He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/25/17

Prof:  Guess who had another date with the same fellow last night? This gal. It was great. I made him spaghetti and we watched Mystery Science Theater 3000 and talked about tattoos. It was awesome. I probably should have figured out something to do for this weekend, but everything I’d like to do would be packed to the gills with folks (beaches, Civil War battlefields, fancy bed and breakfasts-es) so who knows. Maybe I’ll hit up the Smithsonian or something.

Anyway, here are some scores and news from the world of baseball!

Scouts: I’m not entirely sure how I’ve neglected to mention the 40th anniversary of A New Hope the other day, but it happened.  I also have yet to weigh in on the new Star Trek Discovery show as I’ve yet to even watch the trailer!  I’m really slacking on my Nerd cred lately.  Hopefully after the long weekend I’ll get my head back in the game.


Pirates 9, Braves 4Scouts: Bartolo Colon, what has happened to you?  Has father time finally caught up to you?  This is seriously the most upsetting thing about the 2017 season.  The 44 year old is now 2-5 with a 6.96 ERA and zero HR hit.

Rockies 1, Phillies 2 F/11 – Prof:  It was the Tommy Joseph show! He tied the game with a homer and won the game  for Philly with a single. Trevor Story drove in the lone run for Colorado.


Giants 1, Cubs 5Scouts: Solo dongs out of Kris Bryant, Jason Heyward, and Ben Zobrist gives Jeff Samardzija a 1-6 record on the year.  I can’t help but feel he would be having a pretty decent season on just about any other team.

Rangers 2, Red Sox 6Prof:  There’s really nothing I can say about this game except that I’m really glad that Craig Kimbrel is filthy again. Oh, and Xander Bogaerts hit his first home run of the season. I thought he had one already.


Diamondbacks 4, Brewers 0Prof:  Robbie Ray came to play. Even though we’ve been making fun of the D’backs on and off all season because they’ve been kinda “whatever”, but did y’all know that they have the second best road ERA in the National League? They do! Robbie Ray, for example, has a road trip ERA of 1.03. What? That’s alchemy. Not-so-fun times for the Brew Crew, though; Ryan Braun reinjured himself going after a flyball and left the game in the third inning.


Cardinals 3, Dodgers 7Scouts: Kenta Maeda gave up 3 in the first, but the Dodgers shut out the Cardinals the rest of the way and worked their way back into it including a 3 run 4th and a 2 run 5th.

Mariners 4, Nationals 2Prof:  Fun fact – Scott Servais was ejected from the game and Nelly Cruz got a huge hit to save the game. This is the second time this season that this exact scenario happened. Also, did you guys realize that Dusty Baker’s son is graduating high school this weekend? Man. I feel old.


Angels 0, Rays 4Scouts: Matt Andriese shut down the Angels over 8 innings of 6 hit ball.

Padres 4, Mets 3Prof:  Oooooof. The Mets decided to monkey around with the starting rotation again. They sat Jacob deGrom and instead told eventual starter Rafael Montero a few hours before game time that he was taking the mound. No wonder they lost. The Padres was able to keep Michael Conforto in check, so there’s that.


Tigers 6, Astros 7Scouts: Jake Marisnick homered in the 8th to break the tie and give Houston the win.  Justin Verlander must have already had his mind set on his Memorial Day backyard BBQ as he gave up 6 runs over 5.2 innings.  He got smacked around pretty good in the 4th, giving up moon shots to Carlos Correa, Marvin Gonzalez, and Juan Genteno.


Reds, Indians – PPD

Royals, Yankees – PPD

22 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/25/17

  1. Prof: make him a mamey batido next time. Be the one he always remembers.
    The Feesh were orf last night. Their lineup was as quiet as if they had ackcherley played.
    Heading for London again on August 1. Two weeks in the Mother Country. Cricket. Fish and chips. Real ale. Asparagus.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I fed him his favorite meal and introduced him to Tim Tams AND the best bad movie ever made. I think he’ll remember me. 😉 Also I promised to make him my very excellent lasagna. Lol

      We’re supposed to go out again tomorrow. This is a good sign.


        1. Um…BH…not that I’d ever be one to diss a Dead tune, but, ahhhh…

          Now she’s gone gone gone that old girl
          and I’m sittin’ on top of the world….

          A song about being overjoyed at dumping your pain in the ass chick? Not exactly what Prof has in mind, I think….

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Probably not. My only defense is that a) I’m not all that familiar with Dead Music, and b) I just saw the song title and thought (?) it was appropriate.
          Mea maxima culpa. Perhaps this one you’ll like better


        3. Lol I am more of a Mr. Blue Sky by ELO sort of person 😂

          Thank you, badhair. I know where your heart is ❤


        4. RIP Greg Allman. Given his history with addictions, I guess we should be glad he made it as far as he did. But goodbye to another icon of our youth (or in my case, early 20’s).

          But you picked the right album, badhair.

          And I liked the Cream version of “Sittin’ Top of the World.”


        5. Aw. Shit. Another Florida boy goes down. He played with Clapton on Layla as part of Derek and the Dominoes. Promise me you won’t let Clapton go before me.


      1. Prof, your Tim Tam ref caused me to raise an eyebrow as I wasn’t aware they were sold in North America. On past trips across the Pacific I often brought my own and declared them to the friendly folks at LAX or SFO.

        I’ve now read that Arnott’s original Tim Tams were officially introduced to the US market on January 26 – Australia Day, of course – this year and are now available in major outlets across the country. I’ve also read that Pepperidge Farm Tim Tams (imported from Arnotts) were available for some years prior but that the recipe was slightly different (both PF and Arnotts are brands within the Campbell empire). Might be worth a comparison test if they’re still available?

        Congrats on your fine taste in biscuits (no, they’re NOT cookies!)

        Fun fact: Tim Tams were named by Ross Arnott who attended the 1958 Kentucky Derby where the winner was… Tim Tam

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I could think of worse ways of having my life sapped out. Watching Feesh batters fan with the tying and winning runs in scoring position, for example.


  2. I think I heard on the radio that starting today the Twins play 45 games in the next 46 days. This means a steady diet of a 5 man rotation which starts out fine with Santana and Berrios but finishes with at least his first name isn’t Carmen Santiago, could turn out to be ok(ish) Meija and the pitcher formerly known as the Amazing Young Gibson. Things might get rocky, must prepare.

    $2.08 / half gallon!


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