He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/30/17

Happy End of the Month to you all.

Rays 5, Rangers 9 – The day belonged to Elvis Andrus. He had five RBI including a three run homer. I guess you could say Elvis left Tampa all shook up. Hahaha, tip your waitresses, I’ll be here all week. No, for real, I’m doing this alone all week. lol

Nationals 6, Giants 3 – Rough day for The Shark, who continues to look like a shell of his former self. Bryce Harper will be missing a few games soon due to his role in a brawl a few days ago.

Braves 3, Angels 9 – Ugh. This game was an agony. Errors everywhere. Dansby made them. Jace Peterson made them. Chip Caray, as usual, made them in the booth. The official game time was two hours and 47 minutes, but that can’t be possible because the bottom of the third inning alone took five years to finish. Albert Pujols hit his 599th career homer, though. So there’s that.

Cubs 2, Padres 6 – The Cubs just aren’t playing too well right now. World Series hangover? Do they miss Dexter Fowler that much? Do we need David Ross back?!?!? All I know is that the usual suspects’ bats were silent and the only real power came from Baby Babe Ruth.

A’s 4, Indians 9 – Let’s look in on the Magical Land of Cleve, shall we? Hmmm…. Sonny Gray vs Trevor Bauer, two young fireballers and only one can prevail…. why, it’s drone enthusiast Bauer who gets the W today, striking out an AL leading fourteen in seven.

Dodgers 9, Cardinals 4 – Will Chase Utley ever stop being The Man? Probably not. This ageless wonder finished a homer shy of a cycle last night, as his performance rallied Los Angeles against Michael Wacha – 77 pitches in three innings, yikes! – and his band of misfit Redbirds.

Yankees 8, Orioles 3 – Brett Gardner and Matt Holliday have decided they want to re-enact that Maris and Mantle summer, to mash taters without mercy. Only they’ll have fun doing it and hopefully no one will be getting death threats or having their hair fall out from stress. I mean, Matt Holliday is so old his hair might be falling out from being a geeze, I don’t know. Oh, and Aaron Judge continues to be the new King of New York, driving in two runs to put the Yankees over Dem O’s.

Diamondbacks 3, Pirates 0 – Robbie Ray pitched a complete game shut out, the first of his career. Good for you, young man! He is great on the road, and not so great at home. Funny how that works. Jake Lamb was pretty good, too.

Reds 4, Blue Jays 6 – Good news for Toronto, as they welcome yet another guy back from the DL. This time around, it’s J.A. Happ. Now that they have Tulo and Josh Donaldson back, it’s only a matter of time until they can get their groove back, right? The fact that the Jays haven’t been too great is an aberration, in my very humble opinion. Oh, and they hit four homers, too. That helps.

Brewers 4, Mets 5 F/12 – So what’s up with Milwaukee? They lead the NL Central, but they’ve also lost seven out of the last nine games. It’s not really that the bats have gone cold, or that the pitching has gotten progressively worse. But it seems that it’s the little weird things that keep biting the Brew Crew in the butt. Oh, and Jay Bruce won the game for New York. A walk off single. What a way to lose a game.

Mariners 10, Rockies 4 – Ben Gamel and Kyle Seager were very good yesterday, and Seattle’s bats were very hot. Obviously. :p

Phillies 2, Marlins 7 – Giancarlo Stanton was hangry, y’all, and he decided to chow down on the hapless Philadelphia Cheesesteaks…er…Phillies. Big Justin Bour got on base four times! Gator, how in the world could you have kept this big galoot from me? You know I like me a good sturdy dude.

Red Sox 13, White Sox 7 – Day Two of the Laundry Battle and it was the return of the Mad Slasher himself, Chris Sale, vs. his erstwhile replacement as Chi-town ace, Jose Quintana. It was a dark and bitter homecoming, though. Both pitchers had a rough go of it, and only the smokin’ bats of Boston got Sale out of this jam. My dude Craig Kimbrel gets the save.

Astros 7, Twins 2 – Jose Altuve! That’s really all I need to say, right? I mean, I say Jose Altuve and you immediately think, “Dude smashed something, hustled like mad, stole a base or something, right? He performed!” And yes, he performed all right. Altuve had four hits, and two RBI, and Orbit’s squad rolled up on Minnesota to continue their domination of the American League.

Tigers 0, Royals 1 – Eric Hosmer drives in the lone run of the game.

19 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/30/17

  1. Here’s hoping the Twins at least win today, or the Indians lose, so I can say in September, “and to think the Twins were in first place in June”.


  2. The only good thing from the Ray’ game was seeing Dickerson smacking a double on a ball that actually bounced first, and then hitting a single on a pitch that was just above his ankles. Vlad Lives. Long Live Vlad. Otherwise, their bullpen felt like…..

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  3. Mixed news for the Feesh. They beat the Feelies 7-2 for their third victory in a row and will go for the sweep today, thus creating the illusion that they can ackcherley beat real baseball teams (which will be brutally dispelled when the Snakes get here tomorrow):

    On a lighter note, our former unlamented president’s slack-jawed, beady-eyed supposedly smarter younger brother can now add his attempt to buy the Feesh to his pile of great achievements including the .092% of the primary vote he won last year. Yes, Jeb just announced he was no longer interested in purchasing the team after several of his so-called investors backed out after studying the Rainbow Warriors’ financials.

    Some of you will ask where that leaves Jeter. Stinking rich and holed up like Charles Foster Kane in his tropical Xanadu on Tampa Bay, I guess.

    And where does that leave Feesh fans? In amplexus.

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  4. Suspend a relief pitcher 6 games, and a position player 4, and claim that the relief pitcher got the more serious punishment because he started it, and yeah, no, those punishments still tilt very favorably toward the pitcher’s team.

    Further viewing of the tape of the fight leaves me thinking that if Michael Morse hadn’t intervened, Harper might’ve gotten obliterated by Samardzija; as it was, the collision between Morse and Shark left Morse on the 7 day concussion DL.

    Last night’s game could’ve gotten out of hand early, as Harper came up twice (in the 2nd and 5th) with the bases loaded, and struck out looking once and flied out the other time. I’d like to think if he’d hit one out during either chance, he’d have put his head down and near sprinted around the bases, but the world will never know.

    The Nats don’t make their next trip to New York until mid-June, and since Harper appealed, he likely won’t serve his (probably reduced) suspension till then, because baseball’s never figured out how to do appeals remotely. He maybe could use a couple days off, though, as he’s been merely mortal for the last month or so, and I’d rather not see a repeat of 2016 from him.


      1. He’ll always have a special place in Nats’ fans hearts for his time here, although more in an oafish, big galoot kind of way, rather than a ring of honor kind of way.

        This is peak Michael Morse during his time in DC:

        Between that and his insistence on A-ha’s “Take on Me” as a walkup song, he’ll always be well-liked here.


  5. Strickland; I would like to appeal my suspension. 6 games is just wrong.
    Suspension Overseer; You’re correct, sir. Make 15 instead. Case dismissed.

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  6. Although the roof was closed at Rogers Centre last night, Josh Donaldson brought some rain to the rarefied air of the 5th friggin’ deck, becoming only the 9th Blue Jay to ever do that. Nice to see JD, Tulo and Happ back from the DL, and I think we get Liriano back fairly soon as well. All is well in the Six.

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  7. Professor, just saw an interesting/weird tidbit on CUT4. After 141 years of franchise existence, the Braves (after last night’s game), are exactly .500. 10,460 Ws, 10460 Ls..

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    1. 141 years, almost 21,000 games, and still inexorably entangled by Old Gator’s strange attractor. That’s almost poetic.


      1. And gratifying. It’s been sitting in the garage since late April covered in a frayed blue canvas tarp. Nice to see it getting some use.


  8. Yesterday’s game featured an all-Goochland battery for the Tigers.

    Of note: Goochland, VA is a town of about 21K and they have 3 players in the Tigers system. Hicks filled in at catcher last night, so he and Verlander got to to have an on-field reunion. Unfortunately, our offense was covfefe and there was no joy in Goochland in the end. Booooo!!!

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