Wilin Rosario and Alexi Ogando becomes first ever Dominican battery in KBO league history

Hanwha Eagles Wilin Rosario and new acquisition Alexi Ogando became the first ever Dominican battery formed in the league’s 35 year history, where Wilin Rosario and Ogando is currently playing as the starting catcher, and pitcher for the Eagles in today’s game against the Doosan Bears, on Dominican Republic night.

Wilin Rosario is currently serving as Alexi Ogando’s personal catcher, Rosario also served as Ogando’s personal catcher in the Dominican league.

The Wilin Rosario and Alexi Ogando battery is also the only second foreign battery formed in KBO league history (with the Andy Van Hekken and Vinny Rottino battery being the first ever in the league which happened in April 10, 2014). Wilin Rosario, so far, is only the fourth foreign player who played as catcher in the KBO, as foreign catchers are quite rare in the league.

Hanwha Eagles pitchers (Korean pitchers, to be exact) have struggled mightily when Wilin Rosario do the catching for em, as they have given up a total of 21 earned runs in 10 innings when Rosario’s behind the plate due to his intimidating presence, thinking that he’s literally a wild bull that might charge at em in anytime when they throw a pitch that wasn’t asked/called for.

Wilin Rosario is currently hitting .304 with 9 homeruns and 31 RBIs in 159 at-bats (40 games played), while Alexi Ogando currently has a record of 4-4 and an ERA of 3.34 in games started for the 9th (out of 10th) place Hanwha Eagles.

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