He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/29/17

It’s gonna be just me, your friendly neighborhood Prof, for the next few days. So these recaps will be kinda shorter than usual, and since I can’t ever get the MLB videos to embed properly, you’ll be missing those. Sorry, you guys!

I hope everyone had a lovely extended weekend. I spent the weekend catching up on sleep and finally figuring out where Whole Foods is around here. How about you guys?


Rays 10, Rangers 8 –  Tim Beckham hit a three run homer to give the Rays the lead. Joey Gallo also hit a home run. It’s feast or famine with this guy.

Braves 6, Angels 3 – the most important takeaway from this is that Mike Trout is injured! OH NO! Our Trouty is going to be on the DL for the first time in his career. Y’all, this makes me a very sad Prof indeed. Oh, and the Braves win.

Astros 16, Twins 8 – The Astros had this one well in hand….and then the eighth inning happened. Houston drove in eleven runs in that eighth inning to break the backs of Minnesota.

Brewers 2, Mets 4 – Guess who hit an RBI double? It’s our pal, Michael Conforto.

Cubs 2, Padres 5 – Hey, do you guys remember last year when people were calling Kyle Hendricks the second coming of Greg Maddux and I got pissed off and told people to shove it? Well, yesterday Hendricks allowed a Padre rookie – Hunter Renfroe – to smack a grand slam against him for the loss. The moral of the story is NEVER COMPARE ANYONE TO GREG MADDUX EVER.

Phillies 1, Marlins 4 – Congrats, Gator! Your Feesh didn’t stink last night. Edinson Volquez got his first win of the year and Jeremy Hellickson continues his weird season of having a winning record yet having an absolutely awful ERA.

Tigers 10, Royals 7 – Historio’s boys got their rally on, scoring four runs in the eighth inning. K-Rod gets the win, despite giving up a last minute homer to Eric Hosmer.

Yankees 2, Orioles 3 – Dylan Bundy had himself a day, allowing only two runs over seven innings and giving the exhausted Oriole bullpen a bit of a breather in the process. Even though Aaron Judge hit a humdinger of a binger, Baltimore was able to just edge New York out thanks to Jonathan Schoop and my future boyfriend Mark Trumbo.

Red Sox 4, White Sox 5 – The Battle of Laundry was hard fought. Dustin Pedroia had a wrist injury that caused him to be pulled from the game in the second inning. Melky Cabrera had a good game, as did Mookie Betts.

Dodgers 5, Cardinals 1 – Last year, we had Corey Seager as your run-away, surefire National League rookie phenom. This year? I think we need to start talking about Cody Bellinger. Bellinger hit yet another home run – his ninth in the month of May, which ties a Dodger rookie record held by James Loney and Joc Pederson – and is the clubhouse leader in homers and RBI. Also stepping up to the plate for LA was Logan Forsythe and the ageless Chase Utley.

Mariners 6, Rockies 5 – Despite home runs from Charlie Blackmon and Trevor Story, the Mariners were able to juuuuuust squeak by and win in the thin mountain air of Denver.

Nationals 3, Giants 0 – This game is important for one reason only, and that’s this brawl.

OK, so as far as I can tell, Hunter Strickland may or may not have plunked Bryce Harper on purpose (I honestly don’t know). Harper then got pissed (which, you  know, I understand) and then he charged the mound, threw his helmet, and all hell broke loose. The only other thing I know is that while both benches cleared and got a little rowdy, Buster Posey stood back and just watched the whole thing go down. Interesting.

Diamondbacks 3, Pirates 4 – The Gritty Snakes tied it up, but then Andrew McCutchen got it unknotted again in the ninth inning with a home run. It’s good to see him do great things again. I don’t know if he’ll ever get back to MVP form again, but I sure would like to see him get back to being very good and not one bad game from being benched.

Athletics 3, Indians 5 – Cookie Carrasco gets another W and Edwin Encarnacion got out of his slump, at least temporarily, in this win over Oakland.

Reds 2, Blue Jays 17 – Toronto went crazy! After no runs in the first inning, they ended up going on a tear, scoring 13 runs in the next four innings and four in the last two. 23 hits in total, with a strong outing from Marcus Stroman. Some important runs were from Troy Tulowitzki (grand slam), Justin Smoak (three run homer), Russell Martin (two run homer), and for Cincinnati Adam Duvall hit a home run, his fifth home run in the last five games.

14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/29/17

  1. The Harper-Strickland thing goes back to the 2014 NLDS.

    Harper took Strickland deep in Game 1 that year, and Strickland didn’t take kindly to it, staring Harper down as Harper ran around the bases.

    Harper took Strickland even deeper in Game 4, and this time it was Harper giving Strickland the side-eye during Harper’s trot.

    The Nats, of course, went on to win the NLDS and eventually the World Series that year, and yesterday was the first time since that Strickland had faced Harper, so Strickland exacted his revenge.

    Ok, it was the Giants who went on to win the NLDS and eventually the World Series in 2014, but yesterday was still the first time they faced each other since then, and so Strickland plunked Harper because there is no statute of limitations for Unwritten Rules, and no exceptions either, not even for winning, because self-respect and whatever.

    Harper will probably get a few days off, courtesy of the MLB discipline office, but this really did not have to happen, and I think Posey’s reaction tells you all you need to know about how the Giants felt about it. Word is that the Nats know this was all Strickland, too, so expect no repercussions as the series continues.

    The Samardzija body check referenced in the video snippet above was a collision between him and Mike Morse; those are two relatively large men running into each other.

    Also? Koda Glover is now 6 for 6 in save opportunities. Not sure how many saves it takes to be labeled a Proven Closer(tm), but it seems that he may be on track to earning the title to go along with having the stuff and the psychological makeup to handle the job.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I won’t. I well remember him playing WR at ND during the Fat Charlie era.

        I can’t find it now, but I’m pretty sure I remember a tweet from some sports writer after Shark signed his current Giants contract about how it’s okay to be a two-sport athlete well into college.


    1. It looked like Samardjia was going for the bock on Harper, but Harper was moving out of the way and Samuel F B moved into the line of fire at the last moment. Oops.


  2. “Brouhaha? Hahahahahaha….”
    Nick Danger, Third Eye

    Bryce Harper when angered:

    As far as the Feesh, we now number amongst our starters two two game winners and a couple of one game winners, Edinson Volquez having at last found his niche on the right side of the stats inside the parentheses. That’s a plus value on the order of not finding a braised palmetto bug in your Chinese take out. But then I guess you gotta start somewhere, no?


    1. If you’re going to dip into the ’70’s, Gator, so am I.

      Going to a Jethro Tull Concert in Houston tonight.


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