He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/22/17

Prof:  My date was better than good. It’s great when a very nice, handsome fellow treats you like a human being and laughs at your jokes. 🙂 I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch, but it was just a really great evening for me.

It wasn’t too great of a day for our friends across the ocean in Manchester, England. In solidarity with these young kids who only wanted to have a good time and lost their lives through no fault of their own, today I’m posting some Ariana Grande songs.



Twins 14, Orioles 7Scouts: This was fucking painful to watch.  No offense to Minnesota, but holy shit the Orioles stunk up the joint.  Ubaldo was typical Ubaldo, and for the life of me I can’t understand why they continue to give Tyler Wilson the ball.

Rockies 8, Phillies 1Prof:  Nolan Arenado hit a two run blast and the Rockies might actually have a pitcher who isn’t a burnout or a stop-gap measure! His name is Jeff Hoffman. He’s young, Colorado’s number two prospect, and was a high draft pick. Young master Hoffman went seven innings, struck out seven, and also had his first major league hit. More than likely he’s going back down to triple A but it’s nice to see the Rockies finally, FINALLY, have some sort of pitching talent.


Royals 2, Yankees 4Scouts: Brett Gardner, Didi Gregorius, and Chris Carter all went yard for the Yanks, extending their lead in the East.

Indians 1, Reds 5Prof:  The Magical Land of Cleve wasn’t so magical. Sad face. Jason Kipnis went yard but to no avail. The Reds had a solid start from Scott Feldman and somehow Cincinnati was able to grab hold of a win.


Pirates 2, Braves 5Prof:  The Braves were able to catch lightning in a bottle last night. Red hot Ender Inciarte had five hits, Brandon Phillips hit his 200th career home run, and new first baseman Matt Adams found that power stroke to slug in a two run homer.

Giants 6, Cubs 4Scouts: Lacky did not have his A game, giving up 5 runs in 5 innings to the typically hapless Giants.  Chicago did attempt a comeback in the 8th, but came up short.


White Sox 1, Diamondbacks 5Prof:  It’s nice to see our old friend Zack Greinke doing well again. I was concerned for a while, but maybe he was just having issues? ZG went 8 2/3rds innings and only gave up one run, a homer to Leury Garcia.

Angels 3, Rays 2Scouts: The winning run in this one came on a wild pitch by Ryne Stanek.  What a horrible way to lose a ballgame.

Tigers 0, Astros 1Prof:  Historio’s boys were done in by a Jose Altuve double. Orbit approves!


11 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/22/17

  1. Never let an angry fan catch a breather. The Feesh get a day orf en route to Poison Oakland and the Feeshwires came alive with (1) trade speculation, (2) pleas to fire Jar Jar Baseball and all of his coaching staff except Perry Hill, and (3) frustration that the team hasn’t been sold yet.

    Fueling the trade speculation: the rise of cheap controllable rookie shortstop J T Riddle and the meme that the injured Adeiny Hechavarria is the new Wally Pipp. Also, the specter of Scott Boras rears its ugly head in the form of agent for Marcell the Damned.

    Also, the dorgs have turned on the Iron Giant. He’s overrated. He can’t hit. He’s not worth his contract. He can’t lay orf the low outside pitch (true!).

    There has also been some speculation that Fat Freddi would be named interim manager if Jar Jar Baseball is heaved. That makes a lot of sense. The horror. The horror.

    So far, no word on whether Scrooge McLoria plans to lower his asking price for the frenchfries after several of our former unlamented president’s slack jawed, beady eyed supposedly smarter younger brother and Beep Beep’s investment partners donned their masks and flippers and tumbled backwards over the gunwales when their due diligence confirmed the team wasn’t worth anywhere near what Scrooge has been asking for it. This is dragging out the drama of when we’ll finally be rid of him, and whether Hair Quisling will be around long enough to appoint him ambassador to the Ribbit Court. We wait, we wait, we wait. We smile, we smile, we smile.

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    1. Perhaps he believes this band of ballpark critics can understand and identify with the frustration of fandom?

      Speaking for myself, I like this place because there is a lack of personal criticism. We can disagree, but we don’t call each other fools. Except for one guy who keeps jumping on Scout.


    2. Perhaps it’s the accumulated value of all his dental and orthodontic work. That adds up pretty fast. Moreover, I just went over to Home Depot to look at some commodes to replace the one I have with a cracked lid. Pretty expensive, those. So if the potty itself is expensive, I can only imagine what Scout’s potty mouth must be worth.


  2. Scout- I personally loved the Twins/Orioles game on Monday! The Twins just may be for real this year. I’m hoping for at least wild card contention. They are on pace for a 90 win season, but it’s early and a lot can happen between now and then. Until that time, I’m enjoying the hell out of watching this young team mature. I think a veteran arm should be on the Falvey/Lavine to do list. I cannot wait to see how Berrios does on Wednesday.
    How about the Santana gem on Tuesday night? Bundy was actually very good as well. I love a good old fashioned pitcher’s duel; but then again I’m an old guy, a dying breed of baseball fan.

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      1. I missed all of you here. Work has been all consuming for the last several months. Nobody in my real life talks baseball anymore so I need this site and you all! I hope to be around more now. And, I couldn’t miss an opportunity to give Scout some shit about the Twins beating his team.

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        1. I feel ya, brother. I missed you! I’m crazy busy too, at work. But I can’t wait to get some good natured ribbing from you lol. Btw – MAX KEPLER WHAAAAAT


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