He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/24/17

Scouts: So anyone have any special plans for the holiday weekend?  There’s a few new movies out, but personally I’m holding off for the Wonder Woman movie which I hear is getting pretty decent early reviews.  Is anyone traveling to anywhere far off and exciting?  Personally I think I’m going to stick close to home this weekend and just try to get some stuff done around the house and relax as much as possible.  Maybe try a few new lunch spots, sleep in some, and just try to enjoy myself before it’s back to the grind on Tuesday.


Cardinals 6, Dodgers 1Prof:  Remember when I said the Cardinals pitching staff is back? Well, here’s another one who is proving my point. Mike Leake had a great game last night and currently has an ERA of 1.91. That’s pretty cool. Jedd Gyorko continues to show that the move from San Diego to St. Louis was a good one for him.

Twins 4, Orioles 3Scouts: Typically the Orioles fall apart sometime around the middle to end of Summer.  Looks like Summer came early this year in Baltimore.  Chriss Tillman gave up 4 runs in the first two innings and the Twins completed the sweep.  It’s not going to get any easier for Baltimore with Houston, New York, and Boston on the docket.

Blue Jays 8, Brewers 4Prof:  This was a two game series, and Toronto swept Milwaukee in the Brew City. They did it in grand fashion, with Ryan Goins – who might be losing his gig when Troy Tulowitzki comes back from the DL – smashing a grand slam to pad the lead. The Blue Jays hit three more homers in this game.

Rockies 7, Phillies 2Prof:  LOL remember that Jeremy Hellickson is the current “ace” of the Philadelphia staff. My goodness, how a franchise has fallen. It wasn’t that long ago that they had probably one of the best rotations of my entire lifetime, and now they have an “ace” with an ERA of 4.28. Anyway, the Rockies’ murderers’ row of offensive talent – Ian Desmond, Charlie Blackmon, DJ LeMahieu, Nolan Arenado, and Carlos Gonzalez – went nuts in the third inning. The team collectively hit for the cycle, capped off by CarGo’s home run.


Royals 0, Yankees 3Prof:  Ooof. Jacoby Ellsbury injured himself in the first inning chasing after an Alcides Escobar hit. But he still held onto the ball for the out.

Mariners 1, Nationals 5Scouts: Washington continues to look like the best team in baseball at the moment.  They actually sort of remind me of last years Cubs team.  Big bats, A+ starting pitching, and just a key bullpen piece away from being nearly indestructible.

White Sox 6, Diamondbacks 8Scouts: Jake Lamb hit his 6th home run in the past 8 games, which helped fuel a 6 run 5th for the Diamondbacks.  Jose Abreu came up just a triple shy of the cycle.

Reds 4, Indians 3Scouts: Billy Hamilton scored from first on a 2 out, two run hit off the bat of Zack Cozart and Cleveland fans everywhere let out a loud, collective curse as Cody Allen blew his first save of the season.


Giants 4, Cubs 5Prof:  Anthony Rizzo hit two home runs and Kyle Hendricks pitched a very good game. Score is only this close because there was a bullpen malfunction. Seems to be a trend.

Marlins 1, Athletics 4Prof:  Sonny Gray, ladies and gentlemen. He’s back! I missed him. Gray struck out eleven and made the Marlins look like fools. But then again, when you’re going against 0-7 Edinson Volquez, it might be easy to do. The Feesh got fried for sure.

Padres 6, Mets 5Prof:  Lord, Lord. The Mets make me wanna cry. I mean that sincerely. New York gets a good performance from young righty Robert Gsellman only to screw it up with a lousy bullpen. What, did the Braves decide to pull double duty and show up at Citi Field, too? But, you know, they have Michael Conforto (RBI single, and a current obsession), so there’s that.


Tigers 6, Astros 3Scouts: Down 2-1 in the 8th, the Tigers put up two in the 8th, and two more in the 9th including a 2-run dong by Jose Iglesias.

Rangers 4, Red Sox 9Scouts: Boston has had a tendency to explode for large innings this year, and today was a perfect example of that.  The Sox picked up 7 runs in the 7th to save Chris Sale’s win/loss record.  Sale failed to strike out double digits, leaving him 1 game shy of the record for consecutive 10+ K performances, held by Pedro Martinez.

Pirates 12, Braves 5 F/10Prof:  Only a few hours after a long rain delay, Pittsburgh and Atlanta played again, and they just couldn’t get enough. An absolute bullpen meltdown caused the Buccos to catch up in the 9th and demolish in the 10th. Of course, for a team whose identity is synonymous with world class pitching, the Braves are just an agony these days.

Angels 2, Rays 5Prof:  The Rays had production from Steven Souza Jr and the Angels remembered that they stink. However, Albert Pujols hit his 597th home run in the loss. Something to discuss in the comments – is Pujols first ballot?

20 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/24/17

  1. The Razorblades’ swing-and-missers have now struck out 10 or more times in 34 of their 49 games. This puts them on pace for 78000 Ks for the season ( approximately).
    Large Albert can’t run very well anymore. He looks very bad on the base paths.
    Today is the 40th anniversary of Star Wars.


  2. I do not recognize the Nats that have been playing in this series against the Mariners. Up till now, a typical game would take three hours and twenty minutes, with the starting pitchers battling, battling, and battling some more, and the offense doing enough many, but not all, nights to withstand the bullpen’s high-wire act/implosion.

    Instead, both of the games so far this week have been played in just under 2:30, the starters (Ross and Roark) have been efficient, and the bullpen’s innings have been uneventful. Koda Glover has been anointed the latest closer, and he showed last night he’s got the stuff for it (98 mph fastball, slider at 93 with at least a foot of lateral movement) and projects the attitude for the job, too; whether that’s a facade or for real, we’ll see.

    Life imitated art in the Nats’ clubhouse after the game last night, too; from the WaPo game report:

    Between starts, he and Maddux chatted in the outfield while shagging balls during
    batting practice. Among the conclusions reached by the duo was that Roark was
    gripping his two-seamer too tightly — effectively throttling the life out of it.

    “You’ve got to treat it like an egg. Can’t break the egg,” Roark said. “That’s what I
    was telling myself.”

    So, there’s that.

    Speaking of Wonder Woman, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX announced that they’ll be having a woman-only showing in June; one night, one screening. You’d think that’d be no big deal, but oh the butt hurt from some men has been off the charts; seriously, go check out [their Facebook page] (https://www.facebook.com/AlamoAustin/posts/1329447453777473) and read the comments on the post.

    My weekend plans are to be as lazy as possible. I’m on call for part of the weekend, and for the rest, I’m going to give Sam Adams Summer Ale one more try. It used to be my summer go-to beer, but it seems to me that the recipe changed a few years ago. The company denies it, so I bought a twelve pack last night, and I really hope it’s as good as it used to be.

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  3. Is Pujols first ballot?

    Let’s see…

    2867 hits
    597 HR
    607 doubles
    1851 RBI
    1227 walks against 1085 strikeouts
    17-year career slash line of .308/.391/.559 for a .960 OPS and 155 OPS+
    A 162-game average (over those 17 seasons) of 188 hits, 39 HR, 121 RBI and 71 K
    3 MVP awards and 7 more top 5 finishes (plus a top 10) in his first 11 seasons
    6 Silver Slugger awards, 2 GG and RoY in his first 10 seasons
    10-time All Star
    Career BRef WAR of 100.8

    Professor… that was a rhetorical question, right?

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    1. Thanks, nb, for putting that together. My own response is less technical: he was the mvp of a decade in the NL. Yes, I too was not happy at bringing him into Anaheim because his performance was unsustainable – everyone knew that but Arte – but I don’t think we expected the drop to be so severe. He’s turned into one of those homer-or-naught hitters and it’s just too bad he holds the budget hostage, keeping Trout unsupported. His pride made him move – reports at the time, if you recall, where that he was insulted by the 200 million dollar offer. But that first dozen years – that was incredible.
      The nature of the beast, Prof, is that some of the votors don’t think anybody deserves 100% of the vote but even they are content to be a small enough group that they realize will not impede the actual enshrinement.

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  4. This a normal weekend for me, except that Monday will be a very slow day at work as most of our US-based customers will be closed and not looking for IT support.

    Last weekend was the long weekend up here in Eastern Canuckistan, but I had to work on Monday (at time-and-a-half, though).

    I hope all my American friends have a great long weekend of baseball, barbecues and beverages.

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  5. Yesterday’s discussion of Trout’s career trajectory got me thinking that if he’s going to wind up dancing on the graves of the Babe, the Georgia Peach, the Splendid Splinter and the Say Hey Kid, he needs a cool nickname.

    The Fantastic Fish? If Gator desires he would still have the Fantastic Feesh available to him.


  6. Good to see the Tigers won. Histro and Spartan it’s too soon to give up on them. The Indians may or may not wind up playing up to expectations and although Santana and Berrios are looking good, I expect before seasons end the Twins will be trying to plug in guys like Buck Farmer in the other three spots.

    And I hope being swept at home makes the Fightin O’s so mad that they rid the galaxy of the Borg.

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  7. Don’t feel too bad Scouts. Jose Berrios threw some ridiculously filthy curve balls yesterday. Twins fans haven’t seen a curve like that sine Bert Blyleven. If Jose continues to take tutelage from Santana he could be just the pitcher the Twins have been looking for…..forever. That’s 3 solid starts for the young man

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    1. Your right about his curve. The only other Twins pitcher I can think of that might compare is Liriano’s slider before he blew his arm out in 2006.


      1. That’s a good point. Francisco’s slider was devastating not only to hitters but to his arm as well. I was at that fateful game when Liriano returned and I think it was in the 3rd inning where his arm just went limp. The Metrodome was dead silent. That was the last we saw of him as a dominating pitcher. He also had issues between his ears though. It could be at the same time rewarding and frustrating to watch him pitch.

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  8. It will come as an enormous surprise to everyone that I’m ackcherley cooking this weekend. I’ve got some beautiful halibut fillets we had overnighted from Taku Smokeries in Juneau gently marinating in dilute lime and mango juice, upon emerging from which I will rub them with a mixed herbal rub of northwest coast Native American origin and they get baked with some mixed parmesan, romano and breadcrumb topping and melted butter on Saturday. Tonight I made a wild forest mushroom and onion kasha pilaf with whole wheat egg noodles and lots of garlic a la Jim Harrison:

    as a side dish. Also making some grilled romaine salads (not difficult: split some hearts of romaine lengthwise and sprinkle the open faces with olive oil, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper; lay face down on the grill until browned. Then sprinkle with shaved cheese, top with diced onions and tomatoes and your favorite dressing. Good stuff.
    Also making mamey batidos: scoop out and puree a mamey sapote with coconut milk, shredded coconut, mamey ice cream, honey and whey protein. I may also make papaya cream custard for dessert if I can remember to score a battle of cassis (which is critical to a perfect papaya cream).

    On the back burner for Monday if I’m not feeling altogether too lazy by then: green tea custard tarts after a recipe from a little bakery stall at the south end of Terramachidori in Kyoto.

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    1. Friend, what is “mamey sapote”? I’m afraid I’ve never experienced it. But I do love coconut anything, so I would probably very much enjoy it. 🙂


      1. It’s a tree grown fruit with delicious creamy orange meat the texture of ripe avocado but tastes somewhere between a melon and caramel. Very common down here – any Latino grocery will carry them and they’re available year round. Very nutrient-dense. I eat them straight with a spoon, or with cottage cheese, sour cream and nuts or granola. I bet you can find them at Latino groceries in the DC-Baltimore area too.

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