He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/23/17

Scouts: A holiday weekend is quickly approaching.  Not only is Memorial Day the official kickoff of the summer, but it offers us the opportunity to stop and take a moment and reflect on those that have sacrificed the most while serving our country.  While Veterans Day is more of a catch-all to celebrate all those that serve and have served, Memorial Day is a little more specific about thinking of those that have perished while serving.  So while you are enjoying a long weekend of baseball, your backyard grilling, or stuck in traffic cursing the decision to go to the same beach as 15 million other poor sods, please step back and take just a few moments to be grateful.  You are able to have these experiences and to celebrate such wondrous freedom in no small part due to the sacrifice that our fathers and mothers, our sisters, brothers, our sons and our daughters have given for their country and those that enjoy it’s freedoms.  Please take a moment.  Consider donating some of your spare time to your favorite Veterans charity.  And if you cross paths with a Veteran, simply take a moment and say “Thank You”.


Giants 1, Cubs 4Prof:  An almost-Maddux. One run away from it being a true Maddux, as Jon Lester had a complete game under 100 pitches AND did it in about two hours. Just like the master. But alas, no shutout, so not a Maddux. Oh, and Kyle “Baby Ruth” Schwarber continues to do RIDIC STUFF like crush home run balls out into the suburbs of Chicago. For goodness sake, Schwarbs. You ain’t real.


Twins 2, Orioles 0Prof:  When Ervin Santana is on, he is ON. And last night, he was pretty much untouchable. Mr. Smell Baseball pitched a complete game shutout. Dylan Bundy was no slouch himself, but when you’re up against someone so completely in the zone, even the smallest mistake is a deadly one. Byron Buxton hit an RBI single and Brian Dozier hit a home run to put a cap on it. Happy, did you have your ice cream?

Scouts: You know that strange feeling when you want to be upset your team got pretty well put into their place, but can’t because you are too busy admiring the amazing performance of the opposition?  That was O’s fans last night.  Ervin Santana was something else.  As I sat there, watching Dylan Bundy’s best start of the season all I could think was, it wasn’t enough, because Santana as simply en fuego.  Consider my hat tipped.

Rockies 8, Phillies 2Prof:  Charlie Blackmon, another in a long line of really fantastic players that absolutely no one talks about, put in a killer performance last night, hitting a pair of two run home runs.


White Sox 4, Diamondbacks 5 – Arizona was able to stay just one step ahead of Chicago all day, picking up 3 in the first, off a Jake Lamb 2 run ding dong then following it up with a Chris Hermann solo shot in the second.

Indians 8, Reds 7Prof:  Edwin Encarnacion hit two homers. Francisco delicious Lindor truffle and Yan Gomes also had solo blasts off the Reds’ starter Amir Garrett. It would have been much worse, but the Magical Bullpen of Cleve had a bit of a pants pooping moment and gave up a bunch of runs in the seventh inning. Luckily, though, The Land of Cleve has Andrew Miller. That’s really all I need to say, right?


Angels 4, Rays 0Prof:  Got the drink in me/Goin’ baaack to baaack. No, it’s not Drake, it’s Cameron Maybin and Mike Trout going back to back with home runs! Here’s some stats for you:  young master Trout has a hit in 25 out of his last 29 games and has reached base in 40 out of his last 42 games. Um. How in the world is that real? I’m so glad I’m alive to see this man play baseball, I’m not even joking.

Royals 6, Yankees 2Scouts: There’s a saying in my house.  So the O’s lost?  At least the Yankees lost aswell.  Okay so I may have just made that up, but it certainly helps the blow of watching your team get shut down by looking over and noticing at least you didn’t fall any further in the standings.  The Royals picked up 4 home runs in the 7th and 8th innings to stun the Yankees.


Mariners 1, Nationals 10Prof: What’s the deal with the multi homer games?  Anthony Rendon also hit two home runs last night with five ribbies, and the lily was gilded by Bryce Harper and Jayson Werth and their own solo homers.

Padres 3, Mets 9Prof:  MICHAEL CONFORTO, WHAT CAN’T YOU DO? Conforto hit (you guessed it!) two homers and had four RBI. Lucas Duda had quite a game himself, with three hits and three RBI of his own. The Mets’ offense was able to lift M-tt H-rvey to a win. Even with such a huge spot from his teammates, The Twilight Knight still had some problems. Huh.

Rangers 6, Red Sox 11Prof: Smart play from Xander Bogaerts on two wild pitches and a four run sixth inning added to this lopsided score in Boston. On the Texas side, Joey Gallo is still out here doing Joey Gallo stuff, hitting his fourteenth home run of the year. Seriously, what are they going to do when Beltre comes back from the DL and they are supposed to send Gallo back to Round Rock (at least I think it’s Round Rock)?

Tigers 2, Astros 6Prof:  Mikie Mahtook tried, bless his heart. The Paws Squad wasn’t able to find a way to defeat Orbit’s boys. Juan Centeno, who is subbing for the concussed Brian McCann, hit a home run for Houston.

Cardinals 1, Dodgers 2Scouts:  The Dodgers scored 1 in the first, and one in the 13th.  Kershaw had the shutout in hand, but blew it as he literally threw the ball away in the 9th.  There were 33 strikeouts over the 13 inning span.


Marlins 11, A’s 9Scouts: Here’s something you don’t see every day!  Maybe getting out of Florida did the Marlins some good as the bats suddenly came alive.  Only three innings the Marlins did not put some runs on the books, although their pitching did not do a whole lot to help the cause.  Every starter had a hit, and Justin Bour led the charge going 4-5, a triple shy of the cycle.

Blue Jays 4, Brewers 3Prof:  Poor Jimmy Nelson. I should’ve never moved from Wisconsin. Ever since I left the state, he lost his mojo. I feel bad now. Anyway, Toronto was able to shut down Eric Thames, and Kendrys Morales hit a two run homer to put the Jays over the top.


Pirates 5, Braves 6 – The Braves feel…different these past few weeks.  They are winning games and are almost up to .500.  Even with the loss of their biggest and brightest star they are finding ways to win ball games.  This one comes in the form of a walk-off single which finally sent everyone home after a 6 hour plus ball game that featured a more than 3 hour rain delay.  The fact that any fans were left to see the conclusion of this weekday game is an absolute astonishment of wonder.

 Prof:  I’m so stinking proud of my boys right now. 


17 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/23/17

  1. Prof, I read something (somewhere, I can’t dismember exactly) about a week ago. If Trout quit baseball right now, he would finish his career with the 180th best career total WAR in MLB history. He’s only played 5 years. He’s really, really good at this baseball thing.

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    1. and barring a major injury, he should have another 5 elite years, followed by 5 solid years, followed by 3 – 5 decent stat padding years. His career WAR might triple. Where would that leave him?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly. Dude isn’t even at that sweet spot in age! We’ll be talking about Trout the way we do Mantle, except hopefully not in ALL the same ways.

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        1. We’ll be talking about him the way we do about Willie and the Babe. I’m the biggest Willie Mays fan you’ll ever meet, but I’m willing to admit that if Trout has 10 or more really good years, he’ll be in that conversation

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        2. If Trout plays five more years the way he’s played these five years, there’s really no comparison. Not to me.


        3. Just for the sake of argument, fro 1954 to 1966,13 years of his peak, Willie put up 124.1 bWAR. So yeah, there’s fair comparison.


      1. Yeah, that was the Samsung Lions vs Hanwha Eagles game three days ago. The manager of the Hanwha Eagles, Kim Sung-keun, was fired from his job today, and they also lost starter Carlos Villanueva as well due to an injured pinkie he sustained during the brawl (slapped also with a 6 game ban), along with outfielder Jung Hyun-suk (5 game ban)… 2 Samsung Lions coaches were disciplined, along with starter Yun Sung-hwan (6 game ban) and their starter Zach Petrick was slapped with a 2 million Won fine as well.


  2. Including last night, Joe Ross has now started four games for the Nats this season, and in those four games, the Nats have scored 62 runs (not a typo). While the Nats are 4-0 in those games, Ross is only 2-0, as he couldn’t get out of the 5th in two of them. He had it last night, though, pitching eight efficient innings, giving up one run, five hits, and no walks. We’ll see if it continues.

    If it weren’t for Kyle Schwarber, you might’ve attached that Bull Durham gif to Bryce Harper’s home run, Prof. I suck at embedding videos, but I did find a picture:

    You see that garage door to the right of the 402 sign? That’s about 50 feet beyond the center field fence, and Harper’s homer hit just above the top left corner of the garage door. I’m gonna miss him come 2019…

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    1. Bryce and Trout do this so often it’s rote. Yawn, crushed another homer. Snooze, robbed another guy of a home run from a rad catch. Stole base with gazelle speed, whatever.

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  3. Watching Twins games is actually fun again, and not in the gallows humor way of the past few years. I’m watching one now, they’re a head and the break on Berrios curve is the biggest I’ve seen from a Twins pitcher since maybe Blyleven. Must enjoy today because I fear the next three games will have to be won two touchdowns to one.

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