He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/21/17

Prof:  Hey fam. I forgot to update the weekend scores again. And I forgot to mention that the Cardinals traded Matt Adams to the Braves for a minor league prospect that is so far down the list KLaw didn’t even have him in his top 30. Coppy strikes again! I’ve been off my game, folks. I’m very sorry. However, I may or may not have a date this evening. We’ll see if it happens. I hope so; he’s a very cute young man.


Brewers 6, Cubs 13Prof:  Have yourself a DAY, Cubbies. All of my faves went out and did their thing – Anthony Rizzo and Ben Zobrist both hit home runs, and Kris Bryant hit two homers while going three for three and being hit by a pitch twice. Nice to see the North Side offense getting back to form. Brew Crew dragon slayer Eric Thames went 0-3 and left the game early due to a leg cramp.

Rangers 5, Tigers 2Scouts: After having their winning streak snapped, Texas got right back into it as Detroit was unable to break through the jams Yu Darvish created.

Rockies 6, Reds 4Scouts: Kyle Freeland not only pitched 5.2 strong innings, but also doubled and homered.  Bronson Arroyo gave up 4 dingers in the loss.

Angels 12, Mets 5Prof:  Holy cats, y’all. When the woebegotten Angels whip up on you, then times are sad. The Angels of Los Angeles of Anaheim of California of Earth of The Milky Way hit FIVE runs off the Mets in the first inning alone. Please let that since in. Then they hit three in the second! What the heck? Mike Trout went 2-3, hitting another home run (yawn) and powering in three RBI total (yawn). CJ Cron hit a grand slam. Poor ol’ Michael Conforto did his best but New York was lost without a map.

Yankees 3, Rays 2Prof:  The Bronx Bombers avoid being swept by the Florida Sea Creatures…I mean, the Tampa Bay Rays. Brett Gardner hit a home run and Aaron Judge had a Sportscenter Top Ten worthy catch.


Blue Jays 3, Orioles 1Scouts: The first inning was extended due to an error.  The next pitch went boom courtesy of Devon Travis, and that was the ballgame.

Nationals 3, Braves 2Scouts: 19 K’s by starting pitchers in this one.  Stras almost blew it, but Koda Glover came in for the save.

Phillies 0, Pirates 1Prof:  Rough game all around for these two teams. The winning run came from a bases loaded hit by pitch. Poor David Freese.

Indians 8, Astros 6Prof:  Yan Gomes hit a home run that went a Brazilian feet. Waa waa waaaaa. I’ll be here all week, folks. Tip your waitresses. No, seriously. the Tribe backstop hit a monster home run and drove in five RBI to definitely be the Magic Man for the Magical Land of Cleve. Jose Altuve reminded everyone whose house they were in, though, with a two run homer of his own.

Royals 6, Twins 4 (Game 1); Royals 4, Twins 8 (Game 2) – Prof:  In game one of this weather-related doubleheader, former Braves great Mike Minor got his first win since 2014! Way to go, MM! Now, of course, his win was in relief, since he’s now a bullpen specialist, but a win is a win when you haven’t had one in two years. A rough outing for Phil Hughes, who is usually much better than this.  In game two, the cleat was on the other foot for Minnesota. Robbie Grossman, my boy Max Kepler, and Chris Gimenez all hit home runs to power the Twins past dem BBQ Boys.


Marlins 3, Dodgers 6Scouts: Brandon McCarthy is a name I have not heard in a while.  He went 6 innings and gave up just 1 run off 3 hits shutting down the Marlins, a team that may as well just all call in sick next week.


Giants 3, Cardinals 8Prof:  The Cardinals are finding their way on the mound again. In the last couple of games, the Redbirds have had successful and strong outings from Carlos Martinez and Michael Wacha. Adam Wainwright, the old man of the group, decided that he couldn’t be left out of the conversation and had himself a fine game as well. Waino struck out six, walked three, allowed only one run, and hit an RBI double to cap off his excellent performance. Great offense from Randal Grichuk and Matt Carpenter, too.

Red Sox 12, Athletics 3Scouts: Down 2-3 in the 5th, the Sox put up 10 unanswered runs, including a 5 spot in the 9th to obliterate the A’s, snapping a 3 game losing streak in the quad.

White Sox 8, Mariners 1Prof:  What’s up, Dutchie!?!? Derek Holland had his longest game of the season and finished strong by striking out the side deep in the eighth inning. His fellow White Sox did their part, getting Dutchie a strong five run lead before he ever took the mound. (My friend the Rangers fan always calls Holland “Wonderboy”. So I can’t help but think of this song.)

Diamondbacks 1, Padres 5Prof:  A huge game from Clayton Richard for the Pads. He pitched a complete game to give the exhausted San Diego bullpen a much needed break. He also helped his cause by hitting an RBI single. Richard’s only misstep was a home run given up in the third inning to Chris Iannetta.

16 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 5/21/17

  1. Little harsh in your characterization of Strasburg almost blowing it, Scouts. Barves only had three baserunners through the first seven innings, and then Dansby Swanson (who’d K’d three times previously) hit a two-out, two-run double on Strasburg’s 118th and final pitch in the 8th.

    In a normal world, where the Nats have a functioning bullpen, Strasburg only goes seven, The Setup Man(tm) pitches the 8th, and The Closer(tm) pitches the 9th. In Natsland, however, starters pitch until they run out of gas, and then we fans all cross our fingers and toes, pour a stiff drink, light some incense, and start counting beads (if you’re so inclined) in the hopes of getting to the end of the game with a lead still intact.

    Glover looked great yesterday, and I think he’s the Closer of the Future, but the Nats bullpen is still a mess, and the offense has been slumping a bit lately, so hasn’t been able to bail it out.

    The Mariners are coming to town for a mid-week series starting Tuesday, and they’re apparently bringing their weather with them, so be prepared for lots more tired ineffective bullpen narratives from our nation’s capital, as any rain delays will ruin the hope that a starter can go deep into games.

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  2. Hey, Prof. Just wanted to let you know. We were at the game between Houston and Cleveland Friday night. It was the start of a pretty lousy weekend for the Astros, but that’s not what the note is about.

    I don’t know how many people it takes to be Orbit, but whoever it was on Friday night was on fire! I thought about you and your fondness for our mascot. I couldn’t tell, but I would guess a female in that costume. But whoever it was could really dance. And all the generally suggestive moves, minor insults of opposing players, etc. that generally make mascots so lovable/annoying. The game was not so good, but you would have enjoyed the Orbit show.

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    1. Professional mascots like Orbit, Phanatic, Mr. Met et al, are generally just one dedicated person. It’s a hell of a job and its all year long because they have appearances, tv spots, and the games. Many times the mascot performer takes full ownership of the role, doing their social media accounts as well. I know that is the case for hockey mascots and ones like Baxter Bobcat, etc. Orbit is a world-class mascot and y’all are lucky to have him!


  3. The Twins also had a nice come from behind extra innings win Friday night (of course the damn dirty Gods put me to sleep in the 8th inning) and took the series to cling to first place. The Brewers are also in first. Time to day dream about a Greyhound world series while still possible. Hughes, who pitched poorly yesterday has been put on the DL. The Twins have at most 3 ok starters without him so unless they can pull another starter out of their butt the dog days of August may be exactly that.


  4. I really weesh my piteous Feesh would call in seek next week. That might deflate Scrooge McLoria’s delusional asking price of $1.3 billion down to a manageable $700 million or so, which would make it possible for GWB’s slack jawed, beady eyed supposedly smarter younger brother and Beep Beep to find enough clueless investors to close the sale of this pathetic franchise. Apparently more than one investor has now bailed; a couple of Tagg-you’re-it and Tom Glavine’s group have taken to their golden parachutes too, effectively knocking the competing group out of the running. The reason: they finished their due diligence analyses and all came to the conclusion that between its current debt load and hostile “fan” base, the team isn’t worth nearly what our miserable current ownership wants for it.
    I guess it boils down to how vividly Scrooge McLoria can taste the vichyssoise. Will he sell before Hair Quisling is impeached or never know the insouciant joys of a plum ambassadorship? Will we be stuck with this bumbling ambulatory sack of excrement forever?
    One can only say: Aaaaauuuuuugggggghhhhhh!

    By the way, I’m still in Nyorc. I was supposed to fly home this morning but inclement weather forced the cancellation of my flight and I figgered another day in the hotel beat a day rotting at the airport. On the bright side, the first class upgrade I didn’t have an icebug’s chance in a lava flow of getting on a Monday morning came through as smoothly as a slug sliding over a Jello™ mold for tomorrow.


    1. The first rule of Kochi Fighting Dogs is: you do not talk about Kochi Fighting Dogs. The second rule of Kochi Fighting Dogs is: you do not talk about Kochi Fighting Dogs.

      Other than that, ask away.


      1. I was gone for a long time from this site (no internet). Indaberg is gone – I miss her enthusiasm. But YOU, Sir, have either become very funny in the past 13 months or I just didnt get it before. Either way, I’m very pleased now. Thanks!


    2. As mentioned below, Ren is our man overseas and can probably answer any and all questions about Japanese and Korean baseball! Thanks for reading and commenting – hope you’ll stick around!


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