 5, Orioles 7 – Mark Trumbo hit a home run. Well, Chris Davis, Adam Jones, and Jonathan Schoop did as well. But I’m writing this here recap, and it’s a Trumbo Appreciation Zone up in here. S‘wonderful. S’marvelous. Bless you for being an angel. :p  Oh, yeah, there’s other people on the team, sorry. Um… Wade Miley pitched really great, too, allowing only one run in seven innings.

7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/1/17

  1. No Nats game yesterday, which means that it’s time for Thomas Boswell to stir up some shit:


    Sure, Boz, bringing in a Proven Closer(tm) to replace an effective kid in the role has worked out very well in the past for the Nats, so let’s start planting the seed in June of doing the same in August.

    Seriously, I have no way of knowing if Glover’s going to be the answer long term, or if he can be the guy in October, and the Nats definitely can use another sure thing in the pen, but must we do this already?

    In other news, Cleveland and the A’s were playing baseball yesterday, but Corey Kluber was apparently throwing a Whiffle Ball:

    That just defies the laws of physics, doesn’t it?

    Happy weekend, all.

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    1. Yeah, let’s look back at the last time y’all brought in a Proven Closer and see how that worked out. Oh, I remember, the guy who got replaced had a critical meltdown and never actually recovered. Great idea, WaPo Columnist and known troll Thomas Boswell. 🙂


  2. Damn west coast games that don’t start until after 9 CST. I was asleep when the twins pulled off the triple play, but woke up just in time to see them come from behind in the ninth. Dirty damn Gods, now I don’t know if I should call the dirty damn Gods the dirty damn Gods or not. They might like being called the dirty damn Gods.

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    1. My ex still has my Victrola and record collection. I couldn’t afford to move it and he offered to hold onto it for a while for me (pro tip: stay friendly with your ex and they’ll be nice to you).

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